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The Apple Core

Transcript: This stadium will have a positive impact on the area around it because it will create thousands of jobs. It will create construction jobs to actually build the stadium and then when the stadium is built it will create tons of jobs to run and maintain the staduim. The Apple Core Faculty Management The way that we will manage the stadium’s operations is by hiring Managers from other stadiums around the country and put them in charge of certain operations. This technique will allow us to equally divide the responsibilities and take away the chance of a catastrophic mistake. By allowing each manager to be in charge of specific operations the chance of risk will be significantly reduced because of the extensive amount of supervision. Our parking plans will be a simple lot that surrounds the stadium around all sides. Because our stadium will be partially underground, we will have a metro system with a station under the stadium that will allow us to bring in the majority of our fans from the suburbs through the metro. For our concessions, we will have the basics, but we will create apple apps for phones that will allow fans to order food directly to their seats. Our key tenants will be Nike and Oakley, who will both have an outlet store in the stadium with team merchandise. We will also have Sweetwater and Glory Days open restaurants in our stadium. Our regular seats range from $45-$500 however our suits and box seats are the most expensive and are priced at $1000. We will have season tickets in the suits available for dedicated fans with a lot of money. The price for season tickets in the suit/box seats for all 10 games will be $8000 dollars so fans will actually save $2000 if they buy this package instead of individually buying a box/suit every game. Our original budget was $605,000,000, however we sold naming rights to Apple for 1 billion so our new budget is $1,605,000,000. The cost to create our stadium is exactly $1,000,000,000 which leaves us $605,000,000 left for repairs, maintenance, and operations.

CORE Presentation

Transcript: Mariane C / Virtual Transcriptions C.O.R.E 19/02/2019 C.O.R.E Let's start Capture Operate Resonate Exemplify DEFINITION Share all knowledge captured from your experience: TEAM CAPTURE: TEAM Extremely large team’s management. To take advantage of every possible minute. Team work. To adapt faster to a fast pace environment. Communication at all levels is key. Hard work. • Graphic design and web development as per my studies. • Customer service representative from Capital One and • Logistics Agent from Transportation Operations center. o Worked as delivery assistant. o In addition, as process improvement main POC. Improving ticket system, system wrapping codes and improving team performance as per developing easy tools for the agents. • D2 Spain and America’s leader. o Worked as the top escalation level. o As mentor for teams to up to 50 associates. • Subject matter expert. o Workflow, by allocating HC to the different continents (Europe and America) real time. • D2 America o As Manager for Kindle customer care, kindle technical support. o Successfully launched the supporting team for Canadian customers, for all D2 devices. PERSONAL Professional: Open and honest constant communication. Always giving my 110% and continuously thinking on what comes next and possible risks. I work extremely well with clear instructions and if not available then I tend to ask a lot until I get the row we are taking. Personal: Very reserved person, honest, constantly working on being a more approachable and understanding person and always looking for knowledge to grow spiritually and professionally. How you operate as a professional and person Operate Business: Having a healthy and balanced environment, where people can feel emotionally comfortable and deliver results for the well being of the organization. Motivation is key in my process. Life: Feeling satisfied with all possible areas in my life, as being close to my family and people I love. My personal development, healthiness and a positive mind towards difficulties. What things resonate the most in business and life Resonate By investing time in key things as understanding the organizational goals and my own goals, I can keep a clear vision and be able to guide others into the right path and row in an efficient matter. Motivation comes in different shapes and colors and finding that motivation in others allow me to drive positive results in matters as the well being of my peers and team and deliver organizational targets. Provide examples to share or prove a point Exemplify Definition of success Be able to contribute into others personal or professional growth while achieving the operational expectations of my work. Feeling comfortable and secure of each one of my steps Description of the activities and responsibilities Responsibilities: Team management. Virtual team process map. Project to create a successful onboarding process. (with valladad) Project to reduce training time. (With marcinav) WBR support, as providing feedback or creating complementary material. Project called Amazing club to provide connections visibility and actions among all ADS population, including Leadership. Transcriptions POC, due to my tenure. Engagement activities with reporting team as: Small team huddles. Report how each one is doing. Trends tracking. Biweekly 1:1s. Development conversations and activities. Connections and team feedback. Time to go over metrics. Calibrations sessions planning with es_US and complex teams. On process: Fun plan for team. Activities Activities Project Management. Reporting to upper management, all possible details about daily/weekly work and ongoing projects. Keeping track of HR progressions. Metrics reporting: QA, VEL, lateness, NPT, behaviors, queue updates, shrinkage. Others Others Current tracking against business critical KPI’s QUIP COMMUNICATIONS Personal matters and exceptions, and engagement System issue tracking and metric visibility Basics: 1. I have mad face when I'm focus, but I'm not mad. 2. I forget things :D so if it is about you, please document it on QUIP. 3. I can't do 2 thing at the same time. 4. Yes, you can reach me out when you need to 8885 - 6351. 5. Although I do not promise prompt responses over the phone. 6. My face turns red every time I feel ashamed (really red) :S 7. I joke a lot, if I make feel unconformable or you just don't like it, just let me know. Get to know me • Name: Mariane • Childhood nickname: Nana, Mari, (my family calls me Pao, and my brother as a baby was unable to say “Paolita” so he called me “Potita”) • B-day: September 29 I'm Libra :D • Favorite thing to do: Meet places I have never being before • Favorite color: Depends, for clothing then black, for house decor, white, beige, dark woods. • Favorite movie: V is for vendetta, the nightmare before Christmas, Up and eat, pray, love • Favorite food: The


Transcript: EXCEL + CEED program to be implemented AccommodationsHome stays : Starting it at the right time with good value proposition Focus on NPS Enhancing the process of matching Tapping into the new diverse market Focus on GE raising Contract system to be made intact Client re-raising Client Relationship Management Getting UR partners for GE (focus) and GT. Tapping more into the IT and Marketing Sector to ensure that we bridge the demand and supply gap. Alumni Engagement to boost GE. Promotions on social media platforms like LinkedIn (project based promotions) University Relations Placement Cell Coordination EP Engagement model Explain UR as a product Cover all the avenues in a UR Throw more light on EP engagement Product Packaging Focus on IXP EP Engagement CORE PRESENTATION On-ground Marketing and outsourcing Email Marketing Brand Positioning Contribution to ELD Media Showcasing Marketing training for the LC. Board Relations Incoming Global Volunteer Talent Management Udit Dalakoti Outgoing Global Volunteer Recruitment Youth Speak Forum Event Sales BOA and Alumni Engagement Job Opportunities Mentorship Program Fund Raising by branding exchanges Marketing Implementation of check- list based work system. (To be ensured by the HRST) Knowledge Management and Lead sensing to be done on a continuous basis. Alumni Engagement GOAL! Finance The way forward.. Having a strong board in place for the LC. Diversity in board to be a major priority. Utilization of board for JBMs, LEAD and Mentorship programs, Internships etc. Help in LC membership and EP endorsements Incoming Global Talent Business Development Outgoing Global Talent Investment model to be implemented Membership Based Investment Program Based Investment Financial Education to be generated Weekly Review of each department’s finance and weekly newsletter. 100% transparency and shift to only online payment mode.

Core Presentation

Transcript: Planning for agricultural responses involves biological, environmental, and socioeconomic factors. Ecosystems in California Why Modify Food? Alex Turnure, John Park, Monica Ravitch A genetically modified organism (GMO) is "an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering." Ivette Perfecto and Catherine Badgley examine two claims: Water: Every Drop Counts Energy: Meeting Growing Demand in a Warming World • Average Temperature increase • A larger proportion of California precipitation has been falling as rain instead of snow. • The Sierra Nevada range has experienced the wettest and the driest seasons on record of more than a 100 years. • Direct impacts include: wild fires, rising sea levels, and droughts. • Sophisticated computer models have been used to predict climate changes with higher and lower levels of emissions. • Actions of society more impact. • The fact above is due to the level of emissions that have already taken place in latter part of this century. California: More Fire-Prone than Ever! lower yields of the organic system insufficient quantities of organic fertilizer San Francisco Bay: A Regional Focus Health: Many Opportunities to Reduce Social Vulnerabilities Change is up to us! • Increasing demand from a growing population, earlier snowmelt and runoffs, sea level rise threatening aging coastal water infrastructure and levees. • Policies on water usage will be needed to ensure Californians are prepared for Climate Change. • Water usage is determined by the year's water availability distinguishing from wet, normal, dry, and critically dry. agricultural land could eventually be reduced improvements in yields and pest control alleviate rural unemployment produce food without excessive use of water, nutrients, and pesticides Global Food and Nitrogen Availability • Drive up the demand in cooling. • 15% of electricity is hydro power. • Demand will increase and electricity generation will be reduced in the summer. • Hotter Drier climates will affect the reservoirs in which electricity is generated. 92% Americans say they wouldn't like to eat GMOs 90% Americans want GMOs labeled Present in 2/3 of foods sold in super markets Most commonly modified ingredients are soy, corn, and canola Agriculture: Vulnerable but Adaptive 73% of corn acreage is planted with GM seeds 13% of the worlds population is battling starvation Scientists modified the genetic makeup of DNA of a plant or animal Tramsfer genes from one species to another Very controversial (i.e. Frankenfoods Core Presentation GMOs Continued • The coasts of California are inhabited. • Sea levels are rising. 7 inches in the last century, 10-18 inches by 2050. • Coastal flooding. spread of pest-resistant genes from one crop to others bio-tech companies controlling agriculture threats to human health and the environment many unknown problems and more that may arise coastal areas public health ecosystems agriculture wildfires transportation energy infrastructure water resources Coasts: Faster Rising Seas Genetically Modified Organisms Other Important Facts California's Changing Climate So what are we waiting for? Generates more than $3o billion per year (highest crop value in U.S.) Provides more than 1 million jobs Extremely important source of nation's food supply In the United States Organic agriculture could easily feed the world AND maintain soil fertility along with other benefits: Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World? 91% of America's soybean acreage is planted with GM seeds pest resistance lab animals manipulated to exhibit human disease tolerate difficult temperatures contain medicines, vitamins, etc. possibility to end hunger goods and services economy human well-being fresh water/ fertile soil diversity (genetic & biological) crop pollination carbon storage climate stabilization recreational opportunities • Directly impacted by the longer, more frequent, and hotter heat waves. • Impacts on air quality, food production, amount/ quality of water supplies, energy pricing and availability, and spread of infectious diseases. • The survivability of communities and families depend heavily on their ability to adapt Hotter and drier climate population growth development in fire-prone areas raised emission levels Controversy

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