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Apple Computer Powerpoint Template

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apple computer

Transcript: welcome to the apple computer apple computers can help by getting pictures games research to do a project and to do your work and to pay bills and finances and shop on the computer and much more. in january 9 2007 they took the name computer and just decided to call it apple computer and the first one was with no key board but the 2 one was with key board. Did you know that steve job invented the first apple computer in 1955 because he wanted the world to get faster internet and help people research things.i think that th apple computer has the most internet because if it's expesive it means that it might have the fastest internet. no key board the first apple computer was invented in April fool's day in 1976 by Steven gary wozniak and the one with the idea of the apple computer is Steven paul jobs and Ronald gerald wayne apple computers help in many way's for example researching even faster and help you look for information and important things you can do in your apple computer. by:Yurithza Cuevas does have key board Steven paul jobs wouldn't sell so big with out Ronald because in 1977 Ronald sold his share backs for $800 and made a contract with Steven paul jobs of helping him sell the apple computer and he named it apple i manual. in April 1977 the apple computer was the popularaty of home computer4 steve woznka built the first two apple computers even when he left apple in1985 he started his own company and he would get on the roll in helping apple computers sell and have a huge popularaty even if he left apple he liked his job in building apple computers. THE END:)

Apple Computer

Transcript: Steven Jobs in 1985 lost his position at apple to the more nutorious founder of Pepsi, John Scully. after a long hard fought battle Steve Jobs was fired from apple on a unanimous decision from the board. Steve Jobs 1955-2011 The Progression Of Apple Computer Apple 2 Legacy Macintosh XL Job started his new invention called Lisa, after many months and dollars invested into this machine Apple's board decided to shut it down. Jobs was furios and placed on another team where they were working on a project called the Macintosh XL. After a long hard worked process on this it dropped and sold millions upon millions of units Steve jobs made an aveerage of 2.2 billion dollars in his lifetime as CEO of Apple computer, he revolutionized the way simple americans look at the home computer, he revolutionized the portable cellular device and the portable music player, all in all Steve jobs is my role model to become a better person and has accomplished a lot in his lifetime Final Showdown The company blew up when Steve Jobsmintroduced the Iphone to the world, in just 74 days the Iphone 1 sold 1 million units, a staggering number. The recent events have changed where apple introduced the Iphone 8, 8 plus and Iphone, the Iphone X is valued at $1,000 compared to the Iphone 1 which was $599 Comeback Apple Computer Apple 1 was a plain motherboard, no keyboard, no mouse, and no monitor. With a MOS 6502, 1.0HZ CPU it didnt please many people at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alt California. Jobs approached a company called "The Byte Shop" and introduced the Apple 1 to them. The Shop ordered 50 assembled units and all of them stold. Only about 200 of these Apple 1's were made. Steve jobs came back to apple in the year 1997 where he was appointed interim CEO due to the failure and success of the Windows 95 Apple 1 Next Generation The Beginning The Apple 2 had more success then the Apple 1. This unit included a keyboard and monitor, and was the first Apple computer to use floppy disks. this computer sold 50,000 units after 2 and a half years after release. other computer In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started, in todays standards, the biggest company ever created. At the mere ages of 21, Jobs and Wozniack had very little budget to get these projects going. So they started their voyage in Jobs's garage where Apple 1 and Apple 2 were constructed. Phones After battling with pancreatic cancer Steve Jobs finally passed away October 5, 2011 in his home town of Palo Alto, California. After such events Apple made Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple Computers. who is now the most Steve Jobs then introdcued the Apple Ipod, which was the hottest trend at its time where it could hold songs and play music from your pocket. it was a big item but apple decided to shrink it down in size over the years introuducing the ipod mini, ipod touche, etc.

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