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Apex Apparel Presentation

Transcript: Apex Apparel Presented by Brooke Schomaeker // Our Company // // Company Description // Apex Apparel offers affordable, high-quality outdoor clothing geared toward high-performance activities and sustained temperature control. Our goal is to provide great clothing for all degrees. Whether you're soaring down a mountain to climbing up to a treacherous peak, Apex Apparel is always there to keep you going with the maximum quality needed. We offer sustainable customer service along with award winning products. Differentiation: Many people complain that outdoor clothing is just way too expensive, not good quality, or something just isn't warm enough. We solve all of those problems using recycled material guaranteeing an affordable price, create high-performance lab-tested material, and use a high-quality material for sustained warmth. Our goal is to become a well known house hold name that revolutionizes outdoor clothing. // The Logo // // Reasoning behind the Logo // -simple -unique -original -appeals to all adults -memorable // Compare & Contrast // // Deciding the Name // Why Apex Apparel? // Where We Locate // // Our Location // Burlington,Vermont ~42,249 - google trends - outdoorsy activities - medium household income is ~43,000 per year - good at budgeting - small population - little to no competition // On the Map // Burlington,Vermont // Customer Profile // Customer Profile -age -budget -character -housing -products bought -occupation // Situation Analysis // Strengths: - good customer relationship - strong brick and morter/online -chose a location not saturated with competitors -name is similar to competitors -great quality for an affordable price -online and in store shopping -outdoorsy area -people love saving money -similar to leading brands Weaknesses: -no experience -competition with leading brands -small populated location -not well known -busy lives -little time for activities (internal) - customers could advocate for you - AI web-use - "As seen on me" - same day delivery - exclusive items - social media is growing with people looking up to influencers Opportunity: // O & T // Threat: - influence doesn't appeal to right group - not enough people are informed - high demand for products - no customer appeal - big companies taking customers away (external) ~Our Prices~ // Pricing Strategy // Men/Womens Clothing: Sweatshirts/Jackets - starting at $55 T-shirts - starting at $25 Tanks - between $15-$25 Shorts - starting at $25 Leggings/Tights - between $35-$55 Sweatpants - $45 Under Gear - tbd Accessories - tbd everyday low pricing penetration ~Strategy~ Apex Apparel provides high-performance quality clothing equipment for energetic, outdoor millennials. What we do is use recycled materials. This helps drive the cost down and at the same time is earth friendly. Also, we create sustainable warm material to keep travelers warm no matter the weather. In addition, our material is lab tested meaning we create a reliable and high-quality fabric for our products. // Brand Positioning // Our Campaigns: // Promotional Goals // - Trial Barriers - Strategies - Insight Increase social media engagement by 20% by the year 2020. Create eco-friendly movement to reduce trash on earth in the fall. - Trial Barriers - Strategies - Insight

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