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App design

Transcript: purpose From the research I have done on the company I know that the audience would have to have a passion for art and fashion as well as be mature. The events that this small business host are based on having a good time as well as selling, buying and talking about your passions within these areas. I would say that the target audience would be from late teens to late thirty's as they would be more likely to go to events to buy ,sell and communicate with others around them. Android version of the app try it out!! Fresh Laces was founded Nathan Massiah. It is a new Sneaker & Lifestyle pop-up events company showcasing Rare & exclusive kicks, customs, restoration, street wear clothing & accessories, art & photography My design Fresh Laces is a new Sneaker & Lifestyle pop-up events company showcasing Rare & exclusive kicks, customs, restoration, street wear clothing & accessories, art & photography Tap away and see how you like the app, its not a final version of what it will look like but it has the basics with the right information on. The design The purpose of this app is mainly for the company in it's self to grow more and expand, but also to have quick and easy access to the latest events and new stuff that they may have to offer . it's also about bringing everything together into one place, so it`'s easy to find and maneuver around the app with no troubles. what is fresh laces? App design The design is very basic : black background some textured panels. as well as some panels at the bottom of the screen which will include:- facebook link twitter link blog link photos videos home screen includes banner with logo and a brief description of the company and any events happening in the near future. banner with brief description of business audience iPhone version Android version of app thank you fresh laces While thinking about all the possible apps I could design, I thought about small businesses that could use an app to boost their marketing systems, as well as becoming well known throughout media and their target audiences.

App Design

Transcript: By: Gabby Luna, Sloane Spriester, Reagan Shaw, and Jose Fernandez PicsForHelp How to Help How to Help Users can follow these simple instructions to help any animal in danger Snap A Pic Take a picture of an animal that you think is in harms way. Snap A Pic Write a Description Write A Description Write a description of the animal's condition. Make sure to include things like breed and gender. Submit Submit Once you press the "submit" button your picture and description will run through a system. If it is innappropriate or irrelevant to the app, it will not upload and be reported. If it is approved, it will be shared with a local animal shelter. It will also be available for other users to see. Users can only see other users' posts if they are in the same city. When someone makes an account, they can choose to be ananymous or create an account name. Sharing Sharing What is Animal Cruelty? What is Animal Cruelty? Animal cruelty can be abuse, neglect, or failure to care for any animal. Isolated dogs are taken and forced to fight against other dogs. This crime is just for the entertainment and profit of audience. Dog Fighting Dog Fighting Puppy Mills/Dog Breeders Puppy Mills/Dog Breeders Puppy mills are large dog breeding facilities. Many of the breeders think money is more important than the dogs' health and well being. Make sure to not adopt from one of these mills, but rescue or adopt from a shelter. There are over 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. Animal Hoarding Animal Hoarding This occurs when an individual owns too many pets to handle. This can result in starvation, illnesses, and even death for some animals. About 250,000 animals have been hoarded every year. Billions of animals are being raised on farm factories just for food. Owners of these factories focus on profit rather than the health and happiness of these animals. Farm Animal Welfare Farm Animal Welfare Over 100,000 horses are slaughtered annually due to human consumption. Horses are shipped on crowded trucks wiuthout common necessities. Horse Slaughter Horse Slaughter There many more issues regarding animals: cockfighting- forces birds to fight for entertainment of people greyhound racing- "sport" that makes greyhounds race against eachother for entertainment of spectators. Many dogs are injured and killed each year from this. Other Animal Problems Other Animal Problems Other ways you can help Other ways you can help There are many other ways for you to help animals in need. Report Report Report any signs of environmental or physical cruelty. You can use this app or tell local police/shelter. Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws Support the law and share with others how to help animals. You can always voulunteer at pet adoptions and animal rehabilitation. You can also donate money/supplies for victims of animal cruelty. Help/Volunteer Animal Cruelty Victims Help/Volunteer Animal Cruelty Victims

Presentation for APP Design for 0-4

Transcript: Toddler@SG 幼儿华语 APP Design for 0-4 Dr. Cheng Wan-ni, Dr. Wu Yung-Sen & Dr. Lin Yao San 28.12.2018. Starting from "Home" Starting from "Home" Main functions/ Basic elements of the framework MAIN FUNCTION Content platform for Chinese teaching Content platform for Chinese teaching Providing Chinese Learning Resources for Early Childhood Education 华语教学资源 Connecting through social network Connecting through Social Network Connecting through social network Sharing on Social Network Learning Journey and Records Learning Journey and Records Creating Children’s Learning Portfolios APP AND PLATFORM APP & PLATFORM APP ARCHITECTURE APP ARCHITECTURE APP ARCHITECTURE FRONT END Front end Users USERS - Children - Parents Each family will have a virtual family account that consists of all family members. Operating Environment OPERATING Environment - Web browsers(Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.) - Android System - iOS System - Smart phone - Tablet - Laptop - PC Accessibility Accessibility CONTENT PLATFORM FOR CHINESE TEACHING Content platform for Chinese teaching Content platform for Chinese teaching Children's songs, lullabies, finger rhymes Learn, recognize and name objects, animals, plants and etc. Develop good habits Use stories to expand children's life experiences Create a simple story with the family Use story characters and situations to play games Simple, repetitive or predictive stories Anthropomorphic and imaginary stories Stories that describe everyday things Provide humor, imaginative, adventure stories Baby Activity AR Interaction Augmented Reality function recognize objects in the home with Chinese captions. Some objects can interact and play with children. An interesting toy will be developed. Connecting Through Social Network For Sharing learning experiences Collecting precious moments Receiving information about Chinese content Through Facebook YouTube Instagram In Videos Photos Text Learning Journey and Records Recognizing personal characteristics that allow AI to understand users preference Setting learning goals Monitoring and reviewing records to adjust the learning content dynamically Recalling memories and experiences Creating a complete learning portfolio Database servers for Preserving users preference Maintaining teaching content Updating and expanding text corpus, to keep the data current and relevant Connecting specific public platform, such as iMTL, SLS, etc. BACK END BACK END APP FEATURES APP FEATURES Personal-Interactive interface Personal-Interactive interface Personalization can package the teaching content with the sounds of parent-child and habits, so that it can encourage children to learn Chinese at home The teaching of “listening” can use the voice of parents to make children more comfortable Translate the dialogue between parents and children into Chinese Augmented Reality function recognize objects in the home with Chinese captions Covering Family-wide Users Covering Family-wide Users Family e-portfolios will cover learning records of brothers/sisters within a household. Parents can simultaneously observe and pay attention to the learning progress of all children at home. AI-based Content Management IoToys Version II will be coming up with AI-based Content Management AI-based Content Management Courses, automatic tracking, alerts and records are automatically provided based on the results of the AI calculations. AI functions operates according to the users’ preference, collected by the usage history. AI can help automatically learning for family-specific terminologies, such as to recognize nickname of kids, parents or pets, to understand the activities for family important dates, to integrate the family features with Chinese language. When the parents and children arrived the playground, library, park and community clubs (CCs) for the first time, the APP will push interesting activities notifications. Each place will feature an unique character which interacts and play with children. This APP encouraged parents to bring their children to visit the outdoor facilities around Singapore. Trace to island-wide playground and Community Clubs For children (0-2) who are not exposed to 3C products. Security is key - Introduce security measures to connect toy hardware. Different kinds of sensors (including camera, microphone) detect various signals sending real-life data to “back end” database, under the condition of information security such as images, sounds, time, location, temperature etc. Hand-waving, eye-movement, sound-detection and other reactions for sensor detection to pass the information to “back end”. IoToys : IOT toys IoToys : IOT toys reference

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