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Animated presentation

Transcript: m 1 Quizizz Education 2 p Game b Product design Y g s What is Quizizz? Introduction Quizizz is an app whcih allows you to conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way for students of all ages. Play to learn! defination e What can we do with Quizizz? read the next page or check the vedio. Using Quizizz Play public games Amazing teachers around the world create thousands of great questions on Quizizz. This community effort generates great content that everyone can use. Create question packages Quizizz allows you to pluck questions from any quiz, easily and images from internet, auto-save your progress, and tons of features. Quizizz can be played by students using any kind of device with a browser, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Host a game&launch homework For students For teachers Give a feedback Review their answers at the end Customize their quiz session to toggle the level of competition, speed, and other factors. z subject class management As Quizizz can be seen as a platfrom, it can be used for many kind of explicit knoowledge. Quite useful! Unlimited! knowledge teachers use Quizizz to ensure that the classroom lessons run smoothly and finish the teaching goals. smoothly! management i Compare Kahoot and Quizizz Kahoot is teacher directed Quizizz is student directed that's our opinion u Two creative lesson ideas Data collection and study conclusion student keypoints connect different knowledge share with friends students' ability result of the class organize classes teacher Teaching by questionning steps by applying quzizz...... review As a tool to give housework class Help teacher organize questions in class preview Help students browse Q Thank you! Here are all sources (pictures or others) source 1.picture on the front page: 2.Kahoot quizizz: 3.Students engage at their own pace (2 pictures introduce part and using Quizizz 2-3 parts): picture in giving a feedback part: picture in using Quizizz part: picture in subject part: 7.the vedio: Sources:

Animated News Presentation

Transcript: Controversial: Interesting, entertaining, relaxing, reach more audiences, fill the gap for understanding Biased, distort the reality, without verification They all share similar perspectives on the event. Differences mainly occur in the coverage/ thoroughness and angle about the event. Overall speaking, the story-like animated news try to amuse audience out of the animation they use. Differences can also be observed among different printed news in terms of perspective and coverage. Modern journalism...justifies its own existence by the great Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgarest" - Oscar Wilde Pros & Cons CONs Not professional enough beneficial to people in foreign countries view HK news choose what users like allow to replay the news not linear experience CONs selection criteria of the news Background information: Apple Daily Animated news: A Hong Kong newspaper founded in 1995 Second best selling newspaper in Hong Kong Celebrity scandals Sensationalist news reports Anti-political positions Online version: Animated news tone: gossip wording: oral language, not academic anchor: sometimes adds opinion Goal = to get as close to the truth as possible Death of Steve Jobs (Apple Daily VS TVB News) PROs no fixed time, no fixed news ordering Apple Daily and BBC News: Similarities: focus on the details of the incident describing the incident with opinion e.g. “outrage”, “distressing” Amelia Wang Amy Lin Brad Li Luke Tse Polly Leung Varia B. Foshan Traffic Accident (Apple Daily VS Now TV) Death of Steve Jobs (Apple Daily VS Printed News) Similarities: perspective: depicting the loss of an eminent figure of the world (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Absence of verified facts CONs: no live news/ breaking news may not mainly based on news value and editorial judgment but based on entertaining value (obscene, violence) Offers the audience a well-rounded scope of information on the issue Apple Daily and Sharp Daily Similarities: use of words with subjective thinking e.g. cold-blooded coverage: mainly on the details of the event  biased and try to draw sympathy towards the victim similar perspective: treating it as a tragedy of news value CONs commercial break sometimes, the users has to view the advertisement before the news education In long term, people adapt to visual movement rather than plain text concentration span shortened coverage of news Mostly local news, entertainment less financial, features, sports news Dissimilarities: rely only on acoustic reporting without picking a particular angle coverage and thoroughness Comparison Many have attempted to pinpoint the exact definition of “journalism”: Dissimilarities: coverage and thoroughness without picking a particular angle [The goal of journalism is ]"to convey reality as accurately as possible, and as enjoyably as possible so long as accuracy isn’t sacrificed.” Source: VS PROs large number of audience (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr PROs suitable for busy people Group members Topic Introduction Apple Daily’s animated news Good Journalism (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Dissimilarities: coverage: putting more emphasis on the moral issue perspective: putting the news as a moral concern, not merely a tragedy “The practice of investigation and reporting of events, trends, and issues to a broad audience in a timely fashion.” - Wikipedia “The collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature material.” - Britannica Online Encyclopedia “A search for truth on behalf of the citizen.” - Jack Fuller, author of News Values Comparison between Apple Daily’s animated news with other sources (newspapers, TV media, and online news coverage) Definition of Journalism and classification of Journalism (Good and Bad) Our point of view on animated news The reason why Apple Daily animated news can win popularity and how exactly it fills the gap for understanding news. Death of Steve Jobs (Apple Daily VS Radio News) Similarities: perspective: depicting the death of an eminent figure of the world cover nuts and bolts only no package, features the video is too short easy to access internet penetrate to different levels of people Definition On-going process of verification Animated News Presentation Agenda (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr PROs: no geographical limit people with busy working schedule absorb news in timely manner Does not deceive PROs content, format combine both visual and audio elements good for the blind and the deaf video editing effect, simulation, dialog easy to understand, entertaining, appealing allow interaction viewers can share, add comments, discuss with worldwide users needs time to make animated news Dissimilarities: - use of visual elements (static) - without acoustic painting of mood CONs not comprehensive enough One thing everyone agrees on is..... Journalism = Communication of News. Bad Journalism

INB301 Presentation Animated

Transcript: Patronage Customer Need Support for multiple businesses Desire to grow and be prepared for change Customer Architecture Patronage QikServe Minimal, easy-to-use GUI Restaurants with high overhead The Idea Competition Support for PayPal and PayPass The Team Industry Exclusive to businesses, and only on iPad Links with existing point of sales systems Customizable themes and menus for each business Other similar services are offered Support for splitting bills Hurru Intuitive item categorisation One app manages multiple restaurants through QR codes Captures customer behaviour for business analytics Direct-to-customer advertising Multiple payment methods App / Story Patronage Problems managing peak times Staff Portal Integrates into POS system Multi-platform support MenuPad The Idea References QikServe MenuPad Comparison I don't know how I should lay this out Team Tasks VAlue VAlue Industry Architecture R&CA (2014) Competition Policy Review. (June 2014) H. G. PARSA, J. T. SELF, D. NJITE, T. KING (2005) Why Restaurants Fail. (2005) Cathy A. Enz (2004) Issues of Concern for Restaurant Owners and Managers (November 2004) Dimmi (2014) Dimmi Annual Dining Index: Trends Report 2014 Hurru. (2014). Hurru. Retrieved September 04, 2014, from Hurru: Jin-zhao, W., & Jing, W. (2009, December 20). Issues, Challenges, and Trends that the Hospitality Industry is Facing. Retrieved September 03, 2014, from Association of Human Resources Managers: MenuPad. (2014). MenuPad. Retrieved September 05, 2014, from MenuPad: QikServe. (2014). QikServe. Retrieved September 06, 2014, from QikServe: Wikipedia. (2014, February 13). Three-click rule. Retrieved September 07, 2014, from Wikipedia: Ours Faster Service Overhead costs are constantly rising 45% of of expenditure is due to staff Menu and Ordering Device Independent - HTML5 Native Applications to follow Social Presence - Online Image Decrease Staff Required Order Management High overheads Hardware Card Reader - PayPal Here Secure Charging system designs Scalable - Any size Billing Take advantage of new systems Decrease fees/rental costs Helpful features to simplify tasks Easily Split Bills Device at table Fewer Staff Handle peak times Faster service Maintain or Improve Customer Opinion Scalable Fewer devices Smaller initial investment Transient Staff PostgreSQL - Database Scalable, free, modifiable Scalable - Amazon Web Services Room to grow, reliable 45% Staff Overhead Thank you Questions? Payment Systems Paypal Eftpos support NFC support Integrated Payment Security External experts Two Step verification Shrinking Industry Customers are spending less per meal 4 years of downward movement Decrease Overhead Costs Device for Server Faster ordering Information on hand Better awareness Rob Bisson Programming Testing & innovation Karl Markiewicz Programming UI Design Laurence Mccabe Business Development Customer Liaison Zack Watson Business Development Sales/Marketing

Animated Presentation, Earth

Transcript: ANTIQUE ME MAP FIRST TOPIC The Earth Hello? Hi my names The Earth, and I'm here to tell you about myself and some of my problems. About Me! This is me, beautiful right? I'm the fifth largest planet, and I'm placed perfectly in the Orbit so that you aren't to hot or to cold. By I'm the only place that has oxygen and some pretty cool gravity ;) but I'm pretty old ... 4.543 billion years old, and I've seen a lot. A little more More Facts Breena SECOND TOPIC What I've Seen Cavemen I've seen how people will be able to make their situation better. The Black Plaque I've seen many people die while they we're still getting on to their feet. The Human Cleanse I've seen the greediness and the destruction of war and I've felt it. War I've felt the pain of watching innocent lives be lost . and the pain but happiness of the war that came to follow. Pollution I've felt the disastrous effect of pollution and I've seen what its done to my beautiful animals and my beautiful skin. THIRD TOPIC The Pollution & Climate Change I get some of you may not believe me, but just know that just because I've lived for 4.5 billion years doesn't mean I'll live to see another billion. The pollution is killing my beautiful sea mammals and reefs that you all love to look out. The air pollution is slowly (but rapidly) killing my ozone. I hate to say it guys but I'm dying and it's all your fault. FOURTH TOPIC How to Change You guys still have some time to fix this problem. You guys can start recycling, or looking up different way to not help the pollution situation. You guy could do a mass beach clean along with a mass clean in any area. You guys could buy from organizations that help clean the ocean. Sad truth but if you guys want to do something do it in the next 12 years. If you are looking to by cute towels or clothes or other goodies check out SAND CLOUD, they have so many cute things and their how system is to save the marine animal population from pollution. Another one is to listen to the song EARTH but lil dicky and go to the link at the end of the song to find more ways to help. An easy way would be to PLANT A TREE (use that green thumb & help out) Places To Check Out Some Ways


Transcript: Now, what is a ANIMATED film? Traditional animation is an animation technique where each frame is drawn by hand. The technique was the dominant form of animation in cinema until the advent of computer animation. Camila Reyes FILM 4: FILM 1: It tells the story of WALL · E, a robot who is the only survivor of a cleaning force of the earth that, seven years after being abandoned by humans, receives an unexpected visit from another rover, seeking life in the planet forgotten. "Tangled" FILM 6: Andy Davis plays quietly with his toys: Mr. Potato face, a tyrannosaurus and a cowboy named Woody, a favorite toy. When Andy leaves the room, all his toys come to life .. FILM 8: "Finding Nemo" "Ice Age" By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78 year old Carl sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years younger, inadvertently becomes in her assistant In "Frozen,"Anna is forced to join Kristoff, a daring man, and undertake an epic journey in search of the Snow Queen to end the cold spell. Anna and Kristoff will face extreme temperatures on the Everest, a mystical creatures and fight against the elements in a race against time to save the kingdom from utter destruction... "Frozen" FILMS FILM 3: Nemo is a small clown fish, the only child who was a Marlin after an attack of the anemone where he lived in the sea ended his partner's life, called Coral and her other children. From this event, Marlin is in charge of caring her son protectively exaggerated. This leads Nemo to rebel and undertake an adventure taking advantage of a school excursion. FILM 10: "Wall E" Set during the Ice Age, a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a wooly mammoth find a lost human infant, and they try to return him to his tribe. Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal. Mike Wazowski has always dreamed of being a scary. Thanks to its good studies, he was admitted to Monsters University. A mike is given a room mate is Randi Bugs, are good friends. and from this begins his time at university "Toy Story" FILM 9: FILM 5: Some ANIMATED FILMS of Disney Channel are: FILM 2: When his new father, King Harold falls ill, Shrek is looked at as the heir to the land of Far Away. Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king. The Princess Fiona, however, rallies a band of royal girlfriends to fend off a coup d'etat by the jilted Prince Charming. FILM 7: "Shrek, the third" "Despicable Me 2" "Up" ANIMATED What is a film? A film is a cinematic masterpiece that emits an audiovisual history, through a sequence of images and sounds, which are usually based on a script in which the characters may or not, be actors. The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is. "Monster University"

Animated Graphics: Presentation

Transcript: Animation II: Rigging We all contributed to different aspects in the areas of modelling and animation Texturing Animation I: Motion Paths Opening credits research into sci-fi genre, specifically ones that involve space scenes (Star Trek, Alien etc). Nothing developing on the screen = text is placed centrally = full audience attention (Alien) Some kind of scene ensuing = credits nearly always placed in the corner (Star Trek). We applied the latter - more chance to showcase! Key-framing When it came to more intricate movements like the ship landing in a hangar, it was more effective to use keyframes to simulate typical pilot behaviour, air resistance and hovering. Motion curves For simple ship movements, we attached them to cubic curves that could be customised using 'control verticies.' Purpose Research James Bishop: Motion, MAYA cinematography After Effects After Effects It also allowed us to get an impression of speed, and in one case a time warp was applied after a playblast showed the sequence was going way too fast. Camera rigging: A camera was rigged to a spaceship and could be panned or zoomed through keyframing, without disturbing the motion path of the camera. Shot Composition STH - 335: Presentation Modelling On the whole, we worked to each other's strengths within the software. These included but were not limited to... Adobe After Effects We imported all of the rendered frames from MAYA onto After Effects, importing it as an image sequence as opposed to video media (cut down exports - retained quality). We could then assemble the sequence and apply sound and any desired colour grading. Directional Lighting was used particularly in the hangar scene to create shadowing below the balconies. PC cores Under the batch render settings, we unticked 'use all available processors'. We then set the number of processors to use to 8 cores. This made the most of the PC's performance. Deformers We also used 'bend' found in under the deformers > non-linear tab for the corridor, and the wings of the smaller starship. A lattice was used to change the verticies of these wings to allow for tapering inwards as the wing got further away from the body. Sound Tron Legacy OST The Grid, Daft Punk Featuring narration from Jeff Bridges Application Space sphere Hangar surfaces Bump Mapping Control rig: Drew a clear linear curve and anchored it to the animated object using parent and scale constrain. This allowed for further object animation whilst it followed its motion path. Animation III: Particles We used the following render settings: Camera Sequencer Using the CS allowed for an overview of all shots, and how they would fit together with cuts at certain points to form our sequence. Ambient Lighting was used to light the 'space' sphere interior, rather than multiple lights (easier workflow). Shadowing We've shadowed parts of our spaceships, influenced by our research into Star Wars ship lighting. Rendering Post Production & Sound Insert Edge Loop Connect Components Merge Merge vertex Chamfer Vertex Bevel Not too much colour correction was required because in MAYA, the colour selection is absolute. However, grading allowed us to change the feel of the sequence as a whole. Title sequence Using a nucleus and a volumetric node passing over the main title text, we uncombined all faces and polygons to simulate the particle 'shatter' effect. Planar mapping With the hangar, there was an initial problem with the textures being stretched across certain faces. To ammend this we highlighted the appropriate faces, then used planar mapping, (under Create UV's tab) to ammend the height/width ratios with the textures. Thank you for listening The bright blue glow applied to a duplicate of the text (to shine through once the particle distortion occurs) sets the theme for the sequence, influenced by the Tron series. Credits Bourne Legacy style titles Off-centre to maintain audience focus Gravity turned off, force turned up high Modelling Animation III: Rigging Banking: Content Research Da Vinci Resolve Luma Curves Saturation Masks Point Lighting One light source going in infinite directions Useful for simulating a sun Customizability allowed for shadowing Crew Roles Camera Keyframing 'Freedom' approach to filming, rarely used motion curves or 'camera aim'. Instead, keyframed the camera's position, rotation and focal length. Colour Management Influences Robot Wars title, Star Wars, Aliens Faiz Barber: Lighting, Colour Correction Render engine: Mental Ray Image format: Uncompressed tif Image size: 1920 x 1080 Shot dynamics Treated the sequence like a short film, with variation in shot types. Moved cameras around in perspective view, with a camera view panel for easy framing. James Dominey: Texturing, After Effects Playblasting An effective way for us to preview the sequences as a whole. Playblasting straight from the CS meant that MAYA knew when to cut from one camera to another. Combining polygons Our more complex objects, such as the hangar

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