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Transcript: Serena Joy Offglen Offred Society of Gilead Chapters 8-13 Aunt lydia Moira Rita Subject: Serena Joy Serena Joy a mysterious individual given such power purely by being with the comander. Displaying a noticable amount of dislike towards the handmaids, possibly even paranoia towards the commander. A very cruel individual, one that seems to be trapped by her own society she aided in creating. Wife of the Commander Subject: Offred Offred: one of a more newly recuited handmaid and newer citizen of Gilead, she has little experience of being a handmaid. However she will soon understand she is a gifted individual, one of the special individuals that can bare the life of a child. She has participated in the ceremony as accordingly, a obedient handmaid doing as she sho Handmaid Ofglen One of the eariler handmaids of the commander, along side being the pair to offred when the commander requests for groceries. Comunication between her and Offred have been established, as they return from grocery shopping they pass by bodies. Another obedient handmaid stating "under his eye" as a handmaid should. Handmaid Moira Moira, a handmaid that Offred has a past with. Offred seems to have had flashbacks of the times she spent with her. She appears to be a more uncooperative handmaid compared to the rest, an individual that is more rebellious as she attemps to escape from Gilead unsucessfully, she was punished and beaten in the hands. Handmaid Aunt Lydia Aunt Lydia, a individual that posseses power as well. Being the one who diceplines and teaches the handmaids, shes is privilaged with being able read and write in order to teach the handmaids. She is a very government abiding person and follows as she is ordered very dedicated to the Gilead's socital system. Aunt of the handmaids Rita A servant to the commander, she does all the cooking for the commander. Her relationship with Offred isn't very pleasant, seeing Offred as someone born with a gift in this society being able to procreate. Whereas a Martha like her cannot seeing herself as common compared to Offred. Martha


Transcript: Understanding of 1850-1890 Literary characteristics What was the main focus of literture that authors wrote during 1850-1890? they push at boundaries Automobiles NOW!!! Question that Divia ask herself... Learning is great, in theory, but ... time-consuming in reality. illustrations by Mat Moore movies of their own that were geared towards the younger generation. Automobiles becoming more Modernized FASHION Major Events of The Tme Political Situations What was going on in America?? one solution MUSIC Invetnions 1867-typewriter 1873- barbed wire 1876- telephone 1877- moving pictures Political Stiuation!!! ? the priest is in the higher class Literary TIme! JUST KEEP SWIMMING... Revelation #1: Hearing a rich history dating back to the 1800's, music boxes delighted audiences with their alluring melodies. This signature style creation features a handcrafted cherry cabinet with carved dental molding accents. mass culture/wide variety of religion, Hollywood movies, and commercialism women took low-paying jobs MLA how has america changed? What has prompted these changes? Button Up your Overcoat! the pop culrure -P"Polotical Situation." Handset One. Web. 10 Jan. 2010. <>.ridmore, Jan. "Nineteenth-Century Literature." Literary History. Literary History, Dec.-Jan. 2010. Web. 09 Jan. 2011. <> -Pridmore, Jan. "Nineteenth-Century Literature." Literary History. Literary History, Dec.-Jan. 2010. Web. 09 Jan. 2011. <>. Women can write and books are published along with newspapers, and documents. Women's Party began to campaign for an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution Political Situation the major differences between lower and higher classes ITS TIME FOR POP CULTURE! MLA: MAJOR EVENTS OF THE TIME ART how has america changed? What has prompted these changes? What major events or inventions occured in 1850-1890? -conventional and unconventional gender distinctions -cultural significance of immigration -drastic difference between classes the focus of the characteristics of a human being the new methods of mechanizati how telephone was created World War I had also caused a stir against traditional values, and writers of the 1920s established new codes of morals and understanding and fresh methods for expression literacy was an absolute requirement ...even for the colored people Let's put play and fun back in education. 1910-1925 HAYA HERE!!! :D Maria H. Andersen Twitter: @busynessgirl Illustrations by Mat Moore Fourth Problem: With the new bust of culture came a new generation of writers. This new generation displayed youthful energy, the ambition of exluded outsiders, and a resentment towards betrayed ideals. -Howard, Lauren. "1920s Pop Culture." The Lost GGienow-Hecht, Jessica. "A European Considers the Influence of American Culture." America - Engaging the World - 01 Feb. 2006. Web. 11 Jan. 2011. <>. eneration and 1920s Pop Culture. Web. 11 Jan. 2011. <>. -Amuti, Emma D. "Black Labor in Wilmington, Delaware: Black Occupational Mobility from 1850 to 1910." Welcome to the University of Delaware. University of Delaware. Web. 11 Jan. 2011. <> - Automobiles then... what is Flappers! DID YOU LEARN SOMETHING?? how has america changed? What has prompted these changes? Revelation #1: move from the countryside to the cities Inquiry-based Learning MAJOR EVENTS OF THE TIME MOVE TWO SPACES!! Wilkinson per.3 01-10-11 Became known as "Machine Age." KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!! there are many definitions and descriptions MAJOR EVENTS 1861-1865 United States Civil War. 1865- Lincoln shot by Booth April 14, dies next day How did people connect?? MISTAKES HOLLYWOOD MAKES the Fundamentalists were replaced with Modernists, who viewed God as the "good guy" and saw the universe as a friendly place to live For Example... the woman wants their rights Revelation #1: Pop culture during the 1920s was characterized by the flapper, automobiles, nightclubs, movies, and jazz Divia John Haya Siddiqui Caryn Cooper Revelation #2: -The global reach of capitalism -Political and economic causes of immigration to the U. S. -industiral revolution -rise of big business Caryn's Turn :) -America has become more expressive and more brighter -World War 1 has ended and the gloomy days are over. Literature... Vivid Colors Pop Culture Music:Yankee Doodle Dandee -America changed by continually growing in from the entertainment such a movies, music, fashion, and etc. -machines such as automobiles and billboards made life more entertaining. political terms of pondering the future of globalization and the role the United States for the people... So ... KEEP MOVING...:)

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