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Ancient - Rome

Transcript: What were the rights of the citizens, including women, children and minority groups? How much freedom did people have? The plebians are the less wealthy citizens of Rome but they are still allowed to vote were the patricians are the more wealthy citizens of Rome. The slaves were not allowed to vote because they are not citizens of Rome. The current head of state is Giorgio Napolitano he was elected on the 4th round of balloting on the 10th of May 2006. The president is in power for 7 years than has to be re-elected. The structure of the government in Rome, there is two consults which are the head of government, there are 300 senators who supervise government maters, there are 2 censors who supervise citizens, set taxes, and appoint senators. Usually chosen from former consuls for 18 months, there are also 10 tribunes who guard rights of plebians, 16 praetors who are the Head of Senate or assembly in consuls absence, act as high judges.and serve for two years, 8 quaestors who act as treasures,they serve for 1 year, there is also military assembly who Pass laws, elect officials, and declare wars they are made up of patricians and plebeians. How was the government selected? Romans didn’t believe in one religion but in a mixture of rituals, superstitions and traditions which they collected over the years from a number of sources. Could people practice a range of religions? Who was the head of state? How was the head of state selected? THE END!!! By Molly Larsen 7B Ancient Rome - Political The women are not allowed to vote in Rome, you have to be 18 to also to vote in Rome so children can’t vote and the minority are not citizens so aren’t allowed to vote. The citizens of Rome other than slaves were allowed to vote for two consuls. They were elected to serve for one year. It was the Consuls job to govern Rome. They had to both agree on all decisions. After they had served their year they were replaced. They were not allowed to be consuls again for ten years. What style / structure of government?

Ancient Rome

Transcript: How did different civilizations organize people into groups? Rome had many social groups based on heredity, property, wealth, citizenship, and freedom. Women were classified by what their husbands did as a living. The boundaries between social classes were very strict, only the emperor could wear a purple toga, members of the senate could wear a white toga with a broad purple stripe. Commoners could wear a white toga with a narrow purple stripe. The social classes went from emperor to senators, to commoners, to slaves. Describe the many important literary contributions. Many different books on comedy, plays, tragedy, satire, and history, were written by the Romans. Although the Romans wrote them, they stole many writing styles from the Greeks and manipulated them to work to their advantage. Describe a famous author and his work. Cicero wrote many famous books, some of which are still on the New York Times bestsellers list. 1.De Amiticia 2.Pro Archia 3.Brutus 4.Pro Marcello What types of writing systems did they use? They stole the writing systems from many different cultures. They spoke Latin. They wrote all sorts of writing types and wrote them down in books Complex Religion: The civilization was polytheistic because the Romans worshipped many gods. The most important god is Jupiter; God of the Sky, and his wife is Juno; Goddess of the Sky. A few other gods were; Mars= God of War Mercury= Messenger of the Gods Neptune= God of the Sea Janus= God of the Doorway Diana= Goddess of the Hunt Vesta= Goddess of the Hearth Minerva= Goddess of Healing and Medicine Venus= Goddess of Love The Christian Religion experienced heavy persecution in Ancient Rome. In the Great Fire of A.D. 64, a fire burned half the city. Romans blamed the fire on the Christians and they suffered massive persecution until Constantine became Emperor. Emperor Constantine took away the law that says you can’t worship what you want and converted to Christianity himself. Thusly the whole Roman Empire switched to Christianity. Achievements: •600 B.C- The Etruscans establish cities from northern to central Italy. •218 B.C- Hannibal invades Italy. •64 B.C- Pompey captures Jerusalem. •45 B.C- Julius Caesar captures Pompey becoming the first emperor of Rome. •44 B.C- Julius Caesar is assassinated. •27 B.C- Octavian becomes Caesar Augustus and is the emperor of Rome. •0- Jesus Christ is born. •64 A.D- Fire burns half of Rome and Christians are blamed. •305 A.D- Constantine becomes first Christian emperor of Rome. •380 A.D- Christianity is declared as the sole religion of Rome by Theodosius 1. • 476 A.D- The last roman emperor was Romulus Augustus, who fell to Odoacer.,r:0,s:0,i:73&tx=92&ty=7 Find an artist and give a summary of their work. Ancient Rome Romans got water from aqueducts which transported the water to every house. Romans made many a bathhouse where the public would go bathe and get together. Arts & Architecture A famous Greek artist was Polygnotus, who was most famous for his wall murals. Many of his styles of work the Romans used as their own. Describe a typical home or building for your society. What types of jobs/work were popular for the people living in your civilization? political jobs administration jobs military farming trades merchants construction religious entertainment artists lawyers teachers Print Payne, Robert, and William Harlan Hale. The Horizon Book of Ancient Rome. New York, NY: American Heritage Pub.; Book Trade Distribution by Doubleday, 1966. Works Cited They consisted of maintaining the water supply, repairing roads, caring for temples and other public buildings, and distributing the grain supply. Depending on your wealth you could have two room apartment, called a flat, or a one story house built around a central hall. Wealthy

Ancient Rome

Transcript: Ancient Rome Economic By: Kristin, Miranda, April, & Marcus Pastoral/ Farmers Shepherds grazed sheep and goats Farmers raised hogs, cattle, and poultry Empire too large to govern The poor were over taxed and over worked Many years of work took a toll on the Roman Economy Steep taxes and requisitions of supplies by the army Inflation and closing of trade routes In the early days of Rome there were mainly wealth taxes on all forms of property: land, houses, slaves, animals, money and personal effects As Rome expanded, taxes became higher Work Cited <>. "ROME." The Encyclopedia of World History, Sixth Edition. 2001. History Study Center. Web. 4 Oct. 2012. "Ancient Roman Currency and Economy." Ancient Roman Currency and Economy. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2012. Garfinkle, Steven J. "The Ancient Economy: Evidence and Models." Canadian Journal of History 41.2 (2006): 335-7. ProQuest Research Library. 4 Oct. 2012. How Excessive Government Killed Ancient Rome. The Cato Institute. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from Lucinda, S. W. (2006). Ancient Rome/Ancient egypt. School Library Journal, 52(5), 144-144. Retrieved from Nice, Alex T. "Rome, Ancient." World Book Advanced. World Book, 2012. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. Garfinkle, Steven J. "The Ancient Economy: Evidence and Models." Canadian Journal of History 41.2 (2006): 335-7. ProQuest Research Library. 4 Oct. 2012. The Fall of Rome - Ancient Rome for Kids . (n.d.). Ancient Rome for Kids. Retrieved October 2, 2012, from the END Fall of Rome Adopted the basic forms of Greek architecture Very extravagant buildings Created the arch and concrete Agriculture Trade Manufacturing As the empire expanded, trade became more common Rome traded many things with other countries silk from China spices and gems from India ivory and wild animals from Africa wine and olive oil from Italy After agriculture, mining was Romes most important industry Buildings required huge amounts of marble and other materials Mine: Marble Cooper Iron Gold Silver Tin Lead Vast wealth funded buildings and art. Financed roads , aqueducts, other public works projects Economy Spark Most lived by farming Grew wheat, rye barley, olives, and grape vines Most important industry Mining Architecture & Engineering Industries small compared to agriculture and mining Rome mostly just imported everything they needed

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