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American Civil War Powerpoint Template

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Civil War Powerpoint

Transcript: This battle was fought at the appomattox courthouse on april 9th, 1865. General Robert E. Lee surrendered at this battle Abraham Lincoln Appomattox Robert E. Lee this was the start of the civil war. The confederates opened fire on the fort of union forces. the ship coming to the fort was meant to be peaceful and was only full of food and supplies for the men. A note was even sent to the confederates to tell them that the union did not want a fight. He was considered a hero of the civil war and fought for the union. He was the general for the confederate side. He did not believe in slavery and he wanted the north and south to come back together as a nation again. He only fought for the confederate side because of his love and devotion to the south. Civil War Powerpoint Battle of Antietam Gettysburg This battle was the bloodiest battle known in american military history. It ended in a tie but sine the confederate army retreated, lincoln called this a victory for the union. soon after he made his emancipation proclamation speech. fort sumpter Jefferson Davis He was a writer and an escaped slave from the south. When he became free he started working with abolitionists and became leader of the abolitionist movement Ulysses S. Grant Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln gave this speech during the civil war to fight back against the confederates. It issued a military order to free the slaves in southern states. These african americans could now join the army if they wanted too. This order angered the south even more but added to the union army. Lincoln became president in 1860 which caused a huge uproar in the south. They seceded from the north because they believed that Lincoln would abolish slavery everywhere.Lincoln just wanted the country to one nation even if he had to brin both sides together by force. He encouraged Lincoln to abolish slavery and was a very big abolitionist himself. He was a member of the army and a senator from Mississippi. He was the president of the confederate states and he was the secretary of war as well. By: McKayla Winder Fredrick Douglass This battle is known as the turning point of the civil war and was also the battle with the largest number of deaths among each side. The battle was fought on July 1st through July 3rd.

American Civil War

Transcript: The South had surrendered to teh North after a almost four year long war. Reconstruction was the next step to becoming united as one country again. The Union won the battle. Robert E. Lee (Confederate Commander) misjudged the actions of the Union Army and made a devastating decision that cost them the battle and most likely the entire war. Leaders Secession The Union- President: Abraham Lincoln, Comander: Ulysses S. Grant, General: George A. Custer The Confederacy- President: Jefferson Davis, Comander: Robert E. Lee, General: Thomas Jackson (Stonewall) The Battle of Gettysburg The War Begins Fought near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 1 - 3, 1863. Robert E. Lee was the commander of the Confederacy army. George G. Meade was the commander of the Union army. The Battle of Bull Run (or First Manassas)- On July 21, 1861, Union soldiers lead by Irvin McDowell. They crossed at Sudley Ford and attacked the Confederate left flank. As the day went on it looked like the Union would win, but the Confederates had reinforcements coming. When the reinforcements got there, they were able to break through the Unions right flank. The Union retreated quickly and gave the Confederate a victory. States Rights- The conflict occurred when the the North and the South couldn't agree where the Federal law ends and the State law begins. Slavery- The North said it was unconstitutional to have slaves, and the South thought it was the States rights to decide if slavery was legal or not. The End of The Civil War South Carolina was the first to secede from the Union (The North) on December 20,1860. Followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana by the end of January of 1861. The Confederacy (The South) wanted to be seen as a independent country. With its own constitution and president. The Victory of Gettysburg The First Major Battle Causes to the War The Union had maintained Fort Sumter in South Carolina to try to keep a footing in the seceded states. On April 12, 1816, Confederate warships fired upon the Union fort. American Civil War

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