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Transcript: Remote Patient Monitoring System Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs: » ECG (3, 5 and 12 lead) » Heart rate » Plethysmogram » SpO2 » Blood Pressure » Respiration rate » Temperature » EWS "Early Warning Score" » HRV » QRS » Events Ambulances Dyna-Vision™ allows for continuous and real-time remote monitoring of patients by hospitals, cath labs and emergency departments. Benefits of using Dyna-Vision in Ambulance: True remote monitoring technology for Emergence Medical Services. Remote resting ECG monitoring, SpO2, Respiration, Blood Pressure, and Temperature connects to a central server automatically by using its internal 3G,WiFi modem. Hospital can monitor the patient and advise the EMS crew on treatment strategy. The effect of the treatment can be monitored in time . When the patient arrives at the hospital, monitoring inside the hospital is continued without changing wires, sensors or electrodes. Remote Cardiac Diagnostic Services No peripherals required Store and look back of data 3, 7 and 12 lead ECG display With the built-in data transfer tool physicians can share patient data via secured data transfer The automatic software updater checks for new software releases on our server Your system is always up-to-date Dyna-Vision continuously measures vital signs and transmits these to the Central Monitoring Station where the Dyna-Vision with EWS Index is calculated. The "Index" ranges between 0.0 -5.0 and is continuously calculated for each patient connected to the system. Validation studies1,2,3,4,5 show that the Dyna-Vision with EWS Index monitoring predicts critical medical conditions up-to 6,3 hours in advance. This enables clinicians to respond effectively to changing medical condition of their patients. Dyna-Vision with EWS Index monitoring is the perfect solution for hospitals that wish to expand the capacity of intensive care and medium care departments without the high investment that is typically associated with monitoring equipment. With this product solution it now becomes possible to continuously monitor patients who are in other departments throughout the hospital and even at home. Improvement of the communication between clinicians and the intervention teams Dyna-Vision contains a built-in cellular modem with SIM card by which the vital signs and location are transmitted to an external location automatically and in real-time. The Netherlands 0 = normal 3 = Alert (caregiver intervention necessary) 5 = critical (crisis) TechMedic International As Salam Int. Hospital, Cairo, Egypt Dyna-Vision is the only product in the world to offer continuous remote monitoring of vital signs without needing any peripherals for the transmission. Insert new patient data Short term stay by reduced incidence of complications Saving of costs because patients can be sent home earlier Temperature When the internal cellular connection is used, the cardiac events are transmitted automatically to a remote station for interpretation. For more information visit: The device measures up-to 12 leads ECG, Sp02 , Plethysmogram, Respiration, Blood Pressure and more. Dyna-Vision allows for immediate notification about changing medical conditions of patients or Contact us for a remote demonstration of the ECG and Vital Signs solution Insert new patient Kuwait State Plethysmogram EWS software automatically analyzes and generate a predictive index (0-5) representing the patient’s wellness Benefits Saving of costs by the reduction of unnecessary complications More patients can be treated at the same hospital in shorter time Hospitals Ambulances Cardiology Dept. Home Service Providers Nursing Home General Practitioners Prisons Public Places Military Cardiologist can now quickly assess the patient’s disease and start treatment sooner than with other products. EWS Index monitoring predicts critical medical conditions up-to 6,3 hours in advance. Smart Phone App. for IOS and Android from Dyna-Vision System - 4 level of alarms for each parameters can be setup for each patient individually. - The alarms can also be pushed to pre-defined email accounts, secured twitter accounts or SMS. Applications: EWS, Early Warning Score EWS, Early Warning Score Querying data from server Hart rate


Transcript: "Inventions." : Who Invented Ambulance? N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2015. "History of Famous Inventions A to Z." Inventors., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2015. "The Life Saving Ambulance." Ambulance. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2015. Reasons for inventing the Ambulance THANK YOU! Ambulance Detriments Over the years the ambulance changed in many ways with the developing culture and technology. An example of this was in 1883, where a more modern ambulance appeared with four wheels, rubber tires, and was being pulled by horse instead of men. Another way it changed was in Paris, 1895, when the first ambulance with an engine was born. The ambulance was first created by Dominique Larrey, who worried about the way men were being carried from a battlefield after being wounded. Bibliography Ambulances I believe that ambulances overall benefit our society and are a necessity to human kind. First of all the ambulances boost the economy by providing jobs from the workers who get hired to make them, to the staff who work on them. They also help people feel at ease and safe knowing that they don't have to worry about extreme injuries. Finally, ambulances are more convenient for the people injured and the staff who help them. This is why I believe the ambulances greatly impact our society in a positive way. By: Sophie Overstreet Although ambulances are very useful in emergency situations, they are hard to deal with on a daily basis. An ambulance makes so much noise, especially if you live or work near a hospital. Another problem is that they disrupt traffic and sometimes cause multiple traffic jams, making the common people wait much longer. Finally, it is expensive to maintain ambulances because they are costly machinery that is used infrequently. Inventor of the Ambulance Development of the Ambulance The ambulance has developed many benefits that have made it an important necessity throughout the years. One of these benefits is that it gets people needing emergency care to a hospital quickly and safely. Another example is that it is very sanitary, so a wound won't get infected inside the vehicle. Finally, it's convenient. All you have to do is call 911. Imagine if your father was choking, but to get him emergency care, you would have to carry him to your car, drive him through traffic with multiple stop lights, and hope you arrive in time to save him. Ambulance Benefits Ambulances, a good thing Back in 1792, wounded men were being carried away from the deadly battlefield by an open cart, being jolted around in the process by the rough terrain. This was extremely dangerous, unsanitary, and decreased their chances of survival. The ambulance dates back from 1792 when the concept of ambulance services began in Europe with the Knights of St. John. When the Ambulance was invented


Transcript: TEAM Saumya Sharma - 0988 Sonali Taggar - 1004 Sriram Suresh - 1006 Surbhi Garg - 1017 Tanzila Bandmaster - 1024 Yogesh Tejwani - 1042 Is there an impact of Pre-Hospital delay on Acute Myocardial Infarction mortality? Introduction INTRODUCTION Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among Indians, approximately 50% of deaths usually occur during the 1st hour after the onset of symptoms before arriving to the hospitals. If the re-perfusion therapy to the patients suffering from AMI's is given in the less than 60 minutes, it decreases mortality and morbidity in patients to rate of 50%. According to various studies, it is believed that very few patients reach hospitals in golden time and it is shown that only 22-44% of patients reach hospital during 2 hours after onset of symptoms. CONTINUED CONTINUED Pre-hospital delay is defined as the time from the onset of symptoms of AMI to admission to the hospital. Decision time is defined as the time from the onset of symptoms until the call to Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The time of symptoms onset was observed during the episode of care, and the time of call to EMS and admission to the hospital. Several determinants are associated with pre-hospital delay including Low Socio-economic status Emotional status Gender Transportation Co-morbidities. Eg. diabetes and coronary disease OBJECTIVE OBJECTIVE To evaluate the causes of pre-hospital delay and different variables such as socio-economic, transportation and personal factors in patients with acute myocardial infarction. LITERATURE REVIEW LITERATURE REVIEW Education and counseling of patients and their families should be a major strategy in optimizing patient outcomes and decreasing the time to definitive treatment. It showed that patients need information about MI in general and specific. Petricek et al.(2017). There is some evidence of an association between a delay and a social class, with those from the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum experiencing a longer weight to referral delay. Esch G et al. (2002). The elderly and women were more likely to exhibit longer delays in seeking medical care after the development of symptoms suggestive of AMI compared with other groups. Hoa L Nguyen, Jane S Saczynski, Joel M Gore, Robert J Goldberg (2010). AMI is a dangerous disease with high mortality rate, Delay before the initiation of treatment for AMI can be divided into 2 distinct time period pre-hospital delay & in-hospital delay. Now pre-hospital delay can be divided into 2 time periods patient delay time & transportation delay time. Patent delay time accounts for 75% of the total pre-hospital delay time. WELCOME Pre-hospital delay in mainly affected by: Essential information Symptoms Contextual factors Cognitive and affective factors Behavioral factors La Xie et al. (2015) Lack of health insurance ND Financial concern about accessing care is associated with pre-hospital delay in seeking care for acute myocardial infection. Nearly two in every five patients were uninsured but reported financial concerns in accessing care. These patients in turn were ore likely delay in seeking emergency care for AMI, even after extensive adjustment for clinical, social and psychological factors. Kim G. Smolderen et al. (2010) METHODOLOGY METHODOLOGY STUDY DESIGN RESEARCH DESIGN OBSERVATIONAL OBSERVATIONAL Descriptive Analytical Our research design EXPERIMENTAL SAMPLING SAMPLING Sample Type: Stratified Random Sampling Sample Procedure: To understand the association between pre-hospital delay and acute myocardial infarction, medical records will be retrieved from Medical Record Department of private hospital. INCLUSION CRITERIA WELCOME Patient who were 24 yrs old and older. Patient free from mental disorder. Patient who had haemodynamic stability. Patient who had no history of advanced malignancy or other debilitating disease. Chest pain for atleast 30 min, which is not relieved by any nitrates. EXCLUSION CRITERIA EXCLUSION Deceased patients. Patients declining consent. Insufficient data on pre-hospital delay. DATA COLLECTION METHOD DATA COLLECTION METHOD DATA COLLECTION METHOD ACTIVITY PLAN

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