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Transcript: A superior quality services References; Products on Amazon are less expensive Amazon decided to propose a wide range of products to achieve the necessary economies of scales Competitors would adapt and could easily gain their market share back by pursuing differentiation strategy. Online Security • Plenty warehouses in each market The tax avoidance ! Threats Product diversified Only available online In 2014 , the company employed 132,600 people worldwide • Reliable • Convenient • Low and fast shipping • others • Lawsuits, negative attention from authorities Amazon sells products with free shipping and it includes obviously to lose margins Is Internet reliable ? Amazon wants to be diversified and operates in new products areas Are there any computer failures ? Weaknesses Since 2000, Amazon's logo symbolizes the customer's satisfaction • Goods are dispatched faster AMAZON'S STRENGTHS The volatility of custumers and Amazon's competitors • The cost leadership Amazon is One of the biggest retailers Growing every year Offering many services and products Changing the rules 5 July 1994, Washington, United States, Amazon was created by Jeff Bezos • Goverment could force firms to pay a fair-share of taxes Bank account and some of your personal information online Information on the Internet remains forever Amazon is THE online retailer and that trigger the hackers’ curiosity Introduction > AMAZON'S HISTORY A huge notoriety Low margins due to free shipping An efficient distribution chain and logistics Basically, Amazon's specialty was to sell books. In 1998, Amazon diversified into selling cultural products (CD,DVD,Digital Caméra..) Conclusion By : - Eugenie - Stephanie - Oceane - Paul >Possible brand confusion http://www.freewebsitereport.ord/ (prime air) • One of the first original dotcom • A pioneer using technologies for e-commerce

Amazon Presentation

Transcript: Amazon Rainforest 1. What started the fire? To make a fire, you need to have a lighter or cigarette which can hit dry leaves. If the sunlight gets directly on the leaves for a long period of time, it can catch on the leaves, which can spread to other leaves. This can happen when there is a drought. If the people who live there use a small fire to clear out land, it can spread if they don’t put it all the way out. This is more likely because the rainforest is usually wet, and so it is not likely that it would catch on fire without help. Though there is a theory that there are non-governmental organizations that are mad at the president and lit the fire to make him look bad for not donating enough money to the organizations that help the rainforest. The president of Brazil removed many laws that helped protect these areas causing the fire to be easily created, as an example, he agreed to a law that UN protects the amazon, meaning where they weren't allowed to burn and cut down trees, is now allowed. Why are they not doing anything about it? 2. The president is not doing anything about it because he thinks that non-governmental organizations made the fire to draw attention to the government to Brazil Because of that, he is helping but not directly with the Amazon organizations. 3. When will the fire stop? There is no date exactly when the fire will stop, especially because it is currently spring/summer in Brazil which means its even drier weather. Who are the people that are helping? 4. Tim Cock is the first tech CEO to respond with an offer to help. Tim tweeted that Apple would be donating to help, but he didn't say an exact amount. “It’s devastating to see the fires and destruction ravaging the Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Apple will be donating to help preserve its biodiversity and restore Amazon’s indispensable forest across Latin America.” — Tim Cook (@tim_cook) August 26, 2019 What is the Amazon rainforest? And what is happening there? 5. The amazon is a rainforest in Brazil filled with many animals and rivers including the second biggest in the world which is the Amazon river. The Amazon has been on fire for the past month and Brazil has declared a state of emergency. Currently, there are more than 2,500 active fires in the rainforest, the British Broadcasting Corporation said the smoke is visible from space, the European Union Earth Observation satellites captured images of significant amounts of smoke over Amazonas, Rondonia and other areas. Which animals still live in the Amazon? 6. The rainforest is still filled with life. Millions of species of plants and animals live in the rainforest. Indigenous people have lived in rainforests for many thousands of years. The Amazon Rainforest is home to 427 mammal species, 1,300 bird species, 378 species of reptiles, and more than 400 species of amphibians. Some of the animals include jaguars, sloths, pink river dolphins, macaws, anacondas, glass frogs, and poison dart frogs. How and will the fires affect us? 7. Even though everyone says the Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, it's not clear where this rumor started because the actual percentage would be no more than 6%, according to climate researchers. The crops in the timberland regions would also produce oxygen meaning losing all the Amazon would affect us but very little. The effect on us would be by generating fewer rainclouds which moves water to some of the world’s most productive farmlands, from Argentina to Texas, the Amazon also helps “absorb” global warming which means the climate change would be even bigger if we lost it. Adding on the Amazon River is responsible for almost one-fifth of the sweet water carried to the world's oceans. works cited 8.

Amazon Presentation

Transcript: Little Laura In memory of Laura Thomas Little Laura For the public benefit to promote the education (including social and physical training) of people under the age of 21 years in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including by awarding to such persons grants, items and services. To assist in such ways as the charity trustees think fit any charity whose aims include advancing education of persons under the age of 21 years by developing their mental, physical and moral capabilities through education and/or leisure time activities. Little Laura Made bracelets to give out at the funeral service for Laura's friends and family Donated the donations from the service to Midlands Air Ambulance, RDA and Marshlands Special School Began selling the friendship bracelets and other products Started fundraising through the woodland walk event Set up the charity with the aim of supporting special needs children and continuing Lauras work Where we started Where we started Still sell products however there is less focus on this More focus on events with continual development of new events each year Increasing momentum in growth Current amount raised: over £40,000 Where we are now Where we are now Who Who Co-founders: Lisa Thomas and Gemma Thomas Trustees: Lisa Thomas, Gemma Thomas, Kim Noble Committee: 11 members Lisa Thomas, Gemma Thomas, David Thomas, Bradley Mason, Kim Noble, Colin Noble, Maxine Simms, Patricia Richards, Sacha Noble, Sarah Noble, Wendy Wells, Helen Pearson, Ellie Banks and Sally Williams Chair: Lisa Thomas Treasurer: Gemma Thomas Secretary: Kim Noble Events and Fundraising Events and Fundraising First Little Laura event Raised £4,500 for the first year Raises approximately £1,800 per year since Large turnout and ensures memory of Laura rather than to raise money Woodland Walk Woodland Walk Hosted by Ashiana Indian Restaurant Raises approximately £2000 each year Ashiana Curry Night Ashiana Curry Night Held for the first time in 2016 Raised £500 but was a great way to reach a new audience Christmas Party Christmas Party Games Raffle Quiz Raises approximately £2000 per year Quiz Night Quiz Night Screwfix Amazon ARI Fleet Management Solutions UK Autoplan Ashiana Restaurant Company Donations Company Donations Stafford Gatehouse summer production charity support Little Laura products e.g. bags, bracelets, christmas cards Little Laura charity pots in local stores Other fundraising Other fundraising Donations Given Donations Given Linking with AED Donate Linking with AED Donate Little Laura received a donation to be specifically spent on purchasing a defibrilator for Ingestre Stables where RDA lessons take place. Marshlands Play Equipment Marshlands Play Equipment Books for Marshlands library Christmas cookies for the Marshlands students E-reader pens to Walton Hall RDA easter and christmas gifts Marshlands library chairs Walton Hall weekly prizes Walton Hall mini bus hire for school trip Footballs to Walton Hall Gloves to be worn by RDA children Small Donations Small Donations Little Laura has now moved towards completing projects which involves larger donations to complete a much larger overall outcome such as a sensory garden or renovation of a farm at a special needs school. (see later in presentation) Projects Projects Current funding uses Current funding uses Marshlands Sensory Garden Marshlands Sensory Walk Walton Hall Sensory Walk Walton Hall Farm Renovation RDA Ingestre Storage Room Projects Projects Little Laura has worked for almost a year on developing a sensory garden for Marshlands school. The garden is split into the 5 senses and contains an allotment, a herb garden, mud kitchen and sound area. There is space for both indoor and outdoor teaching. Marshlands Sensory Garden Marshlands Sensory Garden Not started as of yet Looking to start this summer, post completion of Marshlands sensory garden Currently donated a mud kitchen Walton Hall Sensory Walk and Farm Renovation Walton Hall Sensory Walk and Farm Renovation h!3653&app=Excel&wdnd=1&wdPreviousSession=f137be4d-40b1-4a3f-b1bf-e61fb5f5a214 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet

Amazon Presentation

Transcript: IMC Global Branding Outline Origin and History Introduction Founded by Jeff Bezoz, in 1994 Washington. Based in Seattle Focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence Most influential economic and cultural forces in the world Origin and History 1995-1997 Brand Evolution Brand Evolution 1997-1998 1997-1998 1998 1998-2000 2000-2012 2012 - Present Global Brand Equity Passion for invention, Commitment to operational excellence Long-term thinking Global Brand Equity Brand's key strengths Brand's Key Strengths Brand Value Offering a broad range of services across multiple customer touch points Hybrid Strategy Hybrid Strategy Product portfolio Co- branding and brand extensions ‘Amazon air’ has incorporated new advancements to provide a unique user experience Co-Branding Brand Extensions Targeting and Positioning Amazon has successfully positioned itself as Glocal (Go global Act local) Robust customer centric approach Targeting and Postioning Customer Segmentation 1. Low-price Value Proposition 2. Comprehensive selection 3. Extraordinary convenience 4. Instant access Value Proposition Integrated Marketing Communication Use of both traditional and non-traditional forms of media Integrated Marketing Communications Traditional Media advertising Greater reach Increased awareness for promotions Engage with a huge customer base Traditional Media TV Commercial Amazon's latest TV ad for Alexa shows the digital assistant installed in a space station orbiting Earth Amazon flashes its Black Friday Sales on Newspapers Newspaper, Print media Create a buzz amongst the users by adding creativity to their marketing campaign Online advertising Online advertising Website Creative web design Appealing conent Seasonal Marketing Campaigns Simple and clear messages Uses emotional advertising as a strategy Engaging Content Engaging Content Email marketing Personalized interaction with customers Communicates upselling and seasonal events Email Marketing Video Ads and Sponsored Ads Video Ads and Sponsored Ads Online Presence Online Presence Social Media Content Marketing Enhanced Branded Content Social Media Occupied a unique social media presence Social Media Twitter Handle: @amazon Twitter followers: over 3 million Used for humorously engaging with customers Twitter Facebook Official page: Number of followers: 28.3 million Used for: company updates & product promotion Instagram Official page: @amazon Number of followers: 1.7 million Used for: interviews with artists, authors & product promotion Pinterest Main account: Amazon Number of followers: 79,686 Mainly used for: product promotion through thematic mood boards. Operators earn a commission when they refer to the amazon's website Helps in traffic generation and branding Affiliate Programmes Content Marketing Personalizes sellers’ product listing Enhances regular product descriptions into an eye-catching template. Enhanced Branded Content Enhanced Branded Content Recommendations and Conclusion Expansion in other sectors such as IT and software, through horizontal integration. Emphasis on market research and social listening. Integrating automation and innovation Recommendations Recommendations

Amazon presentation

Transcript: A case study of Presented by: Nadeem/Simon/Harry/Finlay/Supriya History of Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos Launched as in 1995 Began as an online bookstore only Rapid sales growth Expanded into other media including; DVD's VHS, CDs, MP3s as well as a wide range of other products Market dominance Today World's largest online retailer Distributes to over 100 countries 10 separate retail websites in multiple languages, with plans to create more Company Value: $107bn (USD) Characteristics of Bureaucracy Low prices- Large selection- Convenience One- stop online store one-click ordering Efficient search - Search engine optimization For sellers- Large and varied consumer group reached through a single portal Amazon strives to reduce the time to ship orders from its warehouses across the world Working practices similar to taylorism They have High-tech machinery to help minimize workers movements Goal to get pickers to take as few steps as possible. "Problem -solver" - offers feedback and helps to be more productive Investing in robots by Kiva systems. Customers: Regular emails of offers i.e. "Cyber Sundays, Deals of the Week and Lightning Deals Amazon Prime - £49 per year subscription per year to reduce delivery time of most products to 1 day The disadvantage to this may be increase in the number of things that could go wrong Employees: Same practices everyday with a little variation Setting a time limit on the time spent on each order The disadvantage may be the dehumanizing work practices Managers: Ambiguity of the situation may cause unpredictability Managers need to adapt and be flexible Qualities of a manager are inherently predictable and homegenised References Marketing and Society Knowing what to expect at most times with little surprises involved in the process. History of Brief explanation of Mcdonaldization Efficiency Calculability Predictability Control Irrationality of Rationality Conclusion & Recommendations References Calculability The ability calculate, count and quantify many different things. Mcdonaldization developed the notion that Quantity = Quality Large amount of product in a short time. Heavily reliant on efficiency, predictability and control. Irrationality of Rationality Launched Kindle in 2007. Produced at a loss to dominate the market. eBooks enable instant viewing after purchase, are cheaper and therefore enable greater quantities of sales. eBooks open the market to more Authers How does this effect Amazon? - Clients: - Unhealthy/lazy - Inefficient and expensive - Workers: - Extreme working conditions - German factory investigation Introductions of 'Auctions' in 1999. Could not compete with rivals eBay. In reponse, 'Zshops' were launched as a fixed price marketplace. Both of these services merged to form the current Amazon 'Marketplace'. Don't use too much tape! Amazon's Irrationalities Brief explanation of Mcdonaldization Calculability Arthur, C. (2009). Jeff Bezos spends a week on the Amazon warehouse floor. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. BBC. (2013). Germany probes Amazon warehouse conditions after film. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Berton, H and Kelleher S. (2012). Amazon warehouse jobs push workers to physical limit. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Borgatti, S,P. (2002). Bureaucracy. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Kaufman, P. (2012). The Rationality of Irrationality. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Laura Northrup. (2013). Amazon’s Order Fulfillment: Efficiency Through Inefficiency. Available: Last accessed 06/03/2013. O'connor, S. (2013). Amazon's human robots: They trek 15 miles a day around a warehouse, their every move dictated by computers checking their work. Is this the future of the British workplace? Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Ritzer, G (2013). The Mcdonaldization of Society. 7th ed. USA: Sage Publications. 28-142. Soper, T. (2012). Here’s what employees love and hate about working at Amazon, Microsoft. Available: Last accessed 13/3/13. Taylor, FW. (1911). The Principles of Scientific Management. In: The Principles of Scientific Management. New York and London: Harper and Brothers. Ch2, p30-38. Yarow, J and Kovach S. (2011). 10 Crazy Rules That Could Get You Fired From Amazon Warehouses Available: Last accessed 13/3/13.

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