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Airline Presentation

Transcript: (flights mostly over 2.5 hours) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Saskatoon, SK) Casual Customer Agent Service (Penticton, BC) Encore - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Halifax, NS) Senior Category Specialist (Calgary, AB) Bilingual Cabin Crew (Toronto, ON) Manager, Technical Training & Standards (Calgary, AB) Coordinator - Aircraft Material (Calgary, AB) Director Network & Schedule Planning (Calgary, AB) Encore French Bilingual Flight Attendant (Toronto, ON) First Officer [Pilot] - WestJet Encore 2 (Calgary, AB/Toronto, ON) also serve complimentary beverages such as alcohol and pre-flight beverage provided with Amenity Kit Premium meal selection including hot entrée with warm roll, side and dessert. For breakfast, it includes warm croissant and fruit salad. St. Patrick's Cathedral Headquarters Boeing 767 Flatiron Building Boeing 737 Max 7 Brooklyn Bridge Airline Crew Bases they serve complimentary beverages including alcohol and a bottle of water upon boarding they provide hot towel service you have the choice of sandwich or salad with a side and dessert WestJet Airlines Ellis Island Founded by Clive Beddoe, David Neeleman, Mark Hill, Tim Morgan and Donald Bell in the 1990s. WestJet had its first flight on February 19, 1996, having the aircraft model Boeing 737-200. The airline served Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. And by the end of the year, the airline added Regina, Saskatoon and Victoria to its network. In the early 2000s, WestJet expanded to the eastern part of Canada, and began service in Hamilton, Ottawa, and Moncton. In the following years, Westjet continued with routes to Fort McMurray, Comox, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thompson, and Brandon. During the mid 2000s, WestJet spread internationally, having journeys to different parts of the United States. Followed by Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico. History Chrysler Building Information by: Renzo Peralta Climate = It varies; depends on the season you are visiting. It can be very unpredictable Cuisine = Sonic Fast Food, Shake Shack, Lombardi's (which is the VERY FIRST Pizzeria in the United States and is located in Little Italy.) Currency = American Dollars Cultural Requirements = NA, unless you are going to visit to some sort of cultural event, if not, just casual clothes. Time-Zone = Eastern Time What is the city known for = its many Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. Wildlife = I personally not sure if there any since it's a city, but there are in Central Park. Beaches = There is the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach Shopping = For cheap/good prices, downtown or any around Times Square. If you're feeling rich or fancy, mid-upper New York. The direction that goes to central park. Economy Flex Fare (Business Class) Plus Fare (First Class) Boeing 737 Grand Central Station Empire State Building Central Park/Central Park Zoo Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Times Square Rockefeller Centre Grand Central Terminal Madison Square Garden St. Patrick's Cathedral Brooklyn Bridge Chrysler Building Little Italy Flatiron Building Washington Park Ground Zero Yankee Stadium Empire State Building Central Park is an urban park located in middle-upper Manhattan, New York City. It is the most visited urban park in the United States, and at the same time, the most filmed locations in the world. The park was opened for public in 1857, with the measurement of 778 acres or 315 hectares. Madison Square Garden Central Park/Central Park Zoo Statue of Liberty features with an empty middle seat. is a colossal neoclassical sculpture located in Liberty Island in New York Harbor. is a copper statue, which was designed by a French Sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and built by Gustave Eiffel. Student Project Presentation General Questions that passengers/tourists/travellers may ask? Tickets Business opportunities/available positions Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Yankee Stadium Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Next Gen Focus Cities Boeing 737 Boeing 737-800 Times Square Benefits of Plus Fare seats (First Class) Rockefeller Centre Richmond, British Columbia Boeing 767 Ground Zero or 9/11 Memorial Boeing 737-700 Adult (13 & over) - $18 at gate and $16.20 online Child - $13 at gate and $11.70 online Senior (65 & over) - $15 at gate and $13.50 online Child for 2 and under - it's FREE!! Added comfort Classes of service/available Student Project & Presentation Boeing 737 Max 8 Tickets is a 102 story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue between West 33rd and 34th Streets considered as one of USA's cultural icon and named as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World." Popular city destinations - New York City, New York Types of aircraft in fleet wider seats arranged in a two-two-two configuration Edmonton International Airport (YEG) Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG) Tourist

Airline Presentation Strategy

Transcript: "Your Business, is Our Business" Complimentary Peanuts/Pretzels and Soft Drinks Rossa Kelleher Quantity: 1 Maintenance Employees and Compensation The Professional /Business market Future Plans Total Salespersons: 4 " ExecAir is committed to working in partnership with its employees to provide a reliable, quality and affordable service to the professional market, while ensuring profitability for our shareholders" Leased: Q1 59% 14F - 420 Miles* Cumulative Net Income Year 1: $-333,245 Cumulative Net Income Year 2: $ 160,712 Fleet Management Employee Turnover Shareholder Information Average Passenger Load % Quantity: 2 97 Micheal Keehan Chief Financial Officer Sales Performance Chief Operations Officer 58% 39B- 400 Miles Fares and Cabin Service - Additional Interior Cleaning Oustanding Regional Airline Award Quantity: 2 Embraer Brasilia ERJ135 Financial Highlights 51E - 400 Miles Promotion Budget: $20,000 - Exterior cleaning every 6 months Total Employees : 139 Issue Cash Dividends Continue investing cash into CD investment Evaluate pricing strategy to increase revenue Evaluate promotion strategy on weak routes Price in $ 2 Seats: 37 Employee Compensation 5 Related Diversification Strategy 78 3 Income in $ Current: $28.90 (Q8) Average: $24.02 Maximum: $35.51 (Q6) Minimum: $13.63 (Q4) 40C- 340 Miles Seats: 18 60 Net Income By Quarter 61% Roisin Johnston Mission Kelly Allen Year 1: 18% Hua Sien Tsang Quality Reliability Cross-Saving Opportunities for e.g. Both services promoted through the website/media campaigns Embraer Brasilia 90 56% Products/Services Acquired: Q3 Budget: $4,000 per Quarter Year 1(Q1-Q4) Current Ratio: 3.07 Net Profit Margin: -2.97% Return on Assets: $1.5 Gearing Ratio: 80.15% 41D - 360 Miles Level 2: $2,500 per aircraft per quarter: Year 2: 2% Company Overview Stocks Sold Y1: $0 Stocks Sold Y2: $400,000 Overall Stocks Issued: $1,900,000 Advertising Budget: $70,000 Dividends Y1: 0 Dividends Y2: 0 Stock dividends were issued (Q3-Q7) 61% Stock Price Long Term Fuel Now that website is stable, start offering online check in. Diversfy into new routes Acquire more aircraft 111 Year 2 (Q5-Q8) Current Ratio: 3.62 Net Profit Margin: 3.2% Return on Assets: $1.8 Gearing Ratio: 69.13% Marketing 3 Domestic and foreign flights to cities with business services 152 Average Fare Price- 37 Cents Corporate Data 3 British Aero 31 Chief Executive Officer Total Flights Total Seats Aircraft 42E - 400 Miles Short Term Our Strategy Aviation Mechanics Program Chairman 3.5% above prevailing wage Leased: Q1 Seats: 30 Vision 54% Chief Commercial Officer Common promotional tie-ins for e.g. "Money off car rental when you fly with ExecAir" Route Target Market Corporate Social Responsibility Car Rental Service Performance Quarter 5 109 3 Routes and Sales - 20% Spare parts inventory Reliability & Quality 62% Quarter 16F- 420 Miles*

Southwest Airline Presentation

Transcript: Your flight crew today is: Michelle Eileen Ron Orlando Rachel Criteria * Happy Employees = Happy Customers * Work at Southwest – University of the People * Halloween * Different kind of corporate culture * Foster change – empowering staff Commitment to the 3 P's: Performance, People, Planet Competitive low-fare carriers Commendable customer service Questions? Recent News & Environment * To expand their locations both domestic and overseas * To achieve both short and long-haul carriers efficiently and low cost. * To be an airline carrier that has the most productive workforce to guarantee the best flight possible for each and every passenger. References Aim to be "the only short haul, low fare, high frequency, point-to-point carrier in America." Agenda Analysis: Southwest Airline is successful for the following reasons. It continues to be profitable Southwest Airlines said it plans to sublease all 88 of its Boeing 717s to Delta Air Lines. Union’s are naturally confrontational with companies; however, Southwest has a unique relationship. Offers excellent medical and dental benefits which are very important in the era of rising health costs. Good salaries, health care programs and profit sharing are tools the company uses to retain the valuable employees it worked so hard to obtain. Measurable Vision Mission, Goals & Purpose Culture * New non-stop flights * Largest domestic airline * Product improvements * Medical Transportation Program * Adopt-a-pilot program People-Oriented/Relations-Oriented Leadership "Our people are our single greatest strength & most enduring long term competitive advantage.“ Democratic/Participative Leadership Leadership is... "Effectively supporting your team of Employees.“ -Gary Kelly, CEO Southwest Airlines Laissez-Faire Leadership Give their teams complete freedom Purpose Values Vision Mission, Goals and Purpose Culture Leadership Style Recent News and Environment Evaluation Leadership Style Goals To be the hometown airline of every community we serve, and because those communities sustain and nurture us with their support and loyalty, it is vital that we, as individuals and in groups, embrace each community with the SOUTHWEST SPIRIT of involvement, service, and caring to make those communities better places to live and work. Personal Communications with Southwest Representatives (Altha and Mike)!/thirty-thousand-foot-view/mission-and-vision Evaluation Committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Welcome Aboard! Values

Airline Pilot Presentation

Transcript: The engine is the heart of an airplane but, the pilot is its soul Airline Pilot By: Chris Keshishian My reasons My reasons Always dreamt of flying planes as a child Landing a plane gives a nice sense or accomplishment. Lots of jobs available Salary is high as you progress through the career Must have determination Be Patient Have Plan B Your life is at risk Responsible for hundreds or people's lives The Risks The Risks Career Overview Career Overview Flight Theory Understand Understand Meteorology Understand Understand Aircraft Systems Understand Understand Navigation Understand Understand The path to the top. The path to the top. Flight log Flight School Flight School . Keeps Track of ALL flights . Must be filled everytime you go flying . Everything is recorded -wind speed -time -weather . Shown to airline . Most of the training will be spent here . Required flight hours will be gained here. The starting airplane The starting airplane Piper Cherokee Cessna 172 people think that there's only one kind of pilot. Misconception Misconception Regional pilot Regional pilot Great place to start an aviation career Not a great place to stay Pay is very low Stress is high No rest Crash Pads: place where reginal pilots stay because they cant afford hotels. Shared rooms with up to 10 people Requirements: College Pay is very well Earn more respect Lots of time to earn Captain seat. More managable schedules No Crash pads Airline pays everything Requirements: College Major Airline Pilot Major Airline Pilot Test new aviation technology Test new airplains Salary $15,000 - $200,000 Most dangerous job in aviation Requirements: College Test Pilot Test Pilot Canadian Armed Forces: Air Force Fly military planes: Fighter jets to cargo planes Salary $21,000 - $100,000 Requirements: College Military Pilot Military Pilot Best of the best Need to know at least one foregin language Airline pays everything Explore new places Away from home Flight routs may change time to time Different types of aircrafts Very high salary Need alot of experience Not easy to get there Requirements: College International Pilot International Pilot ATP Certificaton Required Education Required Education Licenses in order Student Pilot Certificate Private Pilot License Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot License Multi-Engine Rating Airline Transport Pilot Certificate 18 Years old Pass flight exam and written exam Commercial License Commercial License Must have 1,500 flight hours recorded Must be atleast 23 years old Must have physical exams every year or 6 months Must pass practice flights ATP Airline Transport Pilot ATP Airline Transport Pilot Study physics and flight theory Flight simulator Gradute Go to college Start flight school Where to start? Where to start? Finish High School Go to aviation college/university Go to flight school Dream: Fly for Canadian Airlines hopefilly Internationally. My Future My Future

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