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Transcript: U THEORY Application: Build Competencies: technical, language, & leadership through mentoring & coaching PLANET HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE o PLANET PURPOSE 1970's: Spanish Co CASA (Spain) & British Aerospace (UK) COMPANY BACK GROUND and its Leadership towards Product, People and Planet To understand AirBus Organizational Leadership in relation to their PRODUCT, PEOPLE and PLANET. BUS NOISE AIR QUALITY ENERGY GLOBAL CLIMATE Humanitarian Assistance and Youth Development & Research THEORY Application: Corporate Restructuring through Merging- Acceleration Innovation HQ: Toulouse, France Partner to organize relief flights to calamity affected countries 2014: EADS reorganized as Airbus Group with 3 divisions: Airbus, Defense and Space and Helicopters PEOPLE R 55,000 employees over 100 nationalities THEORY Application: Corporate Citizenship A 1967: Aerospatiale (France) & Deutsche Airbus (Germany) PRODUCT OUTLINE PEOPLE THEORY Application: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AIRBUS is a subsidiary to Airbus Group PURPOSE D T PEOPLE CONCLUSION I People-Focus Organization: Project Management (PM) Certification for Personal Development P Partner w/ RED CROSS to transport medical relief flights 2006: BAE Sold its share to EADS 2000: Spain, France, & Germany merges: EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space) Co. LEVELS: Making Profit Obeying the Law Ethical in Practices Good Corporate Citizens CONCLUSION Biodiversity program, a conservation project in India AIRBUS 2000: EADS 80% and BAE 20% R THEORY Application: Global Mindset - Intellectual, Psychological and Social Capital; Cross- Culture 2007/2008 Crisis, inefficiency of project delivery: Late and Over Budget JEFFREY GOMEZ MANAGEMENT: French and German Upper Management Cultural Dimension (Geert Hostede) -- French: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance Inspire hospitalized children through virtual tour of an airplane experience Subsidiaries: US, China, Japan, India & Middle East Spare Parts: Dubai & China Training Center: Florida, Hamburg, Bangalore, Beijing YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH SUPPORT AVIATION ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE Empower young people to learn through Science and Aeronautics HISTORY The efficient business decisions, strong and stable governance from top management harness the corporate stability and leadership in the aircraft industry. Significant group actions from merging, management reorganization, and continuous product innovation, strengthens the company leadership towards its product, people, and planet. C HISTORY A320 A350 A330 A340 A380


Transcript: Airbus Land -Factories -Branches Labor in form of manpower and machinery Capital in the form of all aircraft parts -Environmentally friendly production We supply and produce a variety of aircraft Types of Civilian Aircraft -Aircraft Families Types of Fighter Aircraft Types of Cargo Aircraft Human Resources Officer is Thierry Baril We have been the most attractive French employer for two years in a row Hiring engineers for eco friendly aircraft We plan on hiring 4000 experts and young graduates for 2012 We employ 55,000 employees We offer our own training programmes for aviation positions MLA CITATIONS. BloombergBuisnessweek. Bloomberg, 2 Feb. 2010. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. "Contacts."  | Airbus, a Leading Aircraft Manufacturer. Airbus, 2012. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. Kumar, Vinay. "India Remains a Key Market for Airbus." The Hindu. The Hindu, 12 Nov. 2011. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. Harrison, Glennon J. "Challenge to the Boeing- Airbus Duopoly: Issues for Competitiveness." Congressional Research Service. FAS, 25 July 2011. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. "New Competitors For Airbus And Boeing  Civil Aviation Forum |" New Competitors For Airbus And Boeing  Civil Aviation Forum. Demand Media, 22 May 2004. Web. 24 Sept. 2012. <>. Deluzio, Mark, and Anichya G. "EADS NV (EADSY)." Stock:. Wikinvest, n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2012. <>. Karp, Aaron. "EADS Earns Strong 2Q, 1H 2012 Profits." ATWOnline. Penton Media, 27 July 2012. Web. 23 Oct. 2012. <>. Profits, Expenses and Income Competition (for real, this time ) Just Kidding! Questions at the end! Marketing and Advertisement Worth of the company Nick Glauser and Aritra Samanta 10-D 2012 sales Future sales forecast Upcoming products that can affect demand What can Airbus do to improve on sales? Increase or decrease of plane orders in the near future? Sales Headquarters situated in Toulouse, France Important branches in Hamburg, Madrid, Chester, Virginia, New Delhi, Moscow and Dubai Why is Africa a key market? Why is China a key market? Why is India a key market? Why is the Middle East a key market Government Influence Main rivalry with Boeing in all aspects of aviation business Emerging rivalry with Embraer in civilian markets Competition in production of small aircraft Chinese Competition in form of COMAC Military Aircraft Competition Future Plans Guys, any questions? History of Airbus The company is worth at this point of time $4.1 billion The trading name of Airbus is EADS.PA in major European stock exchanges( CAC 40, DAX XETRA etc.) Price of EADS stock on 25/9/12: $ 32.60 Price on 12/11/12: 26.74 Forecasted For 2/2/12: $30 Recent stock market trends Why should you invest in Airbus? Our profits are as of now 461 million euros (second quarter of 2012) How was the growth of profit acheived? Our commercial revenue jumped an excellent 17% to 9.09 billion Euros Why did we get such a high revenue? Our expenses are 7.2 billion euros We wish to become more cost efficient to expenses as time goes along Headquarters, Important Branches and key markets Guys, Questions? Products and Subsidaries Human Resources Factors of Production We do not advertise on principle Very specific target markets Provides to businesses, armies and airlines People have to contact us at +33 11 23 45 67 THANKS FOR WATCHING Create A350 family Make energy efficient aircraft Make travelling faster and safer Fit more people in the plane International corporation Headquarters is in Toulouse, France France is a mixed economy Have to pay tax Some projects are government subsidized The German, Spanish,English and French governments are all involved


Transcript: 1980 : Beginning of the competition with Boeing 2005 : A3XX THE END 1972 1992 : A 340 This is the second best-selling aircraft in history, with more than 8,000 orders and 5,000 deliveries, and this will continue with the arrival of a revamped A320 which consume 20% less fuel - First long haul by airbus 1987: Airbus becomes a global player 1972 1994 : A 330 The plane costs $ 500 million and receives 250 orders. Its 80 meter wingspan and 560 tons require work at many airports to build an access for the giant - Subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) - Produces approximately half of the world's jet airliners 1970 The A 320 : The biggest success of Airbus Some key dates in Airbus History Other other innovations of the A320 Creation of Airbus - Europe wants to say in the airline market - Airbus signification : as it pronounce, "Air+Bus" - 60,000 jobs expected without subcontractors - Fusion of 50 European firms The year 2005 marks the year of consecration for Airbus with the announcement of a super jumbo jet which can carry up to 855 passengers, at 16 000 km : THE A380 ETOPS 180 certification Some problrms with the Rolls Royce motorisation led to a major delay in delivery The A 310 : airbus aircraft first long haul First Airbus Aircraft - Not a success before 1978 - First Plane who only need 3 pilots - 594 sold - customizable variants : a revolution that will change the aviation world - European Consortium - Founded in 1970 by a merger of companies - 35 billion revenue in 2012 A318/319/320/321 Familly - First commercial aircraft with Fly-by-wire control system. - First Transatlantic aircraft with only two motors - First effect of family : for control, the difference with the A300 is minimal and training costs are reduced for airlines 1980 1987 - First airliner with a minimal crew of 2 pilots - First airliner in composite structures - First system to control of the center of gravity by moving the kerosene in the plane - First Glass cockpit - First plane featuring a sidestick and not a yoke

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