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Transcript: Conclusion Establish better credibility regulatory system, enhance brand reputation, win more target customers. Actively explore the Chinese market, the 2014 Asia-Pacific region will have 360 million air travelers, mainly from China. Perfect cheap system, through case found a lot of extra surcharge behind Cheap Flights. Improved comfort and quality. Internal environment Strengths: 1.Low-cost, low forever The so-called price is the most powerful competitive advantage 2.High-frequency flights 3.Convenience of passengers 4.Safety first 5.Cost Optimization 6.Regional AirAsia Profile September 12, 2008 was named "Asia's lowest cost airline" 2009 has made it clear that the company's competitive advantages: operating income increased 9.5% to $ 2.94 billion. Passenger traffic grew by 16 percent to 17 million passengers; purchase 70 new aircraft; open up new destinations in major cities in Asia, reaching 106 routes, covering more than half of Asia. New product:AirAsia X Business philosophy: everyone can pay the ticket. Slogan: Now everyone can fly. Opportunities: People travel more frequently, increasing aircraft passenger. Challenges: high-speed rail and other Substitutes:Other airline competition. Threat analysis:Radical, unstable oil prices Now Everyone can fly AirAsia SWOT analysis Example case Yes, AirAsia is cheapest, but we have to pay attention to a few details. AirAsia is Malaysia's second international airline, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. AirAsia was established in 1993, November 18, 1996 operations. Prior to December 2000, heavily in debt, on the verge of bankruptcy. 2002 opened with low prices and no additional services basic concept. 2003 World's first SMS (Short Messaging Service) airline booking system. 2006 using the new low-cost airline terminal. (LCCT) Malaysia Airlines: 30 days advance purchase, including airfare and taxes. Round trip is 1400MYR. China Southern Airlines:Shanghai to Guangzhou transit, 1-2 months in advance tickets, round-trip total of 1200MYR. Korean Air:1-2 months in advance tickets, including all fees, a total of 2000MYR. Often discounted and small gifts. 1.Be low-cost airline boss in Asia. 2.Develop new customers. 3.Improve the business philosophy. Suggestions and comments It is the world's best low-cost airline, to find ways of generating income is the core goal. Good advertising effect. People awareness is high, and will choose to take your aircraft. AirAsia's future is bright. Thank you Weaknesses: 1.Low distribution cost Reliance on IT 2.Addicted to growth In order to win more cusumers. Objectives of the marketing plan Aircraft takeoff and landing time AirAsia is no free diet, if you need water and food have additional pay. If you encounter a special day, the price will rise. AirAsia Other airline Current market situation AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to ShangHai We chose a route AirAsia, AirAsia's standard price is 450MYR (one way, you need to advance 1-2 months to buy). Includes taxes are 550MYR. Round-trip flight is 1100MYR. (Select excluding fuel taxes). Well, we look at other airlines. KL-----SH (1100MYR) External environment Internal environment


Transcript: AirAsia References ref: ref: Threat of New Entrants Porter’s Five Forces Model THREAT: HIGH SOLUTION: investigate other carriers processes in order to perfect their own THREAT: High SOLUTION: As the market is a duopoly, market cant be infiltrated. ref: ref: Conclusion and Solution Bargaining Power of Suppliers THREAT: LOW SOLUTION: No solution necessary THREAT: High SOLUTION: create customer loyalty by offering rewards and reorganise processes within organization to build better customer relations. ref: ref: ref: Threat of Substitutes ref: Industry Rivalry WHO: AirAsia WHAT: Analysis of the fierce competition faced by AirAsia. HOW: Porters Five Force Framework model FACTS: #Asia is one of the largest low cost carriers to date, expanding rapidly since its relaunch in 2001. # AirAsia services over 61 international and domestic routes. Strategic Management issue faced by AirAsia This model consists of - Rivalry threat - Threat of new entrants - Whether there is substitute - The power of bargaining of buyers - The bargaining power of suppliers AirAsia Website. Viewed on 08/06/2015 Porter’s Five Forces (2006), Quick MBA, viewed 01/08/2015, From Dobbs, M. E. (2014). Guidelines for applying porter's five forces framework: A set of industry analysis templates. Competitiveness Review, 24(1), 32-45. doi: ref: Picture reference: Power of Buyers Ref: Introduction ref: THREAT: HIGH/LOW This threat is of two options, looking at the type of substitutes SOLUTIONS: Look for ways to build customer loyalty, by implementing reward programs for repeat customers. This analysis has outlined how competitive the aviation industry is. AirAsia's strength lies in its ability to be a cost leader. With this in mind, they may also benefit from evaluating rival organization and what they do best in order to perfect their own processes. This way they will be able to fulfill their mission successfully within the given timeframes.


Transcript: C 3 for 2015, special Airasia limited edition t-shirt featuring the Airasia cabin crew and pilot captain uniform designs have been sold to create wider awareness towards cancer #AsiaAsiaMAKNA Corporate Social Position into Minds, Emitting Positive Vibes Organizational Culture Culture 1 - as primary color is RED which shows Bravery and Passion Simple Standard Flight Uniform in RED - as a signage of Airasia 2 "Believe the unbelievable. Dream the impossible. Never take 'No' for an answer" Committed and Unified Team = Tony Fernandez has mentioned this to the employees, in shaping the Airasia culture to what it is today Airasia has been awarded as World's Best Low-Cost Airlines Value the gain profits due to more customers, without neglecting the values to them Healthy,safety, nature and the environment Keeping a drug-free, violence-free workplace Shaping the Environment in Airasia Ethics Where can people find you? Sustainability Sustainability 1. Attractive and Creative tagline. 2. Advertise on Social Media. 3. Well-known Brand. 4. Usage online platform. 5. Market segmentation. Stakeholder Relationship How? - Formal meetings with government officials initiated by AirAsia WHY? To ensure alignment of best interests of the government, aviation industry and the company Government How? Guest feedback through: - AirAsia Travel & Service Centres - Online survey Why? Our guests are the prime reason we operate. Without them, we would have no role to play. Guests How? - #AirAsiaMAKNA events Why? The public is our community. Their support is important to our brand reputation and long-term sustainability. The Community


Transcript: Not to expand long haul business because... AirAsia What are the sources of AirAsia’s cost advantage? Expanded the customer base Use corporate reputation to market the long haul business What are the sources of AirAsia’s cost advantage? Q2. spending extra costs in response to the changing of equipment, facilities, human resources, employee training and so on. Group4 Shining dragon 49933004 Anna 49933008 Elaine 49933006 Sandy 49933009 Winnie 49933007 Jian 49933033 Jared Thanks for your attention Transfer strategies Cost Leadership Strategy Why create AirAsiaX Spreading the risks of this venture among investors and got the valuable expertise from them. Intended to facilitate a measure of operational independence Additional cost expenses The advantages of merger AirAsiaX High aircraft utilization -fastest turnaround time Single type of aircraft-reduced the fix cost Outsourcing-IT requirements be undertaken by third party Point to point network-simple operations and cost low Fuel-efficient new plane the original cost advantages may be lost. the position for short haul business may be confused by the adoption of long haul services. The complementary of short and long haul market No, AirAsia should not to expand to long haul business but merger AirAsiaX! Human resources practices Vague position Reduce the operating costs Should AirAsia expand its long haul business and to what extent should AirAsia and AirAsiaX be integrated operationally? Internal operations strategy The World's Lowest-cost Airline No-frills flights-single class Direct sale-website and call center , avoid paying mission Customer service minimal -not serve meals but drinks and snacks can be purchased. -had no baggage transfer between flights External customer service strategy Why create AirAsiaX? Q1. Q&A Secondary airports The integration of short and long haul routes -> make flights more efficient The integration of relevant check-in processes Competitive advantages from Airasia to AirAsiaX mobility barriers Sharing web-based and telephone flight booking systems

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