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Air Force Rotc Powerpoint Template

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Air Force ROTC

Transcript: Cadets must earn an Enrollment Allocation (EA) to Field Training in order to advance in AFROTC and continue working towards a commission. Attend during the summer between AS200-AS300 years 24 days Obtain Bachelor's degree Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force Assigned to a specific career field in the Air Force Incur a minimum, 4-year service commitment Service commitment is determined by career field Cadets are now training/supervising the GMC In charge of specialized aspects of the cadet wing Leadership focused: organization, delegation, ingenuity, etc. Academic Requirements: Aerospace Studies, Leadership and Management Principles 3 credit course Leadership Laboratory 1 credit course Physical Training Tax free BAS and BAH Receive $600/year for a book allowance Monthly stipends starting at $300 for freshmen Type 1 Mission: Develop quality leaders for the Air Force Earn your college degree AND a commission 3-4 year college program Gain invaluable experiences & personal growth Leadership Core values Time management Physical fitness Who I am Air Force ROTC Program Overview Air Force Careers $cholarships for YOU Be a U.S. citizen prior to scholarship activation Graduate from high school or equivalent certificate Be 17 years old prior to scholarship activation Never enrolled full-time in a college/university Establish a family care plan if a single parent Meet the basic physical fitness requirements 100% of tuition assistance for graduate education 2d Lt Erica Kornhoff $45,633 Full tuition and most fees paid, up to $18,000/year Student pays difference if tuition is more than $18,000/yr All cadets are required to attend* 2-hour lab/week Trains all cadets on military leadership GMC: drill and ceremonies, command presence, problem solving, teamwork POC: planning and execution of training, team management, officership Various LLab environments: Photos Academic Requirements Field Training (FT) Acquisitions Air Battle Manager Airfield Operations Aircraft Maintenance Combat Control Team Contracting Cost Analysis Cyber warfare Engineer Force Support Financial Management Intelligence Legal Logistics Missile Maintenance Upon successful completion... Extracurricular involvement School clubs & organizations Community events Church groups Work experience Extenuating circumstances Type 7 *BAH changes with duty location General Military Course (GMC) Applications are considered based on more than just test scores: Full tuition and most fees paid, up to in-state, public rate Can be coverted into a 3-year, Type 2 scholarship = average salary of 2013 college graduates AS200 Interview Sell yourself! Medical Nurse Doctor, Physician Asst. Medical Service Corps Dentist Navigator Pilot Public Affairs Scientist Security Forces Space & Missile Special Investigations (OSI) Transportation Weather Time commitment: 5 hours/week Leadership Laboratory (Lead Lab) AS400 1180 on the SAT 26 on the ACT 3.0 unweighted GPA Medical, dental, and life insurance How to Apply "This is your time!" - Coach Herb Brooks Retirement after 20 years of service Program Overview 30 days paid vacation per year Applicants must have at least the minimum scores to apply: Summary Meet cadets from across the U.S.! Landmark accomplishment for all AFROTC cadets (math and reading sections only) Pay and Benefits Type 2 AS100 Air Force ROTC Initial Military Training Drill and ceremonies Group Leadership Problems Customs and courtesies Academic Requirements Aerospace Studies, Introduction to the Air Force 1 credit course Leadership Laboratory 1 credit course Physical Training *source, "Whole Person" Concept Cadets command all the cadet wing operations Manage the training, support, and administrative functions Most rewarding/tasking year in AFROTC* Academic Requirements: Aerospace Studies, National Security Affairs & Preparation for Active Duty 3 credit courses Leadership Laboratory 1 credit course Physical Training All Scholarships: Who I am 2d Lt Erica Kornhoff 2010 graduate of Franklin High School, WI 2014 graduate of the University of Minnesota B.A. in Political Science 2014 commissionee of AFROTC, Detachment 415 2014-2015 Gold Bar Admissions Officer, Los Angeles Future: Intelligence Officer Fitness Assessmet (FA) Cadets take 1 per semester 1 min of push ups 1 min of sit ups 1.5 mi run Email: Phone: Website: All supporting documents must be submitted by 14 January 1. Physical Conditioning Marksmanship Training Group leadership activities HSSP Eligibility like comment share AS300 Field Training Preparation Drill and ceremonies Communication skills Fundamental team management Academic Requirements Aerospace Studies, Evolution of Air and Space Power 1 credit course Leadership Laboratory 1 credit course Physical Training Air Force Careers like comment share Overview *BP can be more if prior time-in-service Professional Officer Course (POC) like comment share 2. (225) 364-7301 **Leadership** All

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