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Air Force Presentation Template

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Air Force Presentation

Transcript: By Ben, Brennen, Ilikai and Konner Air Force Career WE NEED YOU TO QUALIFY! Topic 1 Enroll Only if you are above 18 and have graduated high school.To be in my platoon (Tactical Unite) you must be above average to our expectations passing our SAT test. A superior intellect is nothing when you are helpless. We transform civilians like you to heroes. So except a physical fitness test. You need to be between the age of 18 and 35. You must be a U.S citizen. You also need to have at least 90 college credits and you also need to pass high school. What You Need To Get In Title Average Pay Topic 2 There are many ranks, but the highest paying rank is the general. They get paid 15k a month. The 2nd highest is Lieutenant general they get paid 172k to 186k a year. Those are some examples, but the lowest paying rank is the one you get when you enter the Air Force airman basic. You get 1.6k per month. If You Were To Join Text If you were to join you would start as an Airman Basic, which is of course the lowest paying rank. As you go on you can get a promotion and get paid more. Pictures Pictures What We Expect With YOU in This Job. Topic 3 We Expect you to get along children. Their is no "I" in team. You must work together to success in the Air-Force so don't slow them down. You will be in the back lines of battle as support. You can be our eyes in the sky or be their support. You will clean our AFB (Air Force Base) cleaning, repairing, or building air crafts. This is a Team This is a Team Military Time Timeline As a Recruit you will rise from your rank and lead our charge. Topic 4 You Recruits will start as an Airman Basic. After completing our program you'll be a Airman, and so untill you retire or become the highest ranking soldier in the air force. A General, leading your Air Force. Airman Basic Airman Airman First Class Senior Airman Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant Chief Master Sergeant Command Chief Master Sergeant Lowest to highest Ranking Ranks Chief Master Sergeant of The Air Force Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General Their is about 322,000 Active in duty last in 2019. The Occupation have decreased by 1.21 percent from 2017 with 219,000 to 216,000 in 2018. The largest air force base is Eglin AFB. AFB stands for air force base. Employment Outlook Title As fellow members of the Air Force, the call of duty doesn't always have to be serous. Being in our branch we are the brains and support. As a soldier you must think outside the box. It is the best if you keep your mind as an adolescent, being creative and fun. We do this by keeping your guys spirit up by letting you play around in our AFB. We have almost all the sports to keep you in shape and have fun. This improves your bond with other members. Don't Be Afraid of being Bored or Dying Title Our activity Capture The Flag.

Air Force

Transcript: I want this career because it has very good pay and insurance and also ill stay in shape. For this carrer to get a high rank i have to take a test called ASVAB its to see what i learned in school and other stuff. I want to know how basic training is like. Benifits and health factors What i learned was the Air Force dosent just fly air planes. First thing is first i have to be prepared mentally and physically. Introduction I do still think this is a good carrer for me because i want to serve my country. My growth is they recrute people everyday and i can move up in my rank like to be a Sargent or a General. I can go through basic trainning. A typical day would be have to stay in shape also train everyday. The vacation is i get to travel around the world. The influence was that i get to travel and serve my country and stay in shape. To get in the Air force you have to have a 2.0 GPA. Earnings Air force Typical day I get health inscurance,dential,Family support centers. The most challenging thing would be going to combat. Employment Education/Trainning Also you have to have six months of basic trainning. Extra pay is $150-$240 Aptitude I am suited for this carrer because i can stay in shape ani get to learn how to fight and defend myself. When i go through basic trainning i will get a salary of 1,500 per month. Also my aunt and uncle inspired me also my parents. There is no cost to start this business. Education and trainning For you have to have a 2.0 GPA. Also basic tranning is basically to tare me down and make me stronger its the hardest thing to go through. I might work 6-10 at night or later. The health safety is i could go to war, home loans, lasting rewards. Conclusion Job skills and talents and experience I have to go through six months of basic trainning.

Air Force Presentation

Transcript: Involvement -First operation to be named "Black Thursday" -ABC decided to hit factories -297 B-17 Flying Fortresses fought German fighters from all sides -77 destroyed, 127 damaged, 600 fatalities -Started on Sept. 18, 1947 -Current size = 332,854 active personnel -Wearable Computer- chest-mounted computer feeds info to HUD and enables real-time intel -Wrist Display- accesses GPS maps to locate teammates and maintain situational awareness -Power Scavenger-Allows siphoning of power for all devices Basic History Statistics Facts ~There are currently four main "X-Planes" that are being designed ~X-37B Space Orbiter, X-45 Autonomous Fighter, X-57 Hypersonic Waverider, & X-56 Recon Aircraft ~Will never be in production -Named one of the 20 National Heros of the country by President -Personally led 739 combat missions, disabled more than 470 bombs -Recieved 3 Bronze Stars for valor -MSGT Paul Horton -Kirkuk, Iraq (2006), Korengal, Afghanistan (2008), and Helmand Province (2010) Body Second Raid on Schweinfurt (WWII) 1943 "The Constant Eye" Autonomous Robots -Secretary of Air Force - Deborah Lee James -Air Force Chief of Staff- Gen. Mark A. Welsh III -Vice Chief of Staff- Gen. Larry D. Spencer Helmet Future of Flight Survivor. Hero. Indestructible Airman Remotely Piolted Aircraft The U.S. Air Force helps to research new ways of obtaining new information and also soars to new heights frequently in new discoveries. -Arachnipede- navigates small spaces and sends back data to rescue teams searching for survivors in collapsed buildings -RQ Dragonfly- infiltrates hazardous areas and sends back real time HD video to ground forces ~First man to go into space and fall from it ~Spent 29 years in the Air Force ~More than 50 years before Red Bull -Helped deveolp parachutes for extreme conditions -102,800 ft. fall = highest skydive -00:04:36 = longest freefall -614 mph = fastest freefall unassisted speed by a human The U.S. Air Force -Heads-Up Display (HUD) is a see-theough mounted display that provides battlefield information and multi-sensor feeds -3-D Audio assigns sounds to direections which helps increase awareness and manueverability -Can track enemy movement day or night -Remains hours undetected -Gathers real time info -Operated by a group -Can alert troops before they enter an area (hidden dangers) -Safe escape route U.S. Air Force -The U.S. Air Force has been involed in Afghanistan for different air strike and for relaying different intel 21st Century Airman Gear (BATMAN) Types of Autonomous Robots RPA -Can map out the building before troops enter -Look for survivors in a collapsed structure -Map enemy compounds before entering Col. (Ret.) Joseph W. Kittenger Jr. Leaders

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