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Sprint Demo

Transcript: Ini2Sql Script use vmussd; -- getting the service code id SELECT @ServiceCodeId:=Id FROM ussdServices WHERE ServiceCode = '{0}'; -- disabling old revision SELECT RevisionId INTO @oldRevId FROM Revisions WHERE ServiceCodeId = @ServiceCodeId AND IsActive = 1; UPDATE Revisions SET IsActive = 0 WHERE RevisionId = @oldRevId; -- Inserting a new revision, revision id will be equal to the latest insert id INSERT INTO Revisions (ServiceCodeId, Description, DateCreated, DateActivated, IsActive) VALUES (@ServiceCodeId, '{1}', NOW(), NOW(), 1); -- get the new revision id SELECT last_insert_id() INTO @newRevId; -- Insert new revision id and the content of the ini file into the USSDApps table INSERT INTO USSDApps (RevisionId, AppContents) VALUES (@newRevId, """ Purpose? Jenkins Integration /** * Deletes cookie matching <b>name</b>.<br> * <br> * If the cookie is not found, nothing happens<br> * * @param name * The name of the cookie to delete. */ @RobotKeyword @ArgumentNames({ "name" }) public void deleteCookie(String name) { browserManagement.getCurrentWebDriver().manage().deleteCookieNamed(name); } dos2unix app.ini && sed -i.orig 's/\"/\\"/g; s.\\{.\\\\{.g; s.\\\}.\\\\}.g' app.ini && pbcopy < app.ini Script SQL Template Test Libraries Script Snippet Java Support dosCmd = subprocess.Popen(['dos2unix', '{0}'.format(abs_file_path)], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) sedCmd = subprocess.Popen(['sed', '-i.orig', 's/\"/\\"/g; s.\\{.\\\\{.g; s.\\\}.\\\\}.g',"{0}".format(abs_file_path)], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE) try: with open(abs_file_path, 'r') as iniFile: except IOError: print "Error opening the .ini file" sys.exit() output = sqlTemplate + '"' + data + append with open("{0}".format(args.outputFile), 'w') as outFile: outFile.write(output) *** Settings *** Library Selenium2Library Suite Setup Go to homepage Suite Teardown Close All Browsers *** Variables *** ${HOMEPAGE} ${BROWSER} firefox *** Test Cases *** Google devops and find wiki Google keyword devops wikipedia *** Keywords *** Google keyword [Arguments] ${searchkey} ${result} Input Text id=lst-ib ${searchkey} Click Button name=btnG Wait Until Page Contains ${result} Xpath Should Match X Times //a[text()='DevOps - Wikipedia'] 1 Click Element xpath=//a[text()='DevOps - Wikipedia'] Wait Until Page Contains Element xpath=//a[text()='Requirements'] Wait Until Element Is Visible xpath=//a[text()='Requirements'] Xpath Should Match X Times //a[text()='Requirements'] 1 Capture Page Screenshot Click Element xpath=//a[text()='Requirements'] Go to homepage Open Browser ${HOMEPAGE} ${BROWSER} Ansible Sprint Demo Robot Framework

Seats Configuration

Transcript: 1 YOUR COMPANY LOGO CAYUELAS Martin GUILLAUD Nathan Seats Configuration Software Context presentation Context presentation Services Before, during and after the event Personalized support 2 2017 Before Project presentation Project presentation After 116 seats 3 Physical plan VS Logical plan Physical Plan Logical Plan Room configuration Position of seats Type of seats Creation of seats, rows and blocks Seats numbering Application of specific attributes Categories Pools Distribution channels States A room-specific plan A event-specific plan 4 Architecture Architecture 5 Project management Project management 6 5 sprints of 2 weeks Agile Agile Sprint 1+2: Sprint 3: Blocks Sprint 4: Logical plan Sprint 5: Various improvements A new version of the module at the end of each sprint 7 Project initialization + seat rows At the end of each sprint Meetings Meetings Reminder and demonstration of the new features Feedback on the demonstration with improvements to be made Exchange on the features to be added Adding a priority order to all new tasks Content of the upcoming sprint 8 Trello board to manage each sprint Trello Trello Backlog Ready In progress Done 9 Results Results 10 Add seats Physical plan Physical plan Move seats Rotate seats Duplicate seats Add seat status Add blocks Duplicate blocks Number blocks Add seat type Seats Blocks 11 Add seat category Logical plan Logical plan Add seat pool Add seat channel Add seat state View seat total by state Filter seats 12 Zoom on plans Both plans Both plans Select seats Import & Export 13 Demo Demo 14 Rise in skills and difficulties encountered Rise in skills and difficulties encountered Rows rotation Training Agile 15 Prospects for the future Prospects for the future BtoC Distribution channels filter Blocks rotation Angle of rotation Row curving Background image Final client module 16 Conclusion Conclusion Successful project Human and Relational aspect Carry out a project from A to Z Source of proposals Feel like engineers 17 18

Sprint Demo

Transcript: Questions Sprint Demo Employer Servery Introduction Intro Q4 TARGETS Targets 45 days gone 46 days to go Sprints Sprints AIR Goal: Solved? Results: Salto Portale - Merge the csv/xls export rights into one. - Rewrites in the import functionality Yes, its solved! Simpler Rights (Vaporize!) Goals: Solved? Results: A-Team Local development environment similar to production, using Yes, it's solved! With a few commands it is now possible for developers to start a complete development environment on their local machine without the requirement to have the knowledge about the underlying system. This will make it possible for developer to focus on their work without the delays of development on the internal servers Goal: Solved? Results: De Normalo's Dynamic Filters Overview sub-pages Refactoring Yes, its solved! Better User Experience More complete New Framework Goals: Solved? Results: Unicorn API: Dashboard messages for the app API: Suppliers email for the app Yes, its solved! Enable Appic toshow Dashboard Msg and ask opinion of a supplier Goal: Solved? Results: Switch between multiple accounts Show notes with invoices Yes, its solved! No need to repeatedly log out and log in! Better informed users Better App, less need to use the Web! Goal: Solved? Results: Appic Firebolt Focus on Front End + Visit of Claudia & Tom Ask for password when changing user data Yes, and not yet Better alignment with front end Groundworks for password required action Goal: Solved? Results: Flux Make the overview pages responsive for mobile screens Not yet, still finalizing Designs for a mobile and touchscreen friendly webapp Goal: Solved? Results: 1 New Products 2 Training for new products Q 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 3 Top performers Name Job title Name Job title Name Job title

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