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Transcript: Smith-Lever Act, Smith-Hughes Act Income Tax Panama tolls dispute Zimmerman note Sussex Pledge Underwood-Simmons Tariff The Sussex pledge was a promise made in 1916 during World War I by Germany to the United States dealing with passenger and merchant ships. Territories! Triple Alliance; Central Powers Germany Austria Hungary Labor Victories =) October 13, 1913 - Lowered tariffs on hundreds of items that could be produced more cheaply in the U.S. than abroad. 1917 - Puerto Rico LaFollette Seaman's Act Wilson's idea that he wanted included in the WWI peace treaty, including freedom of the seas and the League of Nations. Jed Garcia Federal Reserve Act Dispute over canal toll charge between the U.S. and Panama Federal Trade Commission, Cease and Desist Orders May 7, 1915 - Lusitania sunk by a German u-boat, killing 159 American passengers Regulated banking to help small banks stay in business. A move away from laissez-faire policies, it was passed by Wilson. Promised Philippine independence. Given freedom in 1917, their economy grew as a satellite of the U.S 1916 - Philippines Food Administration Wilson pushed passage of this act which mandated an eight hour workday and time and a half for overtime 1917-Established the U.S.'s first Food Administration with the authority to fix food prices, license distributors, coordinate purchases, oversee exports, act against hoarding and profiteering, and encourage farmers to grow more crops. Clayton Antitrust Act Extended the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 to give it more power against trusts and big business. It outlawed practices that had a dangerous likelihood of creating a monopoly, even if no unlawful agreement was involved. Virgin Islands Jones Act 1917 - U.S. bought them from Denmark and built a naval base to protect the Panama Canal and to prevent Germany's seizure of islands during WWI. Passed by Wilson, it provided federal money to build roads. It helped to provide competition to the railroads' monopoly on public transportation Espionage Act, 1917; Sedition Act, 1918 Puerto Ricans won U.S. citizenship and the right to elect their own upper house. The first step toward building government revenues and redistributing wealth, a tax that was levied on annual income over a specific amount and with certain legally permitted deductions. WWI Afterwards... British France Russia LaFollette was a major leader of the Progressive movement from Wisconsin. He protested the cruel treatment that sailors received and led the fight for this act. 1917 - Germany sent this to Mexico instructing an ambassador to convince Mexico to go to war with the U.S. A militant, radical union that favored socialism and opposed free enterprise. They were disliked by big business and less radical unions. Triple Entente; Allies The most powerful agency of the war, it had to satisfy the allied needs for goods and direct American industries in what to produce. Fourteen Points International Workers of the World Herbert Hoover led the Food Administration and started many programs to streamline food production and distribution. Labor Victories, Territories, World War I Brought forth under the Wilson administration, they stated that any treacherous act or draft dodging was forbidden, outlawed disgracing the government, the Constitution, or military uniforms, and forbade aiding the enemy. Adamson Act, 1916 A government agency established in 1914 to prevent unfair business practices and help maintain a competitive economy. Served as Secretary of State under Wilson from 1913-1915, he resigned in protest of U.S. involvement in WW I. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan War Industries Board Precursor to American entrance into WWI WWI Sides Period 5 Negotiated by U.S. using arbitration, the mediation of a dispute, Taft promoted these agreements as an alternative to war in Latin America and Asia. Federal Highways Act, 1916 Arbitration Treaties Lusitania THANK YOU!! =D

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Transcript: Nitrogen is commonly found in foods, poison, explosives, also in fertilizers. Besides Ammonia, nitrogen has a lot of uses, In metal working is used to removed dissolved hydrogen from molten aluminum. Also has a role in explosives such as nitroglycerin, nitrocellulose, and TNT or trinitrotoluene. Nitrogen is also used in refrigerant to freeze foods and for the transportation of foods. Nitrogen is able to form different compounds such as: Ammonia (NH3)- Its major used is been a fertilizer. But is a main material for the production of important nitrogen compounds Nitric acid (HNO3)- highly corrosive liquid use to manufacture explosives. Nitrogen oxide (NO2)- Formen when ammonium nitrate is heated, used for anestetic in minor operations Nitrous oxide (N2O)- Sometimes used as an anesthetic, Is also know as the laughing gas Cyanogen (CN2)- Used as a chemical intermediate and a fumigant Nitrogen is the fifth most abundant element in the universe, makes up almost 80% of earth's atmosphere Nitrogen in the periodic table with the symbol N, is the chemical elemnt of the atomic number 7 and located in the group 15, and containing one valence electron in an neutral atom of the element. Nitrogen Discovered in 1772 by Daniel Rutherford, the element nitrogen is derived from the Greek 'nitron' and 'genes' He removed the oxygen and carbon dioxide from the air and realized that the gas did not support living organisms. Is funny how you breathe oxygen but air is mostly nitrogen, so you basically need nitrogen to live. Also your body is 3% nitrogen by weight. Nitrogen gas makes up almost 80% of earth atmosphere.


Transcript: Bibliography Afghanistan is ranked 11th as one of the Poorest Countries in the World. Access to clean water and sanitation There are quite a few diseases in Afghanistan, mostly due to the lack of access to clean water. Some diseases include: Typhoid Malaria Hepatitis A and E Schistosomiasis- fresh water snails that eat your inner intestines and lay eggs Typhoid Fever 20% of the population (mostly rural) have no access to clean water. Since there is little to no sanitation most have to drink from rivers and use traditional latrines. 25% of deaths are children under 5 due to contamination of the water. 43% of the local conflicts are from sharing water. 85% of people lack safe drinking water and 90% of people lack access to improved sanitation. There are some groups of the Taliban left. People who have the internet- 1 million people Source 2 Literacy Rate Source 13 5 solutions to help end Poverty There are around 2,000,000 orphans and around 600,000 children are sleeping on the streets. Religion Orphanages Source 15 1. Growing your own plants or seeds and passing it along to the other communities so everyone can learn how to produce their own food. They can also sell their crop to make some income. This would be a long term effect because the more people can produce more food the more they can supply it to other families. Source 9 Source 5 Recent times: Poverty is having little to no goods or supplies for a community which would be able to support them. This can be from famine, corrupt government or constant harsh weather conditions. GDP (per capita)- $1,100 What is Poverty? 3. Having a mixture of the 2 genders being able to do different jobs, so more people can be able to get the work done, so more crops get done for more food. A long term effect because if more crops were produced then there would be more to eat and sell. Fertility Rate- 5.54 children per woman Source 1 There is the Executive Party, Legislative Party and Judicial Party. Hamid Karzai leads the Executive Party Population Political situations in Afghanistan Source 7 . Men must grow beards otherwise flogged . Women must be with her husband or uncle if going out otherwise flogged . Women cannot have an education otherwise shot .Women must marry who their father or uncle chooses. . Kite flying was prohibited, if caught they got flogged in public, mostly football stadiums and fields Source 6 Diseases 2. Having peace throughout the communities so they can discuss how to work together to get more food and supplies. This could be a long term effect because the more the groups can connect, the more food can be supplied. Under 5 Mortality Rate- 101.1 deaths over 1000 Bibliography Source 10 Economic Income Source 4 31,108,077- July 2013 est. Urban population: 8,316,976 population Rural population: 27,003,470 population Male vs female: Median age (middle range): Male: 17.9 years Female: 18 years Only 42.6% of the population is below 14 years. Capital city population: Kabul: 3.097 million HIV/ AIDS: 0.01% of the population People living with HIV/AIDS: Not Available HIV/AIDS Deaths: Not Available Maternal Rates: 460/100,000 deaths for births Life expectancy: Males- 48.81 years Females: 51.47 years People per square kilometer- 46.64 people Taliban Famine Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, due to war conflict and political instability. Agriculture is the main source of income. They manage to produce food for themselves. The crops they produce are mostly: corn, rice, barley, fruit, vegetables and nuts. They also have sheep farming. There is a lot of natural resources, minerals and oils. These resources have been exploited by a lot of countries. Natural Disasters April 24th 2013 .There was an earthquake near Kabul which took 23 lives and 120 people were injured. The magnitude was approximately 5.7. The Taliban meaning "Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement" were a group which came to power during the Afghanistan Civil War from 1996-2001. They managed to overtake 90% of the country. total population: 28.1% male: 43.1% female: 12.6% Now the biggest worry are floodings, harsh winters and locusts which in 2010, wheat production dropped to 20%. Source 12 On September 11th 2013 there was a landslide which killed 4 people and 20 other people became missing Poverty Cycle The Laws of The Taliban Statistics The Poverty Cycle is based of 4 main things. Money, Food, Illness and Jobs. If you can't earn enough income you won't be able to supply any food. Lack of nutrition would eventually lead into sickness. If your sick you won't be able to seek jobs or work since your too ill to work. This is how the Poverty Cycle works. Afghanistan is still defiantly not in good shape. There are still conflicts between local ethnic groups and conflicts over fresh water. What really needs to be fixed is for there to be more peace between the groups so they can be able to figure out how to divide supplies and water between all groups. Life would be very tough and

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