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Advertising Agency

Transcript: Other Departments Creative Department Decentralized System How agencies gain clients Advertising Agency Poor performance and communication. Personnel changes. Changes in strategy. Declining sales. Payment conflicts. Changes in policy. Structures of Resonance Advertising Source of Investment Parents. Sponsors. Feel Free to Contact Us Includes specialized positions like production work, internet advertising, planning or research. This includes traffic department that regulates the flow of work in the agency. Phone : 051-5957515 051-59517211 Fax : 051-5957515 web : http/ Our face book page pricing Departments of Resonance Advertising Account Services Decentralized System. Provides a link between clients and agencies. This involves experienced and professional person of marketing. It is the sales arm of an agency. Why do agencies lose clients Sample Magazine Ad It is the core of Resonance advertising . Includes people who actually create ads. It consists of Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, Production artists. Budget Billboard Advertisement Presentations. Public Relations. Image and Reputation. Price varies according to our customer requirements. For Tv commercial advertisement minimum price is 1.5 lacs. For News papers our charges are minimum 50 thousand. For internet ads our charges are 50 thousand excluding charges of websites etc. . Media Services Creative Department Account Services Other Departments Advertising Agency Comfortable Envionment. Innovations. Flexible and rapid response to the problems. People who have contacts with the suppliers of various creative media. Modern agencies might also have a media planning department. Media Services Hassan Talal Sahi (SP13-BBA-131) Sohail Raza (SP13-BBA-082) Zahir Farid (SP13-BBA-112) M.Zeeshan Khan (SP13-BBA-059) M.Saleh Ali (SP13-BBA-126) Firm that creates new promotional ideas, designs, plans advertisements and provides other such services that help a client in entering and succeeding in a chosen market. For Newspaper Office Rent . Salaries. Expenditures. Equipments. Legal cost. Group Members


Transcript: Structure of Creative Agency ADVERTISING AGENCY SIX Major departments ACCOUNT SERVICE ACCOUNT PLANNING FINANCE & ACCOUNTS MEDIA BUYING CREATIVE PRODUCTION ACCOUNT SERVICES Account Executives Account Managers Account Directors WHAT DO THEY DO? - Responsible for liaising with the agency's many clients. - The link between the many departments within the agency, and the clients who pay the bills. TIPS A good account services team is essential to a good advertising campaign. A solid creative brief is one of the main duties of account services. ACCOUNT PLANNING Mix of Researchers & Account Managers What do they do? - Combines research with strategic thinking. - Provides consumer insights, strategic direction, research, focus groups and assists helps keep advertising campaigns on target and on brand. TIPS To be truly effective, advertising must be both distinctive and relevant, and planning helps on both counts." CREATIVE creative directors If the creative buck stops with anyone, it's the creative director (CD). - To ensure that the work the teams are doing is both on brief and of a certain quality. - Decides which teams will work on which projects, the time they need to solve it. - To present the work to the client, alongside the team who devised the campaign. The CD is often called the "last line of defense" in the creative department. copywriters & art directors They usually work as exclusive teams, although this model is changing too. - Given a brief and then works on it together for days, or even weeks. - When ideas are presented and chosen, they will then work together to craft copy and create visuals for the ad campaign. This is a job of creative thinking (AD), execution can be handled by other people. designers There are many types of designers, including those proficient in graphic design, web design and even product design. - To assist the art directors and copywriters with campaign materials, - To work on jobs that require pure design without the need for a concepting team. Designers are very valued, as they can take ideas to the next level and give the finished work a polish. production artists - Take campaigns and preparing them for print. - Set the files up for the printing press. - Create versions of one ad for multiple publications, and also creating updates to existing campaigns. Although it's not a job that requires a lot of critical thinking, it does require a great attention to detail and a studious attitude. extra notes In small to mid-sized agencies, traffic is also a part of the production department. It is the job of traffic to get each and every job through the various stages of account management, creative development, media buying and production in a set timeframe. Traffic will also ensure that work flows through the agency smoothly, preventing jams that may overwhelm creative teams and lead to very long hours, missed deadlines and problematic client relationships. Traffic keeps the agency's heart beating. any shape, any size - small boutique shops - giants This is the engine of any advertising agency. It's the lifeblood of the business, because the creative department is responsible for the product. And an ad agency is only as good as the ads the creative department puts out. smaller agencies some people will perform more than one role thank you! Happy Monday :)

Advertising Agency

Transcript: 1. Immersion: Gathering information and raw material through background research. 2. Digestion: Taking the information,working it over,and wrestling with it in the mind. Advertising agencies are the organizations whose business is to create advertising. They bring together people with specialized knowledge in a single organization and provide them environment to interact and to combine their efforts to create effective advertising. Skilled writers,directors,artists,researchers and managers are some people who join advertising agency. Media Buying And Ad Placement Research Functions of Advertising Agencies There are many kinds of advertising research like pre-testing,post-testing,advertising effectiveness research,and campaign research. Research helps in making precise decisions and accurate measurement of audiences. Marketing research helps in gathering information,planning and in launching new products and services. Advertising research uses quantitative and qualitative methodologies to conduct research. Steps in Creative Process Creating Advertising Placing an ad with media has become one of the most important decision requiring data based discussions and deliberations. Agencies role in placing ads with the media goes back to its traditional association with the media. Being seller of space in media, agencies have evolved into buyers of space and media time on behalf of the advertiser. Being in the business of creating advertising agencies are generally more close to media and hold more information and knowledge about media scenario. What is an Advertising Agency? 3. Incubation: Involves putting the problem out of one's conscious mind and turning the information over to the subconscious mind to do the work. 4. Illumination: Stage of the birth of an idea 5. Reality: Studying the idea to see if it still looks good or solves the problem and then to shape it to practical usefulness. It is the core competence of most of the agencies whether large or small in size. The creation of advertising function includes various activities relating to its writing, designing and producing ads. The copy writers develop the message copy, its headlines, slogans, tag lines and body copy. The art directors carry out the designing of an ad in terms of its colour, contrast and pictures. The production of the ad as per the specifications given in the layout is done by the producers. Advertising agencies provide the environment and facilities to these people having specialized skill as it is through their interactions and elaborative efforts that the creation of advertising takes place. Undertaking of various types of researches. Creation of advertisements. Media buying and placement of ad. Providing ad-on-services. Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency

Transcript: Advertising Agency Role of Advertising Agency "The role of advertising and the advertising agency is to help effect this transformation from product or service clearly positioning the offering to the consumer - its role and its benefits - and by communicating the brand's own personality. Agency Structure 1. Account service 2. Creative service 3. Media Planning and Buying 4. Account Planning and Research Purpose of advertising agencies • Advise & counsel on marketing strategy. • Advise & counsel on advertising and media strategy. • Prepare & develop, print, outdoor, and electronic advertisement. • Carry out collateral designs of various items such as display material & other display material. • Help & counsel on sales promotion & other communication tasks. How ad agencies operate 1) Ad Agencies Have Clients 2) Everything is Problem/Solution Driven 3) Self Promotion and Awards are Key Types of Agencies Full-Service Agencies Global agencies Regional agencies Boutiques Digital agencies Search engine agencies Social media agencies Medical education agencies Meeting Types and Definitions Project Start Meeting Strategy / Brainstorm Meeting Kick-Off Meeting Media and Production Meetings Internal Approved Concept Presentation Meeting Internal Debrief of Presentation to Client Pre-production Meeting Preflight Meeting Broadcast Traffic Meeting Internal Project Review Internal Debrief of Client Project Review Market size Top 10 World Ad Agencies 1. Grey 2. Mullen 3. 360i 4 Droga5 5. Anomaly 6. 72 andSunny 7. Weber Shandwick 8. 180LA 9. LatinWorks 10. R/GA The Future • Crowdsourcing • Global advertising • Diversification How agencies make profit? Thank you!

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