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Advertising Agency Presentation Template

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Advertising Agency

Transcript: Rollout Costs of an Advertising Agency Different types of advertising Agency What is an advertising Agency? Pitch An advertising agency is an agency employed from large companies usually to come up with an advertising campaign to allow people to know about their company or new product that they currently have. There are different kind of agency. Such as the 'in house'. In some cases employees will work as both creative and account services. One services that is often forgotten is traffic. The traffic department will keep an eye out on the flow of work within the agency. This department will stop false starts that the company might have. Sometimes an advertising agency will have interns in there company in order to teach other people on work experience. They are usually added to the creative team to help the creative department. They will gain experience in the different fields within the advertising agency. Types of Media Service they provide Creative The media services is not as well known as the other departments but the people of the media service will have the contacts with the suppliers of different creative media. For example they would be able to negotiate the prices with printers in order to print flyers and posters for the clients. They can also negotiate prices down more than a client could do themselves. as they have regular dealings with the people and have the right contacts. The major issue that the media department faces is budget, a client will have a budget of how much they can spend, and therefore restraining how much money they can spend on Adverts. The media strategy will also inform the creative team what kind of media platform they'll be developing the ad for. Advertising Agency The advertising agency, creative team will create the components for the different campaign, such as TV commercials, billboards, websites, direct mail or a mix of media combination. Copywriters and graphic designers are usually employed full time whereas actors will be hired when needed. LIMITED CREATIVE THINKING- Sometimes the agency will decide to use a one size fits all approach to the advertising, and therefore not think of creative ideas that makes your advertising different. TIME- Thinking u an idea and putting it into action will take longer than people think. Although the advertising agency could finish it quicker than if the company decided to do it them self. The aim of the pitch is to try and established long term clients. They will also pitch to new clients. Most agency will work with people they already know rather than calling different business. They might also email companies if the agency thinks they are in need of help, with a letter and a copy of their portfolio. There are 7 factors that the agency will need to consider before selecting the right kind of media. 1/. Budget- Cost v Coverage 2/. Promotional/ campaign objectives 3/. Target audience 4/. Focus of appeal 5/. Timing 6/. Circulation 7/. Readership COMPANIES NEED TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING FACTORS UNCLEAR EXPECTATION- Sometimes an advertising agency might not fully understand what you the client want the advertising to accomplish. For that reason you will need a clear objective. LOW PRIORITY- If your businesses is not considered to be a big company the agency might not use the best resources they have on your company. Also it might take longer as they are busy with other companies. Therefore it is possible for your business tohave inexperienced staff members. ROLLOUT There are different kind of agency. Such as:- 'in house' 'full service' agency 'limited service' agency The 'in house' is usually when a person within the company usually does all of the advertising work. A 'full service' agency is people hired from an agency to do the whole campaign for the company. A 'limited service' is where the agency will be hired to do some of the campaign but not all of the advertising. Using an advertising agency can cost the company a lot of money depending on what service you choose to use. But if the advertising work well then it will allow the business to make their money back by selling the object or service. Media Buying Advertising design Advertising production Engaging target audience STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT- The agency will assign an employer within the team to talk to the client, and also to talk to the agency about the needs of the client. They will therefore create a strategy that fits in with the companies needs and objectives. A CREATIVE TEAM- Lots of business need ideas when it comes to creativity. The agency will have people who specialists in different things to do with advertising and can therefore think of stuff that the average person might not have thought of. MEDIA BUYING POWER- Advertising agency will be buying space in the media for their different advertising campaign for different companies, they can therefore get it at a cheaper price than the client could. Production Department Once the potential client as agreed to hiring

Advertising Agency

Transcript: Other Departments Creative Department Decentralized System How agencies gain clients Advertising Agency Poor performance and communication. Personnel changes. Changes in strategy. Declining sales. Payment conflicts. Changes in policy. Structures of Resonance Advertising Source of Investment Parents. Sponsors. Feel Free to Contact Us Includes specialized positions like production work, internet advertising, planning or research. This includes traffic department that regulates the flow of work in the agency. Phone : 051-5957515 051-59517211 Fax : 051-5957515 web : http/ Our face book page pricing Departments of Resonance Advertising Account Services Decentralized System. Provides a link between clients and agencies. This involves experienced and professional person of marketing. It is the sales arm of an agency. Why do agencies lose clients Sample Magazine Ad It is the core of Resonance advertising . Includes people who actually create ads. It consists of Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers, Production artists. Budget Billboard Advertisement Presentations. Public Relations. Image and Reputation. Price varies according to our customer requirements. For Tv commercial advertisement minimum price is 1.5 lacs. For News papers our charges are minimum 50 thousand. For internet ads our charges are 50 thousand excluding charges of websites etc. . Media Services Creative Department Account Services Other Departments Advertising Agency Comfortable Envionment. Innovations. Flexible and rapid response to the problems. People who have contacts with the suppliers of various creative media. Modern agencies might also have a media planning department. Media Services Hassan Talal Sahi (SP13-BBA-131) Sohail Raza (SP13-BBA-082) Zahir Farid (SP13-BBA-112) M.Zeeshan Khan (SP13-BBA-059) M.Saleh Ali (SP13-BBA-126) Firm that creates new promotional ideas, designs, plans advertisements and provides other such services that help a client in entering and succeeding in a chosen market. For Newspaper Office Rent . Salaries. Expenditures. Equipments. Legal cost. Group Members

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