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Ad Agency

Transcript: Ad Agency The Martin Agency The Martin Agency's headquarters is located in Richmond, Virginia. They represent some of the more common companies people have heard of or use. The Martin Agency Represents: -GEICO -Pizza Hut -Cool Whip -Hanes -Walmart -Discover Card -Norwegian Cruise Line The Martin Agency has a philosophy of "Good and Tough". Good and Tough is like a guide line the company and employees live and work by. By going by this they have managed to make some of the better commercials I have seen. Good and Tough Fuseideas Fuseideas is located in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Portland, Lexington, and Prague. They specialize in making ads for tourist destinations and colleges. Fuseideas Represents: -Adidas -HBO -Boston Harbor Hotel -Bermuda -Maine -Husson University -VCU Fuseideas, I would say, has a philosophy of caring for the way potential consumers of the products view the ad. They have a way of trying to get inside their minds and make them believe they have to go to Bermuda or wear Adidas. They make the ads appeal to you even if you do not want to go to Bermuda. With the Adidas ads Fuseideas shows all the athletes wearing the gear. This tells the viewers that if they play any kind of sport they should be wearing Adidas. I think this is what makes Fuseideas successful. Miller Group Miller Group is located in Los Angeles, California. Miller Group Represents: -GE -ReMax -7 Eleven -DirectTV -SC Johnson -Kenwood Miller Group philosophy is to develop long relationships with their clients in order to produce the best ads they can. They try to stand out from the other competitors in order to draw a bigger response. I think they are successful because they are willing to have a long relationship with their clients. Competitors might just be looking for that one ad to have a big hit then move on. Miller Group wants to make an impact on the world. These ad companies are similar and different from each other. All the companies are very passionate about having a good relationship with their clients and producing ads that people enjoy. Miller Group and The Martin Agency are similar because they have the more common clients people are more likely to see. While Fuseideas has more of a small not so common client list. Fuseideas is different from the other two because they specialize in print ads for magazines rather than commercials. The Martin Group is the most popular out of the three and I think that sets them apart. I say this because potential clients are going to recognize that and try to have them make an ad for their company or product.

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Transcript: Copy Platform Boomtown Singles Media Recommendations 20-something, enjoys adventure, linked into social media Rationale Product Overview and Industry Information "premium footwear for the outdoor minded" young adults 18-35 Television Magazine Social Media Interactive Website The objective of the Ad+ Agency is to deliver premium Chaco Brand Footwear to an outdoor minded market through the proposed advertising campaign. Current Market Share Founder Mark Paigen-1989 Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. Z-Strap Sandal Footwear Industry Trends Social,Technological, Regulartory Non-profit sponsorship, Press Releases, Television Advertisements,and Social Media campaigns would be the best IMC tools to receive the best reach Non-Profit Sponsorship Customers buy from companies who have social responsiblilty Press Release Free publicity Television Advertisement Target Market actively watches TV Social Media Campaign Target Market seeks out brand information on social media Chaco's 'Fit for Adventure' Brand Experience Tour Hits the Road Again. (2015). Retrieved October 21, 2015. Chaco | Wolverine Worldwide. (2015). Retrieved October 21, 2015. “Wolverine World Wide Incorporated”. Redbooks, n.d.Web.2015 < > Chac-O-Lantern. Web. (2015). Retrieved October 21, 2015. 2015 April | InsideOutdoor Magazine/ 50 year anniversary of The Grateful Dead. Web. (2015, April 28). Retrieved October 21, 2015. About Us | Wolverine Worldwide. (n.d.). Retrieved October 22, 2015 Who's At Your Table? (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2015, from Ben Atkinson Shelby Arnold Sterling Davis Madelyn Johnson Uptown Individuals Client Overview convey brand personality of reliability, style, and adventure company name/logo, website, social media account names Sources active/outdoor lifestyle IMC Recommendations Alliance with O.A.R.S. The Grateful Dead Chac-o-latern #chacoroadtrip Ecco KEEN'S Montrail Teva "Fit For Adventure" Samples display both utility and style Current Competitors Closing Remarks bring awareness to target market Ad+ Agency Target Market Profile

Ad Agency

Transcript: JOHN BOILER The most important part of their culture: Being a doer and a maker all the time. And we really place high value on continuing to do that because otherwise, if you’re not making the donuts, you don’t learn who the great people are, you don’t know what’s happening. So we’re keeping the mud under the nails. EXTERNAL PROMOTION MUSIC OPENNESS , COLLABORATION, SOCIAL CHANGE FOR GOOD, SUPPORT. Marketing services group - Full Ad Agency OR The hottest creative shop in the US. FILM PRODUCTION Campaign: United Colors of Bennetton - UNHATE CO-FOUNDER / CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER -People and culture. - Being honest and have a safe environment to be creative: There are NO bad ideas. COMPETITIVE SET 72andSunny created a Tinder-themed anti-smoking music video for truth (who selected the agency as its creative partner about a year ago) entitled “Left Swipe Dat” featuring all sorts of “YouTube celebrities” . CREATIVE DIRECTOR AWARDS MOTIVATION / INSPIRATION (And some of them have) Source: Youtube FOOD AND BEVERAGES FOUNDER/CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER MATT JARVIS The Vatican protested and got that particular ad pulled—they'd probably prefer an image of His Holiness necking with Iman. It's difficult to take the whole manufactured "controversy" seriously. This is Benetton, which has a track record of making shocking ads to generate buzz. It's worked before, with previous ads showing a priest and nun kissing and AIDS patients. Judging from the outcry, "Unhate" is working, too. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Source: KEY CASE STUDIES KEY CASE STUDIES FACTS: = The message of the ad is equally clear: smoking makes you less likely to get laid. Truth’s scare tactics use to involve illustrating cancer risks with body bags and calling out large tobacco companies for their history of manipulation. Now they involve telling teens they won’t get laid if they light up. After a brief introduction, the text: “Fact: You get double the matches if you’re not smoking in your profile pics.” NO LOCATIONS: STAFF STRUCTURE STRATEGY DIRECTOR Source: Youtube OPERATING OFFICER GLENN COLE Ad Agency Philosophy: Culture, people, culture. Environment: Vibrant, democratic, digital, plywood. - skate and surf cultures, and of the film and content communities. - Innovators that serve environmental concerns. The company is a two-time “Agency of the Year” winner for Advertising Age and Adweek. AGENCY VISION They trust their work is so good it'll eventually get the necessary buzz to get VIRAL. HEAD COACH Source: BRAND DIRECTOR Sometimes called the ‘keeper of the magic’. Part talent scout and part taking care of everyone's hearts and heads - She has a masters in Spiritual Psychology. DESIGN DIRECTOR * Creating Cultural Impact on Behalf of Brands *Create Memorable Executions *Using Campaigns to Highlight Society Issues INTERNAL CULTURE SERVICES: CYNDI YEE - Founded in February 2004. - Size: 400 people + 90 in Amsterdam TECHNOLOGY AGENCY OVERVIEW AGENCY EVOLUTION Working together with the clients to create better work and have a better experience. People who work there. An image of the Pope smooching an Egyptian Imam—who wouldn't like that? It's just one example of controversial kissin' couples (mainly world leaders in conflict, like Barack Obama and Hu Jintao, and Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel) from Benetton's new pro-peace "Unhate" campaign from 72andsunny in Amsterdam. The values of the place and of the people who are there now, are really in sync with key cultural values: Part of it is also luck and karma. DIFFERENTIATION NEW TECHNOLOGY The transition from traditional marketing to digital and the rapid emergence of social media. PARTNER/CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER - All 72andSunny products are in part a reflection of the personal influences of the people involved (aggressively insights-driven). Obsessed about functionality, clarity and culturally meaningful products more than most. Campaign: "Left Swipe Dat" ZOMBIES AND VAMPIRES RETAIL "Difficult times can be a great time to separate your agency from the rest of the pack. In an economy where there are too many agencies that look, act and talk just the same now is the time to rethink long-held strategic assumptions inside your agency and challenge decades of conventional wisdom in our industry, and push to learn, grow, and innovate".

Ad Agency

Transcript: National communication company Ad Agency Our services -Efficency: because we do our job in the right way. -Compromise: Because we take our job seriously. - Trust: Because you can trust that your job will be done by professional designers. Infraestructure: “Because we have the best technological centers making a wonderful service. High Quality service: “Because our workers are very efficient and have made the company a leader in its field, helping to resolve any tecnical problem. Innovation: “because we are constantly innovating through new technologies that make the best service and product of any communicational company we must be the best support to your company, giving to you a direct and effective communication - Graphical design - Ad consultacy - Freelance copy-writer - Digital software and platform Organigram ENTEL Brand values like comment share like comment share Arielle Solís Account dept The team Our client. like comment share Arielle Solís: Copy writer / Account Manager Copy writer the job involves to write the text for advertisement and all the responsabilities. Account Manager my duty is to support all the brand communications, especially with customers. Joaquin Toledo : Brand Manager / Creative manager Brand Manager the job involves a great commitment with the brands. Our responsability is to support his employer to do the best work. Creative manager the creative department is in charge of all the ad direction and the advertisement application. It is a national communication support company that supply all the chilean market of cellphones. The company has a very modern system of global communication, using micro-waves that travel around the country launching the message in every cellphone. Mission: Our mission is to make that all the people live connected in a good society. Vision: Our vision is to be the most important and loyalty company, making a different experience to our customers. Joaquín Toledo Creative dept. Our values Copy-writers Designers Mision

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Transcript: One office in Buckhead Staff of 13 Full Time Employees: - New Business - Account Managers - Creative Department - Accounting - Internships Founded in 1989 by Jocelyn Smith & Barbara McGraw Jocelyn- New Business Barb- Creativity "Partnership is like a marriage. You have to communicate and work together." C Create a plan O Objective Review M Make Tangible Ideas P Program Execution A Assess Results S Sharpen the focus S Surpass Expectations Loyal Client for 17 years 38 centers Establish Brand Identity Target Various Demographics Upscale Advertising Philosophy: Big Ideas & Tight Execution Recent Honors & Awards strategic marketing and advertising solutions Services: Integrated Marketing Branding Advertising Product Development Digital Media Inbound Marketing stories well told create brands well loved. COMPASS approach Size & Organization Clients & Specialties Cate Callahan The name "Infinitee" B.H.A.G COMPASS My Meeting with Jocelyn Smith, CEO & Founder •Jocelyn & Barb featured in the National Women Business Owners Corporation Newsletter •2012 “Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies To Work For” by the National Association for Business Resources •Received two honors at 18th Annual Communicator Awards •Ranked in the top 15 best places to work in Atlanta by the ABC in 2011 15 active Clients Retail Properties* Real Estate* Financial Education B2B What is Infinitee? + Infinitee is a full-service Atlanta advertising agency that knows how to improve brands, communications, and customer experiences.

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