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Account Plan Template Powerpoint

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Account Plan

Transcript: Account Plan Ashleigh Coxe Account Executive Agenda Agenda Account Overview Account Strategy Relationship Mapping Southestern Grocers Winn-Dixie, Harvey's, and Fresco y Mas Company Intro Overview Recent News Competition Publix Food Lion Wal-Mart Whole Foods Stand-alone Liquor Store in 2021, 2023 IPO cancelled in 2021 Chapter 11 in 2018 $9.6bn revenue 420 Locations 40k Employees Business Challenges The Brief Supply Chain Predictability Vendor Organization and Reliability Disparate Data across Stores Increasing Competion Company Culture Company Culture Growth Investments Anthony Hucker, CEO Technology eCommerce, PoS, BOPIS Hired New IT Talent “...we've accomplished a powerful cultural transformation" New Store Openings Liqour Store Openings "[New locations are] Part of our platform for growth" Remodeled half of their stores Remodel 55 stores/yr Offer wider selections Account Strategy Strategy Where can Palantir Help? (1) Supply Chain Predict, Plan, Solve - Inventory Issues (2) Store Data Consolidation Identify Areas of Opportunity (3) Vendor Organization Track Discounts, Stocking, Reliability Phase One Discovery Uncover Pain Points Quantify Challenges (Time, Money) Identify Desired Business Outcomes First Phase Phase Two Second Phase Roadmap Prioritze Use Case Identify Key Players (Get Buy-in) Quantify ROI Cost, Delivery, Schedule Phase Three Third Phase Pilot Establish Success Metrics Maintain In-Progress Reviews Quantify Value Grow into other areas of business Next Steps Next Steps Identify Key Contacts Set Discovery Meeting Relationship Map Relationship Map Anthony Hucker CEO Todd Renaud SVP, CIO Brian Carney EVP, CFO Andrew Nadin EVP, CXO & Digital Officer Key Contacts Key Business Users VP, Supply Chain Ops Paul McDaniel Sr Dir, Transformation Garrett Harbison Sr Mgr, Supply Chain Analytics Jessica Calloway BI, Analytics Architecture Ramana Indugula

Account Plan

Transcript: OVERVIEW 1 | ACCOUNT OVERVIEW Client | Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. Client grading | Target client Main contact | CTO - Charles Johnston Plan date | Q1/2021 Core business: buildings, civil and electromechanical engineering and steel structure. Employ qualified technical staff, administrative personnel, technicians, operators and unskilled and skilled work force. In the industry for 28 years with 300 employees and completed over 350 projects plus on-going Currently working on Command of Military works projects - ammunition stores, headquarters and facilities. Low profit margins, miscommunication and tons of printed documents Forecast: Increase revenue, improve communications and become more sustainable SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Employees with potential 28 years in the industry Worked and working on important projects Good relationship with material suppliers WEAKNESSES Resources limitation Low level of BIM Unused or useless printed data - hard to find Uncoordinated workforce Undeveloped interrelation with subcontractors Low speed in construction THREATS Highly competitive industry Increased competition Competitors adapting faster to digitalization Economical factors: Lower budgets Covid-19 crisis (global) OPPORTUNITIES Willingness to adopt new construction methods and technologies Low level of BIM in the region Press/media coverage of the company (sustainability) Developing a functional and coordinated project team Demand for environmental services Repeating projects in the future with same clients OBJECTIVES 2 | OBJECTIVES Reduce waste and CO2 emissions Improve communications Reduce costs and increase profit Meet deadlines More skilled staff How to measure success? 2 | OBJECTIVES KPI's Reduce waste and CO2 emissions Improve communications Reduce costs and increase profit Meet deadlines More skilled staff How to measure success? 2 | OBJECTIVES KPI's Environmental/ Sustainability Carbon Footprint Paper usage Reduce waste and CO2 emissions Improve communications Reduce costs and increase profit Meet deadlines More skilled staff Internal Communications Performance and productivity Interaction and collaboration monitoring Financial Reduction costs Innovation spendings Deadline Delay rate and deviation Task duration and deviation People Training costs Talent rate SOLUTIONS 3 | SOLUTIONS Data democratization access to data, avoid creating a bottleneck. Everybody understand and use data at any time to make faster and smarter decisions. 1 2 3 PROCESS TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE Choose and implement technologies Services that improve the process to reach the objectives Improve skills of qualified staff and teach unskilled workforce with training courses, use of new tools... ACTION PLAN Reduce waste & CO2 emissions 1 Transform all printed data into digital - Technology integration Create a zero waste/paper policy Create a recycling policy Improve communications 2 Communication apps (Zappier, Slack...) Weekly internal meetings Access to all the digital data Reduce costs / Increase profit 3 Reduce purchase of office supplies (paper, ink, pens...) Negotiate reduction costs with suppliers (materials) Evaluate bonuses - linked to company profitability Implement a program to calculate schedules and costs Have a clear outcome and transfer it to everyone through email and meetings Weekly meetings with the client 4 | ACTION PLAN Deadlines 4 Skilled staff 5 Assessment related to skills Training courses to up-skill or re-skill employees. Adapted to their core activities Implement Automation tools to remove secondary and easy-to-do by technology tasks - employees can focus on crucial tasks Additional technologies training PLAN REVIEW 5 | REVIEW Weekly: Email with stats about situation Bi-weekly: Phone or video call (30-45 minutes) with updates, discuss concerns and get feedback Monthly: Get involved into a meeting with the top management Quarterly: Phone or video call (1 hour) to discuss success up to date, issues, new changes and decisions to be made in order to move forward to the final success.

powerpoint template

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