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Transcript: Me: Becoming a professional soccer or expanding and owning my dad's business. Parents: A new big or remodeled house, and for us to be successful and have a good profession. Luis Valle Dreams Places lived Significant Adults Me: John Haley Elementary, De Zavala Middle School, Nimitz High School Dad: Primaria Ignacio Comonfort, Primaria Manuela Taboada, Secundaria Dr. Jose Maria Luis Mora, Conalep Celaya, El Central College. Mom: Primaria Hermanos Aldama #2, Jackson Elemetary (Rosenberg, Texas), Austin Middle School (Irving, Texas), North Lake College. Me: The difficulty we all face in school, difficulties in soccer in making new teams or staying in one and deserving your spot Dad: Crossing the border, living alone at 16, learning a new language, getting a legal status, being an entrepreneur and starting his own business. Mom: Crossing the border, getting a legal status. Me: My 2nd grade teacher Mr. T., My 1st soccer coach Coach G. Parents: Don Ramon (family friend), My dad's dad, Hiyatt boss (dad), My dad and grandparents (mom) Me: Playing in a Classic Division 2 soccer team, never failed a grade or class. Dad: Grow in a professional way, children growing professional wise, expanding and creating his company, achieved the American Dream, becoming a U.S. citizen., having successful life Mom: Becoming a U.S. citizen, having a successful life. School Attended Accomplishments LIFE MAP In my life I've only lived in Irving, Texas Dad: Orduna, Gto., Irving, Texas, Madell, Oklahoma Mom: La Escondida, Gto., Rosenberg, Texas, Fort Worth Texas, Irving, Texas. Challenges


Transcript: Accomplishment Failure Boast Question Everything My Happy Place >College Application Project< There are few environments where I’m completely content but my favorite place to be is my boyfriend’s house. Throughout the week I’m overrun with stress from school, work, friends, and my parents. However, when I’m with Ryan I forgot all my troubles and I find that the only thing on my mind is him. I think what makes my time with him so stress-relieving is all the movies and video games we enjoy together. During a fantasy movie it’s easy to lose yourself in the compelling characters and their quest to overthrow the evil or obtain a life-changing item. Our favorites are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I think it’s really special that we don’t have to go anywhere or spend money for us to be at our happiest. The time that I spend with him is by far my favorite time in the week. When I was young, my parents forced many beliefs into my head. Religion, politics, education, what I should be when I grow up. At first I listened to them, thinking that it was the only choice I had. I didn’t think outside of what they told me, they were my parents after all they must know best. However, over the years I realized their opinions weren’t the only ones out there. I started to realize I actually disagreed with them. Upon this discovery I began to start researching and forming my religious and political opinions. They were extremely different from my parents. I used to think if I were different they wouldn’t accept me, but now I know if they love me they will. I feel a lot better knowing I’m not just a follower. With this newfound knowledge, I now put more thought into things and I question everything. I think it takes a strong mind to challenge the “norms” of society, and I’m truly proud of my values and i believe my childhood has influenced me to delve into everything i study. In the 7th grade I tried out for our school’s volleyball team. I expected to be on the team and make it through all the cuts. How hard could it be? With this mindset I didn’t practice very much, I assumed I’d be fine. When the day tryouts came around I was eliminated in the first cut. The realization of failure kicked in. Initially I was upset but that failure drove me to improve my skills. I practiced for years and when I became a freshman in high school I tried out for junior varsity and finally, I’d done it. I made the team! Being involved in a sport taught me teamwork and dedication. This also prepared me for my future job and school years. I had to learn how to juggle many important things at once into a balanced day. I truly believe that this experience has prepared me most for college. On August 15, 2013 I was hired as a crew member at Wendy's. It was my first job and I believe it’s what truly marked my transition from childhood to adulthood. Throughout my first days I made countless mistakes. I tried to learn the ropes as best as I possibly could yet my efforts weren't competent. I had angry customers, trashed dining rooms, and worst of all dirty bathrooms. I wanted to give up. How could any amount of money be worth this? I asked myself during every shift. As much as I wanted to quit I knew I couldn't give up. I had to save for college, make car payments, and buy food and gas weekly. Additionally, Wendy's was lacking employees and since they spent the time and money to train me I felt as if I owed my service to them. No longer was I using my spare time to sleep and see my friends, I was spending my time working minimum wage and needed every minute of my free time to complete my senior year of high school with exceptional grades.


Transcript: Update Protektodo version ASR -Replaced the Defective VGA cord on the PC monitor of ASR-Sasa. -Reformatted a new PC2 unit of ASR-Sasa branch and installed the prerequisite programs. ASR -Setup the new client PC set in ASR-Sasa branch and swap the Client PC into a server unit. Mar 16 ASS -Fixed Disk error on PAL program of ASS-Piapi branch. Mar 17 ASS -Reformatted a new Client PC unit for ASS-Piapi branch and installed the prerequisite programs. Mar 18 ASS -Setup the new client PC set in ASS-Piapi branch and swap the Client PC into a server unit. BBV -Replaced the defective LX300+II printer and installed a brand new LX310 printer on BBV-Babak branch, Samal Island. -Installed prerequisite programs on Client-PC of BFY-Govgen branch. Mar 26 ATR -Rearranged the wirings of two PC units. March 9 Mar 10 Mar 25 BPX -Replaced the defective PS2 extender cable in BPX-Compostela and fixed the ACG Monitoring error. After: BQV-Fixed PPS Extended Reports program error on reports, cannot display all the foreclosed items. BER-Fixed Disk error on Rematado of BER-Lupon Branch, cannot update into PAL cashier. ASS-Fixed corrupted PAL program of ASS-Piapi Branch. Mar 14 Mar 12 -updates PPS14 version 03062015 thru online remote. ASS-Replaced the CPU Power Supply of ASR-Piapi branch. Mar 26 ATR -Replaced the damaged CCTVCamera #4 cable and resetup into the CCTV device. Mar 27 BFS -Travel mode going to BFS-Mati branch Davao Oriental. BHK-Fixed PPS14 proc BRANSORT error of BHK-Tibungco branch. Mar 26 ATR -Retrieved CCTV Recordfile dated 3/20/2015 around 3:00pm to 5:30pm as requested by PNP Tagum City. Mar 11 Before: Mar 22 Mar 28 BFS -Setup Client PC2 in BFS-Mati branch, Davao Oriental. -Swap the Client PC into a server. Mar 23 ASU -Installed prerequisite programs onto the new client PC of ASU-Ulas branch Mar 24 ASP -Installed the prerequisite programs onto the new client PC of ASP-San Pedro branch. -Reformatted a new Client PC of BFS-Mati branch and installed the prerequisite programs. Mar 13 -ACG Monitoring Program for Branches update thru online. -Reformatted the new Laptop unit of AAO-Louie Belonta and installed the prequisite programs for office. Accomplishment

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