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About Me Template

Transcript: All About Me By Mahir Dhaliwal Nationality Nationality My nationality makes up a big part of who I am because it is where I come from. So my mother is from Fiji and Fiji is this beautiful island near Australia. In Fiji there are two types of Fijians there are the native Fijians and the Indian Fijians I am an Indian Fijian. Which makes me in a way south Indian but my nationality is Fijian. Where i was raised Locations So I was born here in Calgary, Alberta. But I always go to California for a couple of months a year. I feel like I am more American at heart because of the fact all my friends live in L.A and that I grew up there. That's why it is an important part of me. I used to sit on the beaches with friends and we would always go to Disneyland it was the best. To me that makes me who I am. Pic 1 Pic 2 language Language When I was talking about nationality I brought up that I am from Fiji. this plays a part in my language. I speak Hindi and Fijian Hindi though I am more fluent in Fijian Hindi I do understand regular Hindi. Without my language, I don't think I would be my self because my language is a part of who I am, who my family is and where I come from. Religon Religon So religion can be a central part of someone's identity because it is what you believe in and follow as a person. I'm not super religious but I do have a religion and I also do prayers now and then and that's why I think it is an important part of me. I am a Hindu and we go pray at our temple on specific days when we need to. Also, for example, I don't eat beef because of my religion but I do eat chicken. Music I listen to Music I listen to music every day it is probably the thing I do the most. The type of music I listen to varies but mainly it is pop. I would say that pop in a way represents who I am for example pop can be very bubbly and energetic which is exactly who I am. Also, the fact pop music is more about love and relationships completely represents me because that's what I focus on in life

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