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University of Missouri

Transcript: MU Health in the future: improving lives for decades to come… Veronica T. Mallett, M.D. MMM Executive Vice Chancellor Health Affairs Candidate MU Health in the future: improving lives for decade... The Successful Academic Health System The Successful Academic Health System Changing Economics Fiscal Pressures Astonishing market consolidation Estimated that only 50% of the current health system will remain in 10 years Value based pay Focus on population health The Successful Academic Health System System based / broad regional presence / system wide services Solid reputation for high quality health care and health caring The Successful Academic Health System Strong aligned governance Organization and management unified Transparency Accountability system wide and community The Successful Academic Health System Enhanced skills and responsibilities of Chairs Focus on institutional goals Ready to lead change Evolution of practice structure Academic Health System Funds Flow Academic Health System Funds Flow AHS Funds Flow Enterprise wide strategic and financial plans Synergy between discovery and clinical priorities R and D system investment strategies Academic Health System Funds Flow Simplified agreements Transparency Incentivize entire AHS missions Creativity, population health models, group care clinics Academic Health System Funds Flow Enterprise wide funds flow model Mission focused Leadership that understands mission integration collaboratively developed appropriately resourced plans Academic Health System Education Academic Health System Education Academic Health System Education Comprehensive holistic understanding of health and health equity Population health Behavioral health Interprofessional and team based Technology delivered care Data analytics and blockchain Transformational Approaches to Research Open data Crowd sourced Citizen science New forms of knowing New ways to reward University of Missouri Research New Sources of Innovation Discovery and entrepreneurship Finding Solution To Some Of The Biggest Health Issues... Finding Solution To Some Of The Biggest Health Issues... Next Gen Precision Health Institute: Finding Solution To Some Of The Biggest Health Issues Incorporate The Strength Of The Institution Academic Health System of Future Academic Health System of Future Academic Health System Future Focus on Inclusive Excellence System wide intentional practice to ensure inclusive excellence Focus on students, faculty, staff, researchers, patients, and research topics Creating an inclusive community across Progress and innovation may depend less on lone thinkers with enormous IQs than on diverse people working together and capitalizing on their individuality. “A more inclusive world would produce larger bonuses.” Scott E. Page What can you expect from me What can you expect from me Strategic thinker Fearless Excellent listener Collaborative/approachable Love of innovation Passion/enthusiasm Leverage diverse experiences Fiscally responsible

University of Missouri

Transcript: Costs MEN'S baseball basketball cross country football golf swim & dive track & field wrestling Basics Student Life University of Missouri Ciara McCaskill 5th WOMEN'S basketball cross country golf gymnastics soccer softball swim & dive tennis track & field test scores: ACT scores: 24+ SAT scores: 1090 high school courses: mathematics: 4 english: 4 science: 3 social studies: 3 foreign language: 2 fine arts: 1 14 indoor facilities indoor track, cardio gallery, pump room, Clark's boxing gym 5 pools 50M pool, diving well, Truman's pond 6 outdoor facilities sand volleyball courts, tennis complex, MU rec trail 78 community parks 25 museums and galleries 200+ restaurants 30+ live music venues 17 festivals Admissions Requirements safety drills every semester fire, tornado, emergency securing campus safety walks a student may be escorted after dark MU Alert website for all emergency alerts on campus Financial Aid Safety IN STATE tuition: $10,716 room/board: $10,558 books/supplies: $1,124 personal expenses: $3,742 TOTAL: $26,140 Location & Area Columbia, MO 65211 OUT OF STATE tuition: $25,998 room/board: $10,558 books/supplies: $1,124 personal expenses: $3,742 TOTAL: $41,422 mascot: Truman the Tiger Agricultural Studies Communications Digital Storytelling Education Journalism Theater 600+ student organizations Athletes in Action, Autism Advocates of Mizzou, Calm Express dorms by 2021 all dorms will be newly renovated or constructed 50+ fraternities & sororities 40+ club sports 30+ music ensembles 30+ cultural groups 35,441 students 1,262 acres of campus 280+ degree programs 18 colleges and schools Sports Academics FASFA non-Missouri residents scholarships Missouri residents scholarships international scholarships Bachelor's: 91 Master's: 84 Doctoral: 66 Recreational Facilities Crime Rates

University of Missouri

Transcript: Graduate student Jonathan Butler along with a organization of other african american students called the Concerned student 1950 formed a list of demands for the university in order to improve racial tension. Some demans included having Tim Wolfe resign because of his lack of action. Having the university create a mandatoy racial awarness cirriculm for all students, and increasing the amount of black facilty and staff member by 10% . When the students realized their demands would not be met by the university they decided to take more drastic measures Disscusion Questions Where did it come from? Tim Wolfe #BlackOnCampus Annoyus online response system To many, the news of racial tensions at the University of Missouri may seem new, but it has been going on for many years and is just now getting the attention of the media. The strike of the football team tipped the scale in the resignation of Tim Wolfe, since the university could not affort to lose the money in football advertsment and ticket sale, on November 9th Tim Wolfe had no choice but to step down and apologize for his lack of action in trying to resolve rasing racial issues on campus. As seen in the video racial tensions have been going on at the university for many year and when students looked to university president Tim Wolfe to address and resovle the issues, his lack of action to improve the situation left them disappointed. Text AYALEWILL627 to 22333 The events at Mizzou have sparked support of African American students at many other universities. With the hashtag BlackOnCampus other African American minorities that attend predominatly white school such as University of Michigan and Yale can show their support for Mizzou Ayale Williams When student althletes of the Mizzou football team heard of Jonathans Butler hunger strike they decided to stand in protest with him. Racial tension at University of Missouri Support from Mizzou Football Team As a result on November 2nd graduate student Jonathan Butler decied to go on a hunger stike until president Tim Wolfe stepped down. Demands of students Jonathan Butler 1) Do you think that it was fair for president Tim Wolfe to resign? 2) Should there be a mandatory racial awareness and diversity course for all colleges and universities? 3)Do you feels as if the African American minority on campus were to ratical with their protest and demans? 4) Do you think African American minorites on campus over exaggerate the racial tension?

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