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90 Day Interview Presentation Template

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90 Day

Transcript: * DO NOT BUY DURING DETOX Friday Cardio FITNESS GAME PLAN STRATEGIES MINDSET 2 scoops Fast Fuel 2 scoops FIBERMEND Nutrients Packet Almonds DINNER OPTIONS Salad Afternoon Snack * DO NOT BUY DURING DETOX Zone 1 for 2 Minutes Zone 2 for 2 Minutes Zone 3 for 1 Minutes Repeat 10 Times Strategy 1: Plan Meals for the Week 7:00AM: Multivitmin, Omega 3, Pre-Workout, 1/2 liter water 7:30AM: Pogo-Cruizer Park Play 10:30AM: Post-Workout Breakfast Blend, 1/2 liter water 2:00PM: Sexy Salad, 1/2 liter of Water 6:00PM: Greek Yogurt, 1/2 liter of water 9:00PM: Dinner (Protein, Bean, Salad) Multivitamin and Omega 3, 1/2 liter of water 10:00PM: Sleep Beats Onion Broccoli Asparagus Mushroom Carrots Baby Tomatoes Sweet Potato Jalapenos Never Skip Multivitamin or Omega 3 The Race to WIN 90 Day BEGINS with a PLAN! MONDAY 2 Healthy Fats EXERCISE Strategy 3: Avoid Temptation and Focusing on ULTIMATE Goal Chicken Beef Fish Ham Turkey Pork GAME PLAN STRATEGIES Pecans Almonds Walnuts GOAL 4 Tuesday 2 Proteins Balsamic Vinaigrette & Spicy Chipotle Mustard Spinach Broccoli Carrots Hemp Seed Hummus Corn Creamed vegetables Canned vegetables Bananas Figs Prunes Oranges Conventional beef Pork Luncheon meats Hot Dogs Sausage Bacon Eggs Shellfish Soybeans Ketchup Mustard Relish Soy Sauce Barbecue Sauce Chocolate Iodized Salt White of Brown Sugar Ketchup Mustard Relish Soy Sauce Barbecue Sauce Chocolate SATURDAY Strategy 2: If I Feel Hungry, CHUG Water Before Deciding to Eat LIST Avocado Hummus Hemp Seed DETOX - JUST SAY NO BREAKFAST OPTIONS YOURSELF = Biggest Barrier to Success Total Cereal *Greek Yogurt Protein Powder Craisins Almond Milk Hemp Seed Free Weight Area BEAST-MODE Active Metabolic Assessment Guidelines 8 Vegetables StairMaster Elliptical Treadmill Condiments Strategy 1: Set Alarm in Phone THURSDAY Chicken Turkey Ham Fish * Egg Beans SUNDAY FUNDAY 10% body fat and 145 lbs by November 2th, 2013 Zone 2 for 50 Minutes Strategy 1: Saturday Night, Have Fun, Dinner Cheat, Recharge Zone 1 for 2 minutes Zone 2 for 1 minutes REPEAT 16 times 7:00AM Core & Stability Advanced Training Area 10:00AM: Sleep in, Multivitamin, Omega 3, Breakfast, 1/2 liter water 11:00AM: Ride Horses or Go to LAKE 2:00PM: Tasty Tacos, 1/2 liter of Water 6:00PM: Greek Yogurt 9:00PM: Dinner (Protein, Bean & Salad) Multivitamin and Omega 3 10:00PM: Sleep Pogo-cruiser Park Play Register 9AM or 6PM Spinach Kale Squash Zucchini Cucumber Red Pepper Yellow Pepper Orange Pepper Red Peppers SCHEDULE StairMaster Elliptical Treadmill GOAL 2 Raspberries Blackberries Blueberries Strawberries *Orange Apples Pineapple Kiwi *Banana SATURDAY 30 min before Workout: Generation UCAN, Almond Milk and Dynamic Greens GOAL 1 Cardio FITNESS 1 Protein Drink 6 Liters of Water a Day Omega 3 Multivitamins Black Kidney Lima Pinto FRIDAY 7AM Iodize Salt White of Brown Sugar Honey Agave Nectar Maple Syrup Corn Syrup Sucralose (Splenda) Aspartame Saccharin Candy Desserts Margarine Butter Shortening Hydrogenated oils Canola oil Corn oil Vegetable oil Mayonnaise Peanuts Gluten (wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut) Cow dairy (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, ice cream) Coffee Black Tea Soda Alcohol Energy Drinks THURSDAY 7AM STABILITY & CORE DINNER LUNCH 6:00AM: Multivitamin, Omega 3, Breakfast, 1/2 liter water 6:30AM: Pre-Workout (on the way to gym) 7:00AM: Stability & Crazy Core 10:30AM: Post-Workout Breakfast Blend, 1/2 Liter Water 11:00AM: Work Start 2:00PM: Sexy Salad, 1/2 liter of Water 6:00PM: Greek Yogurt 8:00PM: Work End 9:00PM: Dinner (Protein, Bean & Salad) Multivitamin and Omega 3 10:00PM: Sleep 2 Fruits Each Week TRY IT TUESDAY Raintree Greenbelt Park 10 Parkside Circle Allen, TX 75013 ONCE A WEEK VICE Active Metabolic Assessment Guidelines Sunday Funday BREAKFAST Active Metabolic Assessment Guidelines POST WORKOUT BLEND WEDNESDAY MONDAY 7:30 AM * Whole Grain Tortillas 1 Carb SEXY SALAD or TASTY TACOS DETOX DIET NUTRITION WEDNESDAY 7AM 1. Focus ONE day at a Time 2. Stick to DETAILED Plan RIDE HORSES 7:00AM: Multivitamin, Omega 3, Breakfast, 1/2 liter water 8:00AM: Work Start 12:00PM: Sexy Salad, 1/2 liter of Water 4:00PM: Work End, Snack, 1/2 liter of water 8:00PM: Multivitamin and Omega 3, Go out for Dinner, HAVE FUN 6:00AM: Multivitamin, Omega 3, Breakfast, 1/2 liter water 6:30AM: Pre-Workout (on the way to gym) 7:00AM: Stability & Crazy Core 9:00AM: Try It Tuesday 10:30AM: Post-Workout Breakfast Blend, 1/2 Liter Water 11:00AM: Work Start 2:00PM: Tasty Tacos, 1/2 liter of Water 6:00PM: Greek Yogurt 8:00PM: Work End 9:00PM: Dinner (Protein, Bean & Salad) Multivitamin and Omega 3 10:00PM: Sleep LUNCH OPTIONS ALWAY in STALK or 1 Bean Strategy 2: Keep Supplements by Toothbrush Strategy 3: Add to Detailed Plan 2 scoops fast fuel 2 scoops FIBERMEND Detox Nutrient Packet Omega 3 Multivitamins WATER SKI 6:00AM: Multivitamin, Omega 3, Breakfast, 1/2 liter water 6:30AM: Pre-Workout (on the way to gym) 7:00AM: Cardio Fitness 10:30AM:

90-Day Presentation

Transcript: Or maybe.. Easier access than Tibet Located in western Sichuan Approximately size of New York State or 1/2 Italy Population: 78% Tibetans 3 types of landscape dominate this region: Snow capped peaks Alpine forests Deep river valleys "Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum." Is It Authenticity? You'll be OK. Most dangerous High Energy January - April: Once a month Non-stop Multi-day flying Multi-day Direct flight with Hopper Familiar with tourist and $$$ Find "The Unbeaten Path" Don't settle for the $$$ ticket Italy Sample: Florence + Rome Info from the pros Please be safe. SO GO!! Use Your Contacts! Bhutan "The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday." Gathering Information Find A Path It's crazy and unsafe! Shane's findings Find me my security! OMG! Travel: Off The Beaten Path = Dominica Save Money and Go Farther What if I can't drive there? Meet and keep contacted with other travelers Indonesia Example - Mary Schmich The Far Zone But be willing to risk a little for a great reward. The "Out There" Zone Kenya Broadcasting your interests... A local's view World is like this! I swears! Find a driver. My Highlights 712 Miles Indonesia Find some tickets. Italy Sample: Off The Trail Snow capped Peak Where I'm researching. Epicenter - Mary Schmich Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture More in touch Find most direct cheapest flights. Find the cheap days and hang out in a new city while you wait. Bosnia Shane's Crazy Zone Theory Finding a good one. Feeling Out The Marketing! My Worst Case? Find your purpose Closer To Culture? Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Documentaries Get out there. Low Cost Unique Cultures Here’s my route, what would you change to better my experience? How are you going to make my experience unique? Low energy / Relaxing Tanzania Beggars $600 New Guinea Intense Experiences - Find the best day to fly. Expensive Sacred Headwaters What's your car like? AC? Pickpockets - Find a cheaper city to fly through Amazing Experiences Traditions Warm welcomes Don’t know tourists or scandals Unique Luxury? Svalbar Persevered Nature? High Energy Less comfort Need focus on culture to communicate Low Communication. Switzerland Amazing encounters

Interview Template

Transcript: Why I am Most Deserving of 100% I am the most well balanced student Backup Plan I am the most deserving student to receive a 100% grade because of my exceptional balance and active participation in various aspects of life. My commitment to academics, hobbies such as puzzles and playing the flute, and participation in competitive baseball, including regular travel to the US for tournaments, reflects my dedication to excellence and a well-rounded approach to life. Mr. Forsyth, you consistently talk about a proper work life balance, and I do this better then any other student. I: Play Baseball for Barrie Elite, and get asked to go down to USA tourneys to help teams Am apart of Gifted an Enriched program at my high school Have a job where I practice teamwork Play the Flute Volunteer with the elderly at a retirement home serving food Volunteer with young children at baseball camps/clinics and lead them in activities Interview - Spencer Pathway #1 (Ideal Outcome): Program: Kinesiology School: University of British Columbia (UBC) Reasoning: UBC offers a renowned Kinesiology program with cutting-edge research facilities and a strong focus on exercise science, making it an ideal choice for pursuing a career in fitness and exercise. Prerequisites: High school biology, chemistry, and math courses, along with additional science electives. Relevant current courses: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education Relevant projected courses: Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy and Physiology Link to info: Potential Cost: Tuition and living expenses at UBC can range from $25,000 to $40,000 per year, depending on residency status and program fees. Scholarships and financial aid options are available but may not cover the full cost. Notes: UBC's Kinesiology program aligns perfectly with my career goals in fitness and exercise. While attending UBC may come with a significant financial investment, the quality of education and opportunities for research and practical experience make it worth pursuing. Program: Fitness and Health Promotion School: Community College (e.g., Algonquin College) Reasoning: Community colleges offer practical, hands-on training in fitness and health promotion, providing a direct pathway to entry-level positions in the field. Prerequisites: High school diploma or equivalent Relevant current courses: Physical Education, Biology Relevant projected courses: Exercise Prescription, Nutrition for Fitness and Health, Personal Training Certification Preparation Link to info: Potential Cost: Tuition and fees at community colleges are generally more affordable than universities, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 per year for domestic students. Financial aid options and part-time work opportunities can help cover expenses. Notes: While pursuing a diploma at a community college may not offer the same depth of theoretical knowledge as a university degree, it provides practical training and certifications necessary for entry-level positions in the fitness industry. This pathway offers a more affordable alternative for gaining relevant skills and experience. Realistic Outcome Program: Human Kinetics School: University of Ottawa Reasoning: The University of Ottawa offers a reputable Human Kinetics program with a strong focus on exercise science and practical experience, making it a realistic choice for pursuing a career in fitness and exercise within Canada. Prerequisites: High school biology, chemistry, and math courses, along with additional science electives. Relevant current courses: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education Relevant projected courses: Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Learning and Control, Health Promotion Potential Cost: Tuition and living expenses at the University of Ottawa for domestic students range from $7,000 to $15,000 per year, depending on the program and residency status. Financial aid and scholarships are available to help offset costs. Notes: The University of Ottawa's Human Kinetics program provides a solid foundation in exercise science and practical skills needed for a career in fitness and exercise. While it may not offer the same level of prestige as other institutions, its affordability and strong curriculum make it a practical choice. A comprehensive guide for my career interview T - True H - Hurtful I - Intentional N - Necessary K - Kind Online Presence Personal Inventory Why Are These Optimal Differenent personalities value different things, but 8 aspects I value most are: Curiosity and Creativity Flexibility and Adaptability Debating and Argumentation Independence and Autonomy Optimism and Enthusiasm Intellectual Stimulation Unconventionality Freedom of Expression Career Paths Twitter/X: Instagram: a) Social Media Fails: I ensure that my posts on social

PhD Interview Presentation Template

Transcript: Why I Have Applied for a PhD Program Project 2 Overview Diving into [Project Name], I delved into [brief description of the research questions]. The methods utilized, such as [mention specific methods], led to [highlight significant outcomes]. This project enhanced my expertise in [mention relevant skills or knowledge areas]. Mostafa Gharbawi Dissertation project: Synchronisation of Heterogeneous Oscillators in Power Networks Introduction: Unveiling My Academic Journey With a background in [mention field], I am deeply passionate about [add specific research interests]. Through my academic journey, I have honed my skills in [mention relevant skills] and aim to make impactful contributions to the field of [mention field]. A Stable Power Network: Aim: Online integration of renewables into the grid, Eliminating environmental impacts. Challenges: Operational and inertial dissimilarity, system instability, Asynchronisation and frequency disturbance, Uncertainty in availability of natural resources. Prepared for the Next Chapter Personal Background: Studied Engineering Mathematics, Skillful in data modeling, Worked on numerous group projects, Helped my employer to increase revenue, Highly receptive, enthusiastic, and discipline. Envisioned Power Network: Project 1 Overview Solutions: Conventional power network model, Kuramoto model. Results: Synchronisation and stability equivalence, Quantifying network connectivity, Synchronous parametric conditions. Future work: Feasible synchronisation conditions, Locally merging green generators. Involvement in Other Group Projects Automation of Manual Tasks Early Prediction of Sepsis Disease Objective: Service Quality, End-user experience. Tools: Challenges: Data pre-processing, Missing clinical records, Effective approach. Binary Probabilistic Classification: Maximum a Posteriori method, Naive Bayes Theorem. Outcome: Reduced completion time to 20%, Streamlined journal process, Improved invoicing quality. Why Am I the Ideal Candidate for This Project? My educational background, Possess genuine passion for this field, Result-driven and pragmatic in approach, Responsible for my own academic development, Believe in AI as a tool for the betterment of humanity. Assignment Using MAP: Skills Acquired: Data quality assurance, Coding reproducibility, Collaboration & improvement, Interpersonal & communication. Final Results: THANK YOU FOR LISTENING Improved input data Increased success rate from 45-60% Any questions?

90 Day Presentation Miller

Transcript: First 90 Days Elizabeth Miller SIHP Head of School Candidate Objectives Your overall goals or whatever text from your spreadsheet will set the tone to start the presentation Objectives Approach Phases of Planning Year explain phases or just do a nice image & move along to the sub topics > Phase 1 Phase 1 Study & Research Phase 1 Focus: Through the first 30 days I will engage with key HOS and network team members; I will learn expectations for SIHP and my role, and understand the resources available to me. I will study and research all key components of HP school design and invest in integrating myself into the HP model and team. Phase 2 Phase 2 Community Building & School Model Planning Phase 2 Focus: Through the second 30 days I will begin building the SIHP community through beginning the hiring process, engaging with our founding families, and planning for the onboarding of our families and preparation of our staff. I will partner with NY-based HP schools to observe the summer preparation process and begin crafting SIHP's summer training vision. Phase 3 Phase 3 School Model Implementation Phase 3 Focus: In September, I will participate in the HP school experience at our existing schools as much as possible to: (1) see HP systems and schooling in action, (2) understand HP's approach to staff development and school management, and (3) build rapport with my HOS colleagues while fleshing out my vision for SIHP. We will also continue SIHP community-building efforts and I will spend time ensuring our DOO and I have opportunities to norm our lens for strong systems and events. Phase 4 Phase 4 Reflection, Evaluation, and Planning Phase 4 Focus: In the last week of my first 90-days I will reflect, research, and plan based on all I've learned, observed, planned, and envisioned for SY22-23. This time will be used to assess progress against anticipated first 90-day outcomes and to plan in-depth for the next 90 days. This will also be a time to learn more about anything I may not feel clear on, and invest in stepping back before we continue pushing ahead to our SIHP launch. This time to evaluate progress, learn, and plan will enable our SIHP team to ensure we are prioritizing purposefully and progressing on-pace against our year-long goals. Phase 5 & Beyond Phase 5 & Beyond Purposeful Planning & Execution; Ongoing Evaluation & Reflection In Phases 5-10, the focus will be on ensuring the rest of our planning year is structured to achieve all prioritized outcomes to ensure a strong SY22-23 launch. This includes operational planning and set-up, instructional management and teacher development/evaluation planning, and ensuring all staff, family, and student structures are in place. HP Curriculum & Instruction Curriculum Overall words Could include: "goals" "people" "considerations" Trial Phase 1 Unexpected result Phase 2 The pivot Phase 3 The pivot Phase 4 SIHP Community Overall Stuff Systems New Office Phase 1 Expansion Phase 2 Expansion Phase 3 Expansion Phase 3 Hiring OR if you just want to build out two examples, we can move this bubble on the home page and make it a more summative or "looking ahead" bubble Hiring

Interview Day Presentation

Transcript: 15th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Unique Culture Music, Dance, Reading, Coffee . . . Less rain than New York City, Houston, or Chicago (more days with rain) Sports Mariners, Sounders, Seahawks Safety and Quality History Mike Westley, Intensivist Residencies Internal Medicine General Surgery Radiology Anesthesiology Internships Preliminary: medicine, surgery Categorical: medicine, surgery Transitional year Structure: 4 Ward teams 1 Hospitalist 1 Resident 2 Interns 1 Med Student Wards Rounding: “One piece flow” Resident and attending alternate between interns for rounds “One piece flow”: Interns go over labs, notes, exam patient, create a note, present the patient to team, and update patient of plans, and finish the daily note “in flow” Internship at VM something about learning opportunities??, scholarly activity???, Library resources??? Morning Report – Case based, emphasis on evidence based medicine and board review One Intern Report per week during Morning Report Medical Librarian with specific EBM component Noon Conference Board review, led mostly by specialists Hospital Report Case-based inpatient report Grand Rounds on Friday mornings Simulation Curriculum Coding Curriculum Kaizen: Japanese for “improvement” Hospitalist, Rich Davis with team members Hospitalist group: Similar to a “Ward Attending” at some university settings Different from community programs with multiple off-site attendings - Full-time inpatient teaching role (no ‘competing interests’) - Minimizes attending education (attending knows system well) - Adherence to safety and quality performance enhanced Paul Smith, General Internist Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference with cyclic curriculum based on core IM subject material. Case based with focus on IM Board Review. Lead by subspecialty faculty and general internists. Fellowships Advanced Endoscopy Hepatology Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery Pelvic Surgery Regional Anesthesia Urology Who are we at VM? Mason Clinic established in 1918. Virginia Mason Hospital is founded in 1920. The first interns begin training in 1925. Actual residents Wards American Board of Internal Medicine: 5 year pass rate on boards in 97% ACP MKSAP Board review series Free to all second year residents. Board review course: Can be funded through your professional stipend. Admission system: Teams admit 7AM-7PM every other day Only one admitting team on weekend days One day off in each week Nightfloat covers 7PM-7AM Nightfloat patients evenly distributed in the AM No 24 hour shifts!!! Virginia Mason Medical Center Roger Bush, Hospitalist Internal Medicine Residency Program is officially established in 1939, the first in the Pacific Northwest. 2 senior residents and 2 interns per rotation Staffed by Full time Nocturnist Attending Senior Residents rotate days and both work the days the interns are off. Seniors have total of 10 days off during Night Float Block. Interns work roughly 5 days on and 2 days off. Total of 8 days off during block. Wards Joy Bucher, General Internist Carrie Horwitch, General Internist Daily Schedule NIGHT FLOAT Dave, our intensivist, also our river guide! Graduate Medical Education WARDS: Daily Schedule Conference Schedule WARDS: Daily Schedule The Emerald City Randi Morrison, Hospitalist Educational Conferences Internal Medicine Leadership Team WARDS: Daily Schedule Lower Floors Team C Team D Seattle Structure: Each hospital floor is specialized Michael Soung, General Internist Upper Floors Team A Team B Rounds are lead by senior resident. Cellphones and mobile computers improve efficient work rounds Interns present to residents, hospitalists facilitate - RN’s and other team members always sought for input/participation Non-profit primary and specialty care 500 physicians, 400 beds 9 Satellite clinics Including Bailey Boushay House Benaroya Research Institute Nationally and internationally recognized for the Virginia Mason Production System Alvin Calderon, Program Director Intern Caps: Wards: 8 patient contacts per day total 3 admissions max. on admitting day 4 admissions max on Sat or Sun Night Float: 4 admissions for each 12 hr shift per intern

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