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7 Minute Brutal Presentation

Transcript: Market Size & Usage Next Steps How are you willing to help make a change in the cannabis market with Mary Janes World; Money to contacts, sweat equity, advisory to equipment, lobbying to sharing this info? The mainstream will be served! Ask Future of the Start-up We make money three (3) ways immediately: 1) Wholesale - edible products distributed to other quality medical cannabis access points; (20% of Revenue) 2) Retail - multiple products at our small, owned, stand-stores, online + more at the regional 'destination' facility; (50-75% of Revenue) 3) Franchise - unit fee $15K + 8% royalties; (5-30% Revenue) Current operations - trunk, home and storage area; business conceived 2010, URL 2012; 6 store distribution and growing network; $3M Current Valuation. Margins - 20-120%+, product and sale/distribution method dependent; expansion models anticipate volume. ROI in-shop = 3 months of physical shop opening in owned Real Estate Asset Projections = year 5 $50M sales, so 15x ROI even without a liquidity event. Why? Low cost overhead + Franchise business model. (#'s conservatively estimated from Subway franchise model.) A Franchise Health & Wellness Club for all; We bring Quality, Prescribed-Cannabis, Hemp and ancillary lifestyle products comfortably to our 'mainstream' club members. Multiple, Franchised, owned-outright, small stands/shipping containers in parking lots throughout the 23+ medicinal states, territories and countries of the world with regional centers; McDonald's Ray Kroc stated he was in the Real Estate and systems business. So are we. Small Subway sandwiches is now #1. Real people, Real choices; Antithesis of the existing shops. A Franchise model = Growth. It changes things faster & more people are helped. Mary Janes World is a franchise Health & Wellness company; We bring Quality, Prescribed-Cannabis, Hemp and ancillary lifestyle products comfortably to our 'mainstream' club members. MJ World is a 4-Component Circle: 1) Uniform franchise, small, OWNED, stand-alone shops (Moveable, in parking lot)+ 2) Online/website wellness club + 3) Regional large center per State/area. (Not-moveable!) 4) Mary Janes World products; direct to consumer, wholesale to dispensaries. Multiple & growing product choices (pictured) raise the standards in the industry; labeling to consistency, taste, dosage, quality selections. P.S. Follow us on Twitter @CanChieftess and like us on and Pintrest We are prepared for a flexible journey as the cannabis plant will be de-or-rescheduled. S. Rowan Wilson, MBA M: 253-224-9395 Office: Surge Tacoma, WA Contact Info ROI is great; Small beats big; Own only paper outside of initial small shop real estate & a regional facility; stay lean and grow; buy roadkill. We do not intend to be traded on the US stock markets at this time. The vision of patient-focus must be maintained; 90% of companies die. This is a Branding and Real Estate game for the next 5 years folks. There will be roadkill thus, acquisitions. Purchase? - Amazon,, Alibaba, Costco, Starbuck's, Walgreens, a large healthcare network to Whole Foods, Virgin. P&G, Arm & Hammer and Pfizer have bought supplement companies in the last 2 years; probably not Novartis. Subway? Self-reported, 2.4M US Medical Cannabis users; 7.3% overall US Population uses. The chart = Nationwide 56% use 1-5x per mo, 17% use 26-31x. Cannabis & Hemp are the ways 'In' for some people; we also sell vitamins and ancillary products. Health & Wellness is a multi-billion dollar market predicted to be $1T by 2017. Costco has healthcare & pharmacy centers in-store; We could easily be in the front parking lot. Solution: Product/Services 23 medical states and D.C. & Guam, Israel to Uruguay, Canada growing worldwide. A multi-billion dollar market, OR and AK next legal sales in 2016. Current 'typical' options pictured: Dispensaries to Recreational stores are similar - Other-side-of-the-tracks-seedy, dark, black & green; generally NOT mainstream friendly to female or AARP folks. Lack of Product selections, standardized testing, marking, consistency of products; Does this really reflect Health & Wellness? Would your mother, sister, wife, you, a 'clean' nerdy college kid or even crotchety ol' Uncle feel comfortable there? Mary Janes World is the antithesis of the existing shops. Our target market are current Costco-style club members = the mainstream: Fellow Good Housekeeping readers and the AARP demographic including nursing home deliveries wearing medical scrubs. People need real, comfortable choices; quality sources to products. Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp are really more in-line with the $23B vitamins, minerals and holistic living market. Mass retail supplement sales continue to grow with ever escalating healthcare costs; preventative & 'alternative' care. Exit? Management Team Female business owners; Masters & Doctorate degrees; Healthcare experience; Fine confectioners and bakers as well as Project

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