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60s Presentation

Transcript: The 1960s By: Jamie Morley-Park Fashion Styles Fashion Styles Fashion styles during this decade were purposely meant to combat the original style for women and the previous dark color palettes for clothing. - Young women gravitated towards shorter skirts that gave a youthful style - Young men wore Italian-style suits with colorful ties and stylized jackets and dress pants - Little girls fashion did not progress all that quickly as they continued to wear plain dresses with defined waists. Colorful tights were sometimes embraced - Little boys wore followed the new popularity for denim and plaid Popular Clothing Popular Clothing - Miniskirt - Mini-dress - Maxi-Skirt - Bright Colors - Colorful ties/suits - Futuristic-Type Clothing - Military Jackets - Flared Trousers - Tie-dye Popular Accessories Popular Accessories - Pillbox hats - Thick-rimmed glasses - Cloche hats - Gold bracelets - Colored pearl jewelry Popular Hairstyles Popular Hairstyles - Beehive hairdo - Chin-length contour cut - Pixie cut - Pompadour - Mop Top - Long “Hippie” Hair Music Music Popular music styles included: - Funk that was influenced by psychedelics - R&B - Baroque pop With hippie culture in its beginning stages, changes in music were influenced by the values and culture of the movement. Musicians that were popular: - Bob Dylan - Joan Baez - The Beatles - Elvis Presley - The Rolling Stones - Led Zeppelin The Archies - Sugar,Sugar (Original 1969 Footage HD) Recreation/Leisure Recreation/Leisure Venues of entertainment included: - Live shows - Television - Movies Popular activities and more classic alternatives were bike riding, fishing, photography, baseball, bowling, and soccer. Popular Movie Stars/Sports Figure: - Muhammad Ali - Willie Mays - Audrey Hepburn - John Wayne - Paul Newman - Marilyn Monroe The American diet was influenced by the new ability of air travel. People began to bring over dishes from foreign countries. Restaurants like McDonalds and KFC were also popular because they were new establisments and convenient. Politics Politics Three presidents served during the 1960s, each one known for their contribution to the well-being for American citizens - Dwight Eisenhower ended his presidency in 1961- Worked hard to ease the tension of the Cold War - John F Kennedy-1961-1963- Using American idealism to help aid foreign countries - Lyndon B. Johnson- 1963-1969- His idea of the “Great Society” and leading the United States through the global space race JFK's Foreign Policy JFK's Foreign Policy - The Bay of Pigs Invasion was Kennedy’s plan to dethrone the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. On April 17, 1961, 1,500 Cuban refugees invaded the Bay of Pigs, however they were quickly defeated by Castro’s forces. This was a major defeat for Kennedy early on in his presidency. - When Kennedy met with the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1961, soon after the Bay of Pigs failure. During the meeting, Khrushchev claimed to want to still fix the issue of Berlin’s ownership. Kennedy was forced to renew the pledge to end with the Soviet’s plan by any means necessary. - The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 led to Kennedy forcing a naval blockade upon the island of Cuba. This was in response to the Soviet Union storing nuclear missiles on the island to compete with China and the United States in the arms department. JFK's Domestic Policy JFK's Domestic Policy - New social programs were created under Kennedy which included federal aid for education, medical care for the elderly, and advancements in urban areas - Kennedy wanted to enforce existing civil rights laws rather than create new ones - He pushed for increased minimum wage, aid for business and housing, protected those without jobs, and lowering taxes overall Johnson's Foreign Policy Johnson's Foreign Policy - Initally, when Johnson took office during 1964, he reassured the American people that he did not want American involvement in the Vietnam conflict. - In 1965, Johnson decided to go back on his word by ordering a bombing in North Vietnam. The bombing was followed by the invasion of American troops which had been the first time that the American military set foot in mainland Asia since the Korean War. - Wishing to end the “hawk” and “dove” situation back home, Lyndon wanted to quickly end the war by bombing Vietnam. Despite this threat, South Vietnam refused to back down and America ditched its efforts to aid the south. Johnson's Domestic Policy Johnson's Domestic Policy - Johnson strongly believed in the idea of the “Great Society”. Under this way of thinking, he pushed for aid for unprivileged Americans, regulating natural resources, and protecting consumers. - He gave large sums of money to colleges and universities to help expand their capabilities and gave to primary and secondary schools as well. - He established the Department of Housing and Urban Development and chose the first African American in the cabinet to head the new division. - Medicare was created to aid the elderly. Wars and

60s presentation

Transcript: Life in the 60's Facebook/social networks • The number of members • Benefits • On-line dating sites Volunteering • Socialize • Sense of purpose • Maintain skills • “Encore Careers” Part Time Job After Retirement • Crave interaction • New career opportunities Stress: •Learn your triggers: what makes you feel stressed •Be aware of how you feel each day and what changes your mood •Stress can present in physical ways: headaches, muscle cramps, upset stomach, trouble sleeping blood pressure, and heart rate •Stress affects your mental state: more emotional, irritable, difficulty concentrating •Long term stress affects your overall health: Get sick more frequently and take longer to recover Exercising Regularly: Over the years, numerous studies have shown exercise can protect against disease and early death," says Kathie Davis •Always be sure to warm up your muscles and stretch •Cool down, don’t stop abruptly (muscle cramping, lightheadedness, or dizziness). •Walking, Swimming, Cycling •5 hours of weight bearing a week is recommended to strengthen bones •Exercise lowers women's risk of heart attack. In the Nurses Health Study, researchers found the age-adjusted risk of suffering a heart attack was 54 percent lower for the most active women than it was for the sedentary women. Balanced Diet: Everything in moderation Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should make up 45 to 65% of an adult's diet. Low in fat. You should get no more than 20 to 35 percent of your total calories from fat. Low in cholesterol. Keep your daily intake to 300 mg or less. Low in sodium. Limit your sodium intake to 2,300 mg or less per day. Eat more fiber for digestive problems Healthy Lifestyle Habits: •Don’t smoke •Drink alcohol in moderation •Control stress/Anger •Sleep(As we age it is harder to get deep sleep) Wellness in your 60’s: A positive attitude, faith, and good relationships with others can make you healthier. "Your beliefs about a particular situation are very important in terms of your immune system's response to stress. The more optimistic you are, the higher the level and function of key immune cells in your body," says Suzanne Segerstrom The 3 basics: 1. Balanced Diet 2. Exercising Regularly 3. Healthy lifestyle habits By: Rachael Watkins, Courtney Brooks, Nicki Tuttle, Danielle Bowers, Laura VanEck, & Andy Auel Sleep: •Exercise helps regulate your sleep •Take naps in the early afternoon that last for 15-20 minutes •Naps in the late afternoon and longer naps throw off your sleeping schedule and make it more difficult to sleep •Avoid caffeine after lunch •Go to bed at the same time every night •Get up at the same time everyday •If you can’t sleep, get up and do something •Talk to your doctor about medications rather than self-medicating

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Transcript: You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes And you turn and run farther When the fast bullets fly. Many Americans felt uneasy about the amount of money directed at Vietnam when the money could have been used at home to help the suffering Americans. This led to many "teach-ins" where students and teachers talked about government policy in Vietnam I just want you to know I can see through your masks. 60s Music Presentation This is probably referring to DOW chemical who built all the Agent orange on other bombs used during the Vietnam War. This company prompted a protest against themselves by University of Illinois students in 1967 What's it about? You that build the death planes And I'll stand over your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead. Masters of War by Bob Dylan 60s Music Project The writer most definitely not agree with the direction the country is headed in. Assuming that the song is referring to the government, one lyric is "And I hope that you die and your death'll come soon", and mentions that the government has no soul. If the writer/song wants the government to die, then one can assume that he does not agree with the country's direction. You that build all the bombs- The song is about the governments lies, so it is obviously anti-government. It talks about how the singer can see through the government's facade of putting guns in their hands and then running away, meaning the government telling soldiers to fight and then lying to them after they've already started the war. It thinks all the government does is destroy lives and future. It thinks that the government is only out for blood and has even lost the trust of God. Is your money that good Will it buy you forgiveness This song is representative of the 60s as a whole because much of the decade was spent protesting the war, which is related to the song talking about the government turning on the country during the war. It represents many ideals of the 60s such as anti-war, anti-government. It also talks about how the government wants them to think that they can win a war, when the author knows that's not true, which was a common feeling in the 60s. Does the Author Agree with the Direction that the Country is Headed? Major Lines This most likely refers to Boeing, the company that built around 700 aircrafts during the war. You fasten all the triggers For the others to fire Then you set back and watch When the death count gets higher What the Lines are Referring to:

60s presentation

Transcript: Muhammad Ali, a heavyweight boxer, was among many of the great sports figures. Fashion. Technology. Entertainment. Major World Events. Up until the 60’s, high profile designers from Paris/ London would dictate the fashion. But during the 1960s, young average people lead the trends. One of these groups were called the mods or rockers Ladies Wear Google (images) Skwirk Wikipedia History The people history Mens-fashion love-to-know Stylish eve Latest hairstyles End memo Voices-fascinating facts Everyday wear: Fitted, straight-cut suit Slimmer, narrow pants Turtle necks Unique prints ENTERTAINMENT FASHION Reflecting First Lady: Suits (big buttons) Short boxy jackets Simple dresses (shifts) Pill box hat Large sunglasses Electronics were invented and new ideas emerged. The first computer game Spacewar! was invented in 1962 and in '63 the Sketchpad and video recorder were introduced. Automatic bank teller machines and compact cassettes also came out in the '60s. It was an era of great new inventions! THE SWINGING SIXTIES Other staples: Baby doll dresses Short shorts Culottes Pantyhose Tall, colorful boots Stilettos As the television developed, people would watch satellite and films in their homes including shows like "I Love Lucy", "The Beverly Hillbillies", and "Gilligan's Island", some of which we still enjoy today! The top-grossing film for the 1960s was 20th century fox's: The sound Of Music. Hippie Style: Bell bottom jeans Tie-dyed shirts Long flowing dresses Fringed vests Peasant blouses Hair styles: Short elegant Classic pin curls Blunt cut Bouffant style Chignan Toys for kids consisted of pop beads, play-doh, wooden tops, twister, sketch-o-matic, and much more! Some games from the sixties like Parker Brothers "Clue" and The Game Of Life, have been improved and now we still enjoy them today as well! Many events occurred in the 1960s, some fantastic and others not so great. The rise of counterculture movement in music, particularly among youth, created a market for rock, soul, pop, reggae, and blues music. Some popular and influential musicians of this time included Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and The Beatles. Cash was known for his deep bass-baritone voice, and was primarily remembered as a country icon. Automobiles remained relatively clean and boxy for this decade and the horsepower reached its max. Muscle cars and Ford Mustangs were popular and had great success. The modern hatchback, front-wheel drive and two-box configuration was born in 1965. Julie Andrews, who starred in "Marry Poppins", Audrey Hepburn, and Bruce Lee, were a few of the famous and fabulous film actors who entertained many sixties folk. MAJOR WORLD EVENTS Popular sports in the mid '60s consisted of football, baseball, and disc sports such as Frisbee. People had become alienated from social norms and experimented with the ways the dressed, ate, music, sport. There was Major League baseball and 2 football FIFA world cups along with little tournaments here and there. The technology in the 60s showed advancement from the 50s era and brought out new culture and design. By: Hadassah.G Other staples: Nehru collars Tie dye Bell Bottoms Denim jeans Leather sandals Est. 1960 Mens wear 1960-1969 "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." ~Berlin wall is built ~Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech ~Civil Rights act is passed ~Nelson Mandela sentenced to life in prison ~U.S. send troops to Vietnam ~First man on the moon- Neil Armstrong ~Cold war ~Assassinations of president J.F.Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Hairstyles: Long Crew cut Flattop Rockabilly Afros In the 60s there were many different forms of entertainment for young and old. TECHNOLOGY WEBSITES USED

'60s Decade Presentation

Transcript: Entertainment: Culture Martin Luther King Jr. Sports figures / Events James Bond, 1962 By: Olivia Loeffler, Madison Hayward, Caliegh Clark Christiaan Barnard 1967 North Vietnamese Soldiers Stand Near a Soviet-Made SAM near Haiphong, January 10, 1968 Malcolm X Painting/Art Political Figures: Culture Thomas Starzl 1963 A Record Cover By: John Van Hammersvelp, 1968-1969 Three Marilyns by Andy Warhol, 1962 Counterculture: Physchedelic Art The oldest son Crister Stark is trying out the first rigid tine harrow. At the time he is 11-years old. Scientists/inventors/discoveries/inventions Farming Culture vs. Counterculture '60s The Problem We All Live with by Norman Rockwell, 1964 Scales Mound, Illinois. By: Peter Max, 1968 By: Peter Max, 1968 Clothing/Fashion: Culture 1959 The Beach Boys, 1965 Apollo 8 1968 1960 1966,Väderstad Runner Harrow Film Mainstream: Industry/Economy Counterculture: The Beatles, 1963 Vietnamese soldiers War Mainstream: Knud Enemark Jensen 1960 Olympic games 1968 Cleveland Civil Disorders: 1966 - 1968 Counterculture: Painting/Art Psycho: 1960 Wilt Chamberlain Political Figures: Counterculture Entertainment: Counterculture Girl with Hair Ribbon by Roy lichtenstein, 1965 2000 Light Years Mary Poppins: 1964 Vietnam War Clothing/Fashion: Counterculture Counterculture: Scientists/inventors/discoveries/inventions City of Detroit Film Counterculture: Industry/Economy Mainstream: Veterans and Reservists Protest Vietnam War Counterculture: sports figures/ events Adam Cosmo The Big Three of Detroit The first successful heart transplant

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