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Transcript: Keeping records Index After and Before 5S SET IN ORDER SORT SORT SET IN ORDER SHINE STANDARDIZE SUSTAIN 2.1 Continuity of care. Records provide a case history and a more holistic picture in order to follow-up on services or try different approaches to assist the client. This last stage of 5S is the discipline and commitment of all other stages. Without “sustaining”, your workplace can easily revert back to being dirty and chaotic. 1. Organize the program committee. 2. Develop a plan for each S. 3. Publicly announce the start of the program. 4. Provide training and education to employees. 5. Select a day in which everybody cleans up his/her own working area. 6. Select a day in which everybody organizes his/her own working area. 7. Evaluate the results of 5S. 8. Perform Self-Examination and Take Corrective Actions Planning for implementation 2. The following section provides three reasons why it is important to document and maintain proper records: Arrange the work, workers, equipment, parts, and instructions in such a way that the work flows free of waste through the value added tasks with a division of labour necessary to meet demand The goal and process of the first “S” is organization. The sort process distinguishes needed items from unneeded items and removes the latter. The implementation team, typically consisting of supervisors and team leaders, is the next group to be trained. Requiring the same training as upper management plus training in team leadership, they should receive practical training through the implementation of pilot projects. The third stage of 5S is keeping everything clean and swept. This maintains a safer work area and problem areas are quickly identified SUSTAIN 2.3 Service improvement. Well-documented records can also lead to improved services to the clients by helping the staff organize his/her thoughts. 5S is a system to reduce waste and optimize productivity through maintaining an orderly workplace and using visual cues to achieve more consistent operational results. The 5S pillars, Sort (Seiri), Set in Order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso), Standardize (Seiketsu), and Sustain (Shitsuke) Said Bensaad and Unai Garmendia The five S´s Implementation Depending on a company's situation, 5S can be implemented in different ways. However, many companies have found success using the following 8 steps: STANDARDIZE SET IN ORDER Introduction The five S´s Planning for implementation Implementation Keeping records 1. Documentation and record keeping are important to ensure accountability, facilitate coordination of care between providers and for service improvement. Eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts. Go through all tools, materials, and so forth in the plant and work area. Arrange the work, workers, equipment, parts, and instructions in such a way that the work flows free of waste through the value added tasks with a division of labour necessary to meet demand Introduction SHINE We will teach the benefits of: • Signboard strategy • Signboard uses • Painting strategy • Colour-coding strategy • Shadow boarding 5S 2.2 Accountability. It is important to be able to provide relevant client information at any given time and the organization’s response to their needs. 3.


Transcript: Use 5 senses for visual cleaning. In other words..... Tools : Prevention. Checklists. 5 Minute 5S. Implementation 5S is hard work but the results are rewarding. Anywhere Set in order - Seiton What is 5s? Shine - Seiso Lower Cost Tool Drawer Improved Quality If you get lost along the way, use the 5S Road Map. This activity involves systematic sorting out, labeling and removal of all items not needed in the work area. Roles What does lead to? 5s - Improvement in workplace Search Time A way to organize out stuffs we can save time!! This activity involves making a standardized state that exists when the first three pillars are properly maintained. Office Improve It is applicable.... A place for everything and everything in its place. Reduce Tools : Motion Economy. Layout maps. Sign boards. Outlines. Color Codes. Clean all areas, machines, tools, etc etc. Tools : If you open it, close it. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you unlock it, lock it. If you move it, put it back. If you borrow it, return it. If you use it, take care of it. If it belongs to someone else, ask permission. If you make a mess, clean it up. Delivery on Time Tools : Standardize - Seiketsu Not necessarily.... Like anything … the more you do it… the easier it gets. Cash Registers Human Motion Tools : Red Tagging Local storage area for a predetermined amount of time. Central storage area for a predetermined amount of time. Throw away. Mistakes Sustain - Shitsuke Learn as much as you can about 5S. Employees like to be involved in company improvement. Are principles of 5s only applicable in workplace? Non value added activities Prepared by- Amey Bhawsar Educate co-workers. 5s is a technique that results in a well-organized workplace. Inventory Improved Productivity Improved Safety Home This activity involves cleaning the work place. Maintaining what has been accomplished. Sort - Seiri Bring your 5S ideas to your manager. 5S ensures that workplace is maintained. Hospitals Benefits of 5s? Lead by example.

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