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Reasons Why I Love You

Transcript: Funny Freaking ADORABLE LOOK AT THAT!!! You are so handsome baby! I love your hair, your smile, eyes, arms, legs, EVERYTHING! You make me wanna stare, drool, and go all derpy. SO HANDSOME! Sweet You know who I am And you're a pretty fab hair dresser.. U You make me smile! ...You think this is cute... Prince charming You've stuck with me...held onto the balloon...and didn't let me go. You stayed devoted to me, honestly and adoringly devoted to one person, and i just happened to be that lucky someone... You will never give up on me NINJA You...just make me laugh. I love this picture of you..Haha Ahh..I..I don't even know what to say to this.. ADDOORRAABBLLEE!!! You always know what to say You're comfortable with me Look at that fab... You know me.. I love my water.. I love you! You always tell me this. That i can't cry because you aren't there for me! I love that!! You'll get me Breakfast!!!! Cutest couple EVER!!! You go along with my silly things;) Look at that fabulousness right there! Sooooooo fabulous! (I love your face!) You never gave up on me...and never will. I can trust you to stay by me and be there for me..stop me when I fall, and catch me if I do. I don't know how...I don't know why...and I don't know how it's possible...but think this is cute... I think you are going crazy..but you know... Happy Birthday! My Christmas present in 2013. You gave me all of this!!! And a kiss!! I am so lucky.. You never let your love go F+A Because i can And I mean, come on...we're cutest couple! Giving Because you are you By: Me Even if it's just sending me a picture you always know that to say to cheer me up or look on the bright side. I love this about you. And even though you don't say it yourself, it's special to me... Knight in shining armor (napkins) You can deal with my family. #sweg You know how to make me laugh and how to cheer me up. I love all your silly faces, even if you think they are stupid!!! Reasons Why I Love You Fabulous You like my silly quirks:) No matter how hard i made it for you to keep a hold of that love you had for me, you stuck with it. you held onto your love and never let it go...never let me go. and as soon as i came to my senses, you were there for me, to help me, to guide me, and to reclaim me as yours. i am so so lucky... You know who I am. You know that i push myself past the breaking point and that I'm practically on self-destruct. But you help me. You deal with me. And no matter ho hard i make it for don't give up on me. You push through my stubbornness and tell me what i have to do in order to survive this. You knock sense into me. Sense that i don't already have. You keep my sanity... Devoted UR A UNICORN!!! Just 'Cuz You aren't afraid to love me Handsome You saved my life....with a straw! OMG.. Anndd... YOU'RE GOOFY! Because you have a big, caring, giving, adorable, loving, sweet, silly, dorky heart

52 Reasons why I love you

Transcript: #49 #9 You try and make me eat new foods and be less picky with my food choices. You're totally willing to cosplay as part of a pairing with me at conventions that we'll go to. #43 #37 How beautiful all your smiles are. #16 #35 #34 #3 The color of your eyes, they're beautiful! You write amazing stories/spoken word/poetry, and some of it has brought me to tears and/or made me be really happy inside. #10 I was going to put these all on a deck of playing cards and send it to you, but I wouldn't have had enough time to make and send it for Valentine's Day, so I decided to do this! #15 #48 #28 #13 #33 You love your boobs and complain when they get smaller. You look totally badass when shooting arrows from your bow. I can talk to you about anything. (And yes, a bunch of this was totally cheesy, but it's Valentine's Day, so it's allowed!) Your soft hands, especially when they're holding mine. You introduced me to Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica! #31 #29 You're so much fun to hug! #30 How you are completely fine with walking around the house in a pair of boxers. #20 You try to protect me from the uber Christian-ness of your family, especially from Heather. #14 #42 #12 You'll steal all the blankets at night, but apologize in the morning. Within the first year that we knew each other, we made plans to live together. #5 #1 #26 You find it hilarious that I "targeted you" to be my friend. The way your bangs practically stick straight out from your head when you wake up in the morning. #19 You love books, even though you don't have as big a collection as I do :) #39 #32 #46 You play video games, and aren't like Savannah where you don't even know how to handle a controller :). #2 You make an effort to keep in contact with me, no matter where I am. #24 How you always end up hitting me in the face with one of your limbs or some other object. We can totally sit somewhere and cuddle, even in a movie theatre. You helped me become a lot more confident in myself as a girl, and you still do. How you are fine with sitting and talking with me on the phone or in person for hours. #40 #45 You're hilarious! #50 The way you'll sometimes come up and hug me from behind. #44 We've never had a fight. #11 #47 You introduced me to the world of fanfiction and read all the stuff I write. #52 You'll have me crash a party just so that you can see me. We can relate on SO many subjects! You'll confidently go take me for a ride on a four wheeler at full speed and laugh when I freak out at how fast we're going. How you have that natural blush in your cheeks, and how much it intensifies when you're out in the cold. You'll stand up to others for what you believe in and are not afraid to tell someone off (with the right circumstances). #23 The two of us can sit down and read yaoi manga/watch yaoi anime together. The many different laughs you have, especially when they make me laugh too! (Like your hyperventilating one) ^ - ^ How the two of us can go people watching wherever we go. When you rant about something for a while. #51 52 Reasons why I love you! #7 #38 #18 One of the first things we bonded over was how we could totally kill someone and get away with it. #6 So, I wish you a happy Valentine's Day, my beautiful Princess! #36 You look so beautiful in whatever style of outfit you wear (work clothes, dresses, normal clothes, etc.). Your hair is so pretty!! And you tend to look fabulous with it most of the time too(I'm excluding the time when your mom cut it too short, because it sadly didn't look too good then because of how she cut it). When you have everyone telling you that you look amazing and giving you other such compliments, you need me to tell you something else instead (like that you look like a frog :D). #25 #21 #17 #41 When you're whining about how you don't want to do something. #27 You will put in serious effort to achieve your goal weight, and how happy you are when you do. You sometimes try to get me to slouch while sitting and complain about how I'm so proper when I don't comply. You sleep in when you can and have plans to eventually get me to sleep until noon. How we'll often do the exact same thing at the exact same time in the exact same way. You'll make me eat something sour and laugh when I start making faces. You like a lot of physical contact (with me at least), which means I get to give you lots of hugs! You're my BEST FRIEND EVER and my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! #8 You're a sucker for romance (like Pride and Prejudice). We made plans at one point to go around a graveyard at night with a shit-ton of roses and put them on the graves. I'm just now realizing how creepy we would be to anyone who was watching... You are totally up for binge watching anime with me any day of the week. (If we don't have other immediately important responsibilities) #22 #4

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