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50 states

Transcript: - The state capital is Sacramento - This state has the most people: 39.6 million people - Was able to send gold shipments to Washington in the Civil War California - The state capital is Carson City - Also known as the "Battle Born State" when it became an official state during the Civil War -The second state to join the Union Nevada - The state capital is Salem - Population: 4 million - Founded as a refuge from fights over slavery Oregon - The capital of the state is Olympia - Population: 7.4 million people - The leading lumber (cut wood) producer Washington - The state capital is Boise - Population: 1.7 million - Provides one third of the nation's potatoes Idaho - The state capital is Salt Lake City - Population: 3 million - Federal troops had a territory in the state Utah - The capital of this state is Phoenix. - Population 7.2 million - Their military served with the Confederate States Army in the Civil War Arizona - The state capital is Helena - Population: 1.1 million - One of the nine Mountain States Montana - The statae capital is Cheyenne - Population: 579,000 - Known for mineral extraction (coal, oil, natural gas, etc) Wyoming - The state capital is Denver - Population: 5.7 million - Home of the world's largest silver nugget ( 1,840 pounds) Colorado - The capital of this state is Sante Fe - Population: 2.1 million - Union and Confederate govts. had rights over the state during the Civil War New Mexico - The state capital is Austin - Population: 28.7 million - Was a slave state before the Civil War and joined the Confedrate states Texas - The state capital is Oklahoma City - Population: 3.9 million - The first ever parking meter was installed in Oklahoma (1935) Oklahoma - The capital of this state is Topeka - Population: 2.9 million - One of the states that tried to stop slavery in the Civil War Kansas - The capital of this state is Lincoln - Population: 1.9 million - Home of the only roller skating museum in the world Nebraska - The capital of this state is Pierre - Population: 882,000 - Missouri River runs through the state South Dakota - The capital of this state is called Bismarck - Population: 760,000 - The state is overall very flat North Dakota - The state capital is Saint Paul - Population: 5.7 million - Home of the oldest rock in the world, which is 3.8 billion years old Minnesota - The capital of the state is des Moines - Population: 3.2 million - Iowa contributed the most men to the military during the Civil War Iowa - The state capital is Jefferson City - Population: 6.1 million - Missouri was a border state during ther Civil War Missouri - The state capital is Little Rock - Population: 3 million - One of the states that depended on slaves during the Civil War Arkansas - The capital of this state is Baton Rouge - Population: 4.7 million - This state was quickly defeated in the Civil War by the Union Louisiana - The capital of this state is called Jackson - Population: 2.9 million - Had a large population of slaves during the Civil War Mississippi - The capital of this state is Springfield - Population: 12.7 millions - The state gave more than 250,000 men to fight in the Civil War Illinois - The state capital is called Madison - Population: 5.8 million - This state gave birth to the Republican Party Wisconsin - The capital of this state is called Lansing - Population: 10 million - The state sent many volunteers for the Civil War Michigan - The name of the capital of the state is Indianapolis - Population: 6.7 million - The home of the famous Indy Car Race Indiana - Frankfort is the capital of this state - Population: 4.6 million - One of the border states during the Civil War Kentucky - The capital of the state is Nashville - Population: 6.8 millions - Many of the major battles in the Civil War were fought in Tennessee Tennessee - The state capital of Alabama is Montgomery - Population: 4.9 million - Not many battles of the Civil War were fought in this state, but they contributed over 120,000 soldiers Alabama - The state capital is called Tallahassee - Population: 21.3 million - Had several space craft launchings Florida - The state capital is Atlanta - Population; 10.5 million - Almost half of the population was made up of enslaved people during the Civil War Georgia - The state capital is called Columbia - Population: 5.1 million - The first state to vote for breaking away from the Union during the Civil War South Carolina - The state capital is called Raleigh - Population: 10.4 million - Known as the "Slave State" during the Civil War North Carolina - The state capital is Richmond - Population: 8.5 million - Several famous battles in history got involved in this state (Civil War, american Revolution, French Indian War) Virginia - The capital of this state is called Charleston - Population: 1.8 million - The only state in the Union to separate while the Civil war was going on West Virginia - The capital of this state is called Columbus - Population: 11.7 million - The Ohio river was -

50 States

Transcript: Mississippi New Hamphere Capital: Bird: Flower: Wyoming Capital: Cheynne Bird: Western Meadowlork Flower: Indian Paintbrush Kentucky Capital: Frankfort Bird: Cardinal Flower: Goldenrod Delware Capital: Dover Bird: Blue Hen Chicken Flower: Peach Blossoom Capital: Boise Flag: Bird: Mountain Bluebird Flower: Syringa Date Joined the U.S.: July 3rd, 1890 Iowa Capital: Des Moinea Bird: Eastern Goldfinch Flower: Wild Praise Rose Oklahoma Capital: Oklahoma City Bird: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Flower: Milstoe Nevada Capital: Carson City Bird: Mountain Bluebird Flower: Sagebrush The United States North Dakota Capital: Beastmark Bird: Meadowlark Flower: Wild Praise ROse Missouri Capital: Jeffrson City Bird: Bluebird Flower: Hawthorn Maryland Capital: Annoplis Bird: Baltimore Orile Flower: Blacked-eyed Susan Nebraska Capital: Lincoln Bird: Western Meadowlark Flower: Goldenrod California Capital: Sacramento Flower: California Poppy Bird: California Valley Quail Michigain Capital: Lansing Bird: Robin Flower: Apple Blossom Vertmont Capital: Montpelia Bird: Hermont THrusher Flower: Red CLover Utah Capital: Salt Lake City Bird: The Common American Gull Flower: Sego lily Tennessee Capital: Nashville Bird: Mockingbird Flower: Iris New York Capital: Albany Bird: Bluebird Flower: Rose Bird: Willow goldfinch flower:Pinkrhododendron Date joined the U.S.: July 16th,1790 Rhode ISland Capital: Providnce Bird: Rhode Island Red Flower: Violet Colorado Capital: Denver Bird: Lark Bunting Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine Wisconsin Capital: madison Bird: Robin Flower: Wood Violet HAWAII Capital: Honalulu Bird: Nene Flower: Pua Aloalo Oregan Capital: Olympia Flag: Montana Capital: Helena Bird: Western Meadowrlark Flower: Bittroot IDAHO Arakansas Capital: Little Rock Bird: Mockingbird Flower: Appleblossom Flag: Capital: Salem flag: Bird: Western Mederlowrk Flower: Oregan Grape Dat joined the U.S.: February 14, 1859 Texas Capital: Austin Bird: Mockingbird Flower: Bluebonnet bird: Mockingbird flower: Magnolia Date joined the U.S.: December 10th,1817 Ohio Capital: Columbus Bird: Cardinal Flower: Scarlet Carnation Georgia Capital: Atlanta Bird: Brown thrasher Flower: Cherokke Rose North Carolina Capital: Railgh Bird: Cardinal Flower: Dogwood Lousianna Capital: Baton Rouge Bird: Eastern Brown Pelican FLower: Magnolia Capital: Jackson New Jersey Capital: Trenton Bird: Eastern Gokdfinch FLower: Violet Illinoy Capital: Springfield Bird: Cardinal Flower: Purpleviolet New Mexico Capital: Santa Fe Bird:Roadrunner Flower: Yucca Flower South Carolina Capital: Columbia Bird: Great CarolinaWren Flower: Yellow Jasmine Conneticut Capital: Harford Bird: Robin Flower: Mountain Laurel Indiana Capital: Indianopolis Bird: Cardinal Flower: Peony Arizona Capital: Phoenix Bird: Cactus Ren Flower: Saqura Cactus blossom Minnisota Capital: Saint Paul Bird: Common Loon Flower: Pinkand White Lady's splitter Bird: Yellowhammer Flower: Camélia Date joined the U.S.: December 14th,1817 Kansas Capital: Topeka Bird: Western Meaddolark Flower: Sunflower Washington Alabama Massasstuchets Capital: Boston Bird: Chickedde Flower: Mayflower South Dakota Capital: Pierra Bird: RIng-Necked Pheassned Flower: Pasque Flower Capital: Montgovermy Flag:

50 States

Transcript: Capital:Jackson Population:2,991,207 Two Largest Cities:Jackson and Gulf Port State Bird:Mockingbird Two Natural Resources: Cotton and Rice Border States:Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee Nickname:Magnolia State INDIANA LOUISIANA Capital:Augusta Population:1,328,302 Two Largest Cities: Portland and Lewiston State Bird: Chickadee Two Natural Resources: Potatoes and Apples Border States: New Hampshire Nickname:Pinetree State Capital: Harrisburg Population: 12, 773, 801 Two Largest Cities: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh State Bird: Ruffed Grouse Two Natural Resources: mushrooms and hey Border States: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia Nickname: Keystone State DELAWARE Capital: Richmond Population:8, 260, 405 Two Largest Cities: Virginia Beach and Norfolk State Bird: Cardinal Two Natural Resources: Cattle and Soybeans Border States: Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia Nickname: Old Dominion state Capital:Helena Population:1,015,165 Two Largest Cities:Billings and Missoula State Bird: Western Meadowlark Two Natural Resources: Sugar Beets and Wheat Border States: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming Nickname:Treasure State RHODE ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA Capital:Lincoln Population:1,868,516 Two Largest Cities:Omaha , Lincoln State Bird:Western Meadowlark Two Natural Resources:Corn and Soybeans Border States:Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota , Wyoming Nickname:Cornhusker State Capital: Oklahoma City Population:3, 850, 568 Two Largest Cities: Oklahoma City and Tulsa State Bird: Scissor Tail flycatcher Two Natural Resources: Wheat and Cotton Border States: Arkansas Colorado Kansas Missouri New Mexico Texas Nickname: Sooner State OHIO Michigan Capital:Salt Lake City Population:2, 900, 872 Two Largest Cities: Salt Lake City and west valley city State Bird:The Common American Gull Two Natural Resources: Hay and Turkeys Border States: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming Nickname: The Beehive State TEXAS Capital: Olympia Population:6, 971, 406 Two Largest Cities: Seattle and Spokane State Bird: Willow Goldfinch Two Natural Resources: Seafood and Apples Border States: Idaho and Oregon Nickname: The Evergreen State Capital:Montgomery Population:4,822,023 Two Largest Cities:Birmingham State Bird:Yellowhammer Two Natural Resources:Lumber, Steel Border States:Florida, Georgia,Mississippi, Tennessee Nickname: Yellowhammer State ALABAMA Capital:Indianapolis Population:6,570,902 Two Largest Cities:Indianapolis and Fort Wayne State Bird:Cardinal Two Natural Resources:Corn and Eggs Border States:Illinois and Kentucky Nickname:The Hoosier State Capital:Montpelier Population: 626, 630 Two Largest Cities: Burlington and South Burlington State Bird:Hermit Thrush Two Natural Resources: hay and apples Border States: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York Nickname: Green Mountain State Capital: Austin Population:26,448,193 Two Largest Cities:Houston and San Antonio State Bird: Mockingbird Two Natural Resources:Corn, Cotton Border States:Arkansas , Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma Nickname:Lone Star State Capital:Pierre Population: 844, 877 Two Largest Cities: Sioux Falls and Rapid City State Bird: Ring-necked Pheasant Two Natural Resources: Wheat and lumbar Border States: Iowa, Minnesota ,Montana, Nebraska ,South Dakota, Wyoming Nickname: Mount Rushmore state NEW HAMPSHIRE Capital:Annapolis Population:5,928,814 Two Largest Cities: Baltimore and Frederick State Bird: Baltimore Oriole Two Natural Resources: Seafood, Soybeans Border States: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia Nickname: Old Line State Capital:Jefferson City Population:6,044,171 Two Largest Cities: Kansas City and St. Louis State Bird:Bluebird Two Natural Resources: Corn and Hogs Border States:Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee Nickname:Show Me State NEW YORK KENTUCKY CONNECTICUT UTAH Minnesota Capital: Providence Population:1, 051, 511 Two Largest Cities: Providence and Warwick State Bird: Rhode Island Red Two Natural Resources: Vegetables and eggs Border States: Connecticut ,Massachusetts ,New York (water boarder) Nickname: The Ocean State Capital:Atlanta Population:9,992,167 Two Largest Cities: Atlanta, Augusta State Bird:Brown Thrasher Two Natural Resources: Peanuts and Hogs Border States: : Alabama,Florida,North Carolina,South Carolina,Tennessee Nickname:Peach State Capital: Tallahassee Population: 19,552,860 Two Largest Cities: Jacksonville,Miami State Bird:Mockingbird Two Natural Resources: Sugar and Oranges Border States: Alabama,Georgia Nickname: Sunshine State COLORADO Capital:Phoenix Population:6,626,624 Two Largest Cities: Phoenix and Tucson State Bird:Cactus Wren Two Natural Resouces: Gold and Silver Border States:California,Colorado, Nevada,New Mexico,Utah Nickname:The Grand Canyon State WASHINGTON Capital: Charleston Population:1, 854, 304 Two Largest Cities: Charleston and Huntington State Bird: Cardinal Two Natural Resources:

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