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5 Minute Presentation

Transcript: Don Haskins: "The Bear" Haskins took over the UTEP program for the 1961-62 season. His first Miner squad notched an 18-6 record. His second UTEP team posted a 19-7 mark during the 1962-63 campaign and made the first of Haskins' 14 NCAA Tournament appearances. Haskins, who was nicknamed “The Bear,” was the head coach at UTEP from 1961-99, leading the Miners to 719 wins, as well as a national title (1966), 14 NCAA Tournament appearances and seven Western Athletic Conference championships. The Miners captured the NCAA title on March 19, 1966, shocking heavily favored Kentucky, 72-65, for the championship. That year Haskins became the first coach ever to start a lineup of five black players at the major college level. The achievement was documented in the 2006 motion picture Glory Road. Don Haskins was known as a man who did not see color. In the press conference after winning the 1966 National Championship he said " "I really didn't think about starting five black guys. I just wanted to put my five best guys on the court, I just wanted to win that game." This quote shows the the type of person Don Haskins was. He was a person who did not see race and wanted to win at all costs. Haskins, who announced his retirement on Aug. 24, 1999, ranks 19th among all-time Division I men’s basketball head coaches with 719 victories. Don Haskins one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history passed away on Sunday September 7, 2008. He was 78. Texas El-Paso 1965-1966 Men's Basketball Team Don Haskins took over the University of Texas El-Paso (UTEP) men's basketball program in 1961 The motion picture was released on January 13th, 2006. Glory starred Josh Lucas (Don Haskins) and Derek Luke as Bobby Joe Hill. On March 19, 1966 Haskins led the Miners to their first NCAA Title shocking heavily favored Kentucky. That year Haskins became the first head coach to start an all African American line-up. It was documented in a motion-picture named Glory Road. Don Haskins was inducted into the Naismath Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on September 29, 1997 and the Jim Thorpe Association Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame on August 9, 1997 in Oklahoma City.

the 5 minute interview

Transcript: the 5 minute interview maría Paula hernández CIVIL ENGINEER 1. A phrase i use too often is ( AY NIÑA ) because i like my friends say so. MY SISTER AND MY BEST FRIEND. THEY HAVE BEEN VERY IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE BECAUSE I HAVE ALWAYS HELPED AND CARED WHEN I NEEDED THEM AND ALSO GIVE ME ADVICE FOR MOVING FORWARD. THE PROBLEM IN ONE OF MY TRIPS WHEN I WAS SMALL, I WAS WITH MY MOM AND DAD ON A SCOOTER, WE HEADED TO RECREATIONAL CENTER FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, BACK HOME IT WAS RAINING WHICH MADE THE ROAD WAS SLIPPERY AND FOR THAT REASON WE ARE IN AN ACCIDENT SUFFERED VARIOUS WOUNDS. 2. she just put on makeup when leaving party. ELEMENTS BRAINSTORM THANKS friend. 1. MY MOTHER, SHE MADE ME THE PERSON I AM NOW WITH ADVICE, MOTIVATION AND EFFORT. SHE ENCOURAGED ME TO ATUDY AND GET TO MAKE A PROFESSIONAL AND ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN ME TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS AND THANKS TO THAN. SHE IS MY INSPIRATION TO DO BETTER EVERY DAY. 1. she is a little small than my other friends. ¨Summary of my life¨ 4. she is almost a professional career in accounting. 3. she is a bit shy to make friends fast. 2. I wish people would take more notice of it is important environmet, because we need to care for new gerated. 3. The most surprising thing that happened to me is my life me to is my family is close and happy. 4. I´m good at remembering important dates, for example the dates of the birthdays of friends. 5. I´m very bad at cooking, because I´ ve never practiced. 6. The ideal night out is a romantic evening near the sea and sunset with my loved one. 7. You know me as a civil engineer in another life I´d have been loved an architect. 8. The best age to be is I think the best age is between 25 and 40 years, because it is where you can enjoy life. 9. In weak moments I would think in calm and analyze the situation. 10. In a nutshell, my philosophy is this I think we should achieve our dream and never give up. what is my talent? basketball because I like to play sports and lead healthy lives. similarity and difference. PEOPLE WHO HAVE INFLUENCED MY LIFE.

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