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Transcript: Many early designs (Mercury, Gemini, and Russian) were capsules Projects such as skylab and were special cases, where specialization was required. Each mission helped increase the complexity of engineering. The Present Getting to Mars! Maintaining Permanent establishment in Space International Space Station (ISS) New Propellants such as Nasa's Green Propellant Privatization of Space by Space-X, Boeing, and others. Bibliography Engineering of the past MARS! And how to get there History of Past Human Spaceflight NASA & contractors are working together to build spacecrafts like Orion that are capable of such a trip. New ion and green propellants are safer/easier to handle and last longer. Not Far from the ability to go to mars! Many plans are speculations, and some have not even been worked on yet because of NASA's focus on Mars. Asteroid redirect mission places asteroid in Lunar orbit, so we can study it... Maybe even start to mine them. Colonization of moon and/or Mars? Spaceflight was almost completely government controlled Russians and Americans in competition until Apollo-Soyuz, where they decided to work together Space Exploration largely built up for political reasons 4.41% of US spending was applied to NASA during 1966, compared to .47 % now (according to The Future First American Program was Mercury, followed by Gemini, skylab, and Apollo Space Shuttles were recently dicontinued The Russian-American Space race drove human and robotic exploration of space forward Manned Spaceflight's Past Manned Spaceflight's Present Manned spaceflight's Future "Space Shuttles changed the way the US did business in Space"- Ken Phillips, Director of Aeronautics HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT We have maintained a permanent presence in space for over 15 years largely due to the ISS Private Companies such as Space-X supply ISS, and have plans for operations such as "Space Hotels" Theodore Shulsky Period 1 5/19/15 Earth Orbit Space The Past "Apollo extended the range and scope of their lunar explorations"-Rumerman Observation: California Science Center: Endeavour Exhibit. Interview: Ken Phillip, Director of Aeronautics at California Science Center Letter to John M. Logsden Websites & Books: US Human Spaceflight: A Record of Achievement, 1961-2006. By Judy Rumerman, Chris Gamble, and Gabriel Okolski

Main Points

Transcript: Main Points Got out his client roster Put "*" by his family oriented customers Put "o" by his Flexible customers Put an "x" by customers to be dismayed Called the "*" and "o" customers to schedule them for the times that would allow him to be at his daughters games. Work/Life balance is a myth. There is no end date to integration You can't obtain integration in your life alone. You have to think small. Integration takes time and effort Many salesmen constantly find themselves at work or thinking about it. These salesmen find themselves trying to chase an allusive Work/Life Balance. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep your time and attention balanced on all the aspects of your life. Pro active vs. Reactive Working on your Approach Balance is only a short term solution where as integration is sustainable. If you feel total disintegration at a job then it might not be for you. It is normal to have one or two things at work bother you. It Takes Work Integration- 1. To combine two or more things to form or create something. 2. To make something a part of another larger thing. 3. To form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole. Balance- A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Key Points Easiness of Issues Life As a Salesman The Myth of Work/Life Balance Definitions Work/life balance is a myth. There is no end date to integration. You can't obtain integration in your life alone. You have to think small. Integration takes time and effort. Most Problems in integration are time and place problems. They can be solved easily. sometimes these problems go deeper and sometimes they stem to who you are.

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