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4 Blocker Template Powerpoint

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Bully Blocker 4-6

Transcript: Be A BUDDY not a Bully! When you finally tell a boy to stop bothering you at recess, he then threatens to beat you up after school. Raise your hand if this is bullying! A boy behind you steps on your shoe while your class is walking down the hall in line. Is this Bullying? No, because it was and accident A boy in your class puts his foot out and trips you every time you walk by his desk. Yes! This is bullying because it keeps happening You and your friend argue over who gets to be first in a game. This is Not Bullying just a little disagreement A girl in class tells other girls not to like you because you “dress funny.” This is a mistreatment because it didn't happen over and over Two girls are always telling your friends something mean about you, but still pretend to be friends to your face. This is Bullying because they keep making fun of someone Two bigger kids tease you and call you a baby every day while walking home from school. This is Bullying because it happens over and over! When you are playing at recess, some kids playing ball hit you in the head. They say, “Sorry, it was an accident.” This is Not bullying just an accident You call a friend to play. He says, “No, I can’t play today.” This Not Bullying! Your friend simply can't play today! When you are playing at recess, some kids playing ball throw it at you and hit you in the head. They laugh when you fall down. This is Bullying, because they are trying to hurt you and laugh at you! One boy in your class is always alone at recess. He is new, and several students often tease him about how he talks. No one plays with him. This is Bullying, because it keeps happening Watch Bully Blocker tools Watch Don't laugh at me video! I agree to not Bully other students! I will help students who are Bullied by speaking out and getting adult help I will include students who are left out. I am a Bully Blocker What to do if you are Bullied? What is a Bullying? Yes! This is bullying because he is threatening Mistreatment vs. Bullying

Smoking Blocker

Transcript: We want to merge the application with sensors to check the nicotine percentage in the body, and make beeps or notifications when the smoker smokes, and in the same time reduce it As well integrating a smart AI like Cortana that will motivate the user with motivation statements. The application is targeting the whole community, so we will publish the application free for a limited time (30 days) to organizations whom fighting smoking and that helps publishing the application to various people. The user enters data such as : age, the approximate duration of the beginning of smoking, number of cigarettes probably smoked per day (e.g. within 14 hours), the Price per cigarette. After that, application will analyze the data by applying graphs describing the user health condition. Then notify the user at the usual time that the user tend to smoke at that certain time. 1- Advertising : Using Internet and electronic sites, Publishing it to universities, schools, etc. Advertising in the official events for fighting smoking. Direct communications with consumers. 2- Sales : The application will be uploaded to the stores, and be trial for 90 days. Smoking Blocker Imagine Brains In overall costs such as doctors’ consolation, developers, designers and brochures that we have given away to the community, we approximated it to be 1$ for the application. As anyone here know that, any project must face different difficulties, in this application we conflict with many problems in the first time to make this idea realistic thing. Collecting ideas and information. A part of the community refuses the idea itself. Pursuing smokers to use this application. && Wael Khasati Break Even Point 1 months

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