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30 60 90 Presentation Template

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30 60 90 Presentation

Transcript: David Young Retail Sales Associate SUCCESS 30 60 90 Plan of Action CLIMB TO Retail Sales Leader Presentation Objectives My Objectives 01 Communication/Coaching -Build a dialog with reps to better understand their areas of opportunities and areas of strength Stack ranking -Use the stack rankings as a foundation for one on ones and for training new hires. Knowledge of products and procedures -Train and coach reps to understand the importance of the products we sell and how it effects our customers lives. Qualifications My Contributions to Metro 02 A resource to my team. A pro at responding to customer issues The ability to train and develop my fellow. associates and new hires. Technical knowledge that has helped create a better experience for customers and reps. Finding innovative ways to fix customer issues and different ways to help make the store runs more effectively. 30 Day Plan Observations 03 Preliminary observation guides for the team to identify the areas of opportunity and of their strengths. Get an idea of how the store should be managed as to have a consistent management structure. Observe management duties to get a better understanding of how to be most effective. 30 Day Plan Continued 3.5 Go over store numbers to see who needs the most growth in order to meet store goals. Help reps with knowledge on products and on current promotions. Work with management team to revue my own areas of opportunity and for best practices that have helped them the most. Mock secret shoppers. 60 Day Plan Plan of action 04 Have personal one on ones with team using the observation guides and stack rankings to work on the areas of opportunity. Revisit the stack rankings and have personal numbers updated on the board as much as possible, Make a plan of action for each rep during the one on ones to help with their growth in the store. 60 Day Plan Plan of action 4.5 Give the team the tools to better help relate our products to customer lives. Have the reps that are doing well, help the ones that need growth in certain areas. Having them push each other to meet personal daily goals. Meet with management team to work on my own areas of opportunity and to get strategies they have found to help them. 90 Day Plan Team Growth 05 Review progress from the last 90 days and have one on ones with assistant and store managers to work on my own areas of opportunity. Create an environment that rewards growth and store achievements. Review reps personal plan of actions and see if they are helping reps or if we can change them to help them grow even further. 90 Day Plan Continued 5.5 Check in with management team to make it a more consistent management structure for the store as a whole. Check with assistant and store manager to see if I am completing management tasks correctly and if they can be done more efficiently. Create a better experience for all of the customers that come into the store. Tools of Success Team Success 06 Use the tools I have amassed to make a better customer experience, help the store with over all growth, and continue to be a real resource to my team.


Transcript: 60 DAYS- INITIATE MOTIVATE the store through individual and group sales contests Leverage DM relationships gain compliance on a district level Real time contest offers through BBM will continue to get reps actively thinking about BlackBerry -- "in real time, all of the time". (USE, MOTIVATE, AWARENESS, TRAINING can all be leveraged through real-time BBM communication. One example, BBM a request for photos of collateral postioned in the store. First rep to send a photo gets a gift card.) Manager incentives Give managers and AM's specific sales incentives and rewards. 90 DAYS - COMPETE AND EXCEL App Incentives Task Seeding Store to store competitions approved by newly leveraged DM relationships OUR OVERARCHING GOALS AT 90 DAYS: MOTIVATE: As a reward for successful training reps are given 5 paid apps, this helps to increase mindshare, activation rate and dispel notions that BlackBerry does not have apps. Move motivating contests to a district level The first 30 days reps are encouraged to explore BlackBerry through a series of trainings and seeding. Goals: -dispel notion that we don't have apps -increase hipshare and mindshare -increase sales /develop store identity -50% increase in sales -Manager initiated incentives -Newly leveraged relationships (Allies behind the trenches!) -Harness and owning of mindshare and hipshare Continued healthy store to store competition to sell... USE: Reps are seeded devices with directions to add me on BBM for future sales incentives. BlackBerry's Future Training At the 60 day mark we focus on store identity in relation to BlackBerry through use and contests 30 DAYS - EXPLORE By filling me in on sales through BBM reps will be required to think of selling BlackBerry in 'real time' Reps who regularly communicate will be awarded accessories and gift cards AWARENESS- tools will be provided for the reps (like the App catalogue which fits in perfectly with this focus) to further increase awareness and hipshare driven sales. BBM SALES GOALS Train: Reps are required to download 5 apps on their devices and take me through them in a training with a sales focus.


Transcript: Identify Existing leads, key contacts Attack next steps! Internal resources and external partners Whitespace territory Make introductions Canvas entire territory -- email, phone, LinkedIn... Get word out to key contacts Utilize partners Maximize existing relationships Understand Self-guided training New Products New Partner relationships Messaging Marketing Offerings / webinars/ conferences Schedule on-site meetings back-to-back meetings within geography Canvas entire territory again! THANK YOU ... 60 days ... 90 days Experience 30-60-90 Execution Aggressively pursue demand Existing leads, key contacts, continue follow up Establishing Buyers, Budgets, Time frames Find new leads, fill pipeline Leverage Advanced resources (demos, contracts, executives) Establish relationships with partners Success stories/ references Sharpen Messaging (Product, marketing, pricing, deployment) Rapid deployment, Low TCO, SaaS flexibility Partnersphere/ offerings/ strengths/ resources Self-service demo on the fly On-going training Gain Traction Move leads towards evaluating Establish close plans with existing opportunities Schedule on-site meetings Plan lunch and learns for carriers in proximity Objectives Execution, Execution, Execution Up-front commits Create a sense of urgency Ask questions and shut up! Ask for the sale Win fast, lose fast Utilize every tool at my disposal Value Consulting Executive Alignment & Transformation teams Partners Journey Mapping / working timeline backwards from close Hold prospects accountable for these time frames Close deals Review/ Revise review 30/60/90 progress and revise as needed reestablish short term/ long term goals Set smart, strategic meetings Michael Oliver Guidewire Business Plan 1/16/17 first 30 days


Transcript: The Qualitative Road Ahead 30 days 30 days Establish a Strategic Partnership Establish a Strategic Partnership Introduction to the Field Introduction to the Field Personalized Video Introduction Personalized Video Introduction Field Survey Field Survey Regional Leadership Calls Regional Leadership Calls Schedule Weekly Team Calls Schedule Weekly Team Calls Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning Evaluate top Spring 2017 priorities with product team and identify remaining gaps in key target closes. Business Team Business Team Analyze remaining tracking data and identify largest qualified adoptions; push marketing materials accordingly. Tracking Data Tracking Data If rollovers account for $400,000 of remaining unclosed business, then messaging will be structured around roll-kits. If 25% of remaining qualified opps are POMarketing takeaways targets, then focus on competitive advantages, and "must show" assets, such as MiniSims. Action Examples Action Examples Sales Tools Sales Tools Review Review existing tools Revise Revise where appropriate Modular Demo Scripts to expand with needs based questions. Example: Example: Reorganize Reorganize Develop an organization plan to to successfully transition from sync to new tool. 60 days 60 days Tracking and Sampling Tracking and Sampling Tracking Map Tracking Map Sampling Checklist Sampling Checklist Q4 Marketing Plan Q4 Marketing Plan Flight Plan for Success Flight Schedule Flight Schedule aligning with the rep calendar In Flight Announcements In Flight Announcements First Class First Class highlighting achievements of our "frequent flyers" Frequent Flyer Contest Frequent Flyer Contest Priority Seating Priority Seating Making the Call Making the Call Let's Give 'em $omething to Talk About Let's Give 'em $omething to Talk About $12.4M in OB $12.4M in OB $13M in BLaw $13M in BLaw $10M in Intro to Biz $10M in Intro to Biz Needs: They Need Solutions Needs: They Need Solutions Mini Sims Mini Sims Continuing the Momentum and Reframing the Implementation Conversation Start the Conversation Early Start the Conversation Early Consult Consult get them required! REVEL REVEL pilots, pilots, pilots POManagement POMarketing BComm Low Cost AirFare Low Cost AirFare IC Opportunities IC Opportunities Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour Upgrade List Upgrade List refocus the plus one strategy on a single asset Sweeping the Corners Sweeping the Corners Long Runway Long Runway Intro to Business Intro to Business PRESELL ALERT: find, qualify, and create an Ebert takeaway opportunity get one REVEL preselling activity pilot review focus group REVEL REVEL Training Training Reps Reps Consultative Selling Techniques Consultative Selling Techniques REVEL REVEL Know The Story Know The Story interactive immersive engaging Demo Confidently Demo Confidently MyLab or Revel? MyLab or Revel? Specialists Specialists content implementation CDS Agents CDS Agents Training Around Priorities Training Around Priorities Implementation Implementation NSM Planning/Rehearsal NSM Planning/Rehearsal Leadership Sessions Leadership Sessions REVEL Pilots REVEL Pilots Competitive Updates Competitive Updates Preselling Priorities Preselling Priorities Hands-On Training Hands-On Training Rep Sessions Rep Sessions Priority Overview Priority Overview New Sales Tools New Sales Tools Technology "Taboo" Games Technology "Taboo" Games Hands-On Training Hands-On Training practice, practice, practice 90 days 90 days Fall Takeoff Fall Takeoff Technology Tracker Technology Tracker Planning Toolkit Awareness Planning Toolkit Awareness FDOC Tools FDOC Tools Make Demoing More Accessible Make Demoing More Accessible OneCRM Suitcase OneCRM Suitcase Monday Qualitative Newsletter Monday Qualitative Newsletter Optimize Cut-n-Paste Process Optimize Cut-n-Paste Process Virtual Events Virtual Events For Reps For Reps The REVEL Story Identifying your Targets User Testimonials REVEL REVEL strategy and implementation MiniSims MiniSims Strategic Local Calls Strategic Local Calls For Instructors For Instructors author led webinars instructor led sessions Make it Accessible for the Salesforce to Share Make it Accessible for the Salesforce to Share Hot Topics Hot Topics Incentivize Attendance Incentivize Attendance Analyze Data and Plan First Wave Travel Analyze Data and Plan First Wave Travel Alert LTS/DM of gaps and request opportunities be created. Identify Tracking Gaps Identify Tracking Gaps Worktrip Request Form Worktrip Request Form

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