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30 60 90 Day Plan Presentation Template

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30/60/90 Day Plan

Transcript: Speed Up Your invest, my value Conclusion ** Focused on getting out to customers and partners ** Meet all important stakeholders in management Start meeting all team members from the presales team Meet as many folks as possible Understand strategy, vision and identify challenges/gaps Learn about sales process, incl. forecasting Acquaint with company KPIs and reporting Setup weekly 1:1 with manager, talk about specific goals Start with technical training (& certifications) Complete all mandatory trainings (BCG, ethics, etc.) 30 Day 1-30: ORIENTATION Day 31-60: SPEED UP Day 61-90: NEW BUSINESS & CHANGES New Business & Changes ** Generate new business, start new projects & changes ** 30/60/90 Day Plan - Overview 30/60/90 Day Plan ** Focused on training and the getting-to-know-everyone ** Present comprehensive SWOT Analysis to local management team Implement meaningful changes (if and where necessary) as agreed with the management team Actively participate in generating new opportunities and business Develop new initiatives with presales team Join customer & partner meetings Understand and uncover customer problems Start reviewing opportunities (presales focus) with either methodology (e.g. MEDDIC or similar implemented stuff) Have regular 1:1 meetings with key stakeholders implemented Present findings of the first 30 days to manager (and management colleagues) Start actively coach team members for more success (GROW model) 60 90 Orientation Invest Value

30/60/90 Day Plan

Transcript: By: AJ King 90 Day Success Plan 30/60/90 AJ King Hometown: Detroit, Michigan College: Ferris State University Favorite quote: "The difference between those who succeed and fail; not taking advantage of opportunities." - Eric Thomas Experience with Staples Corporate and Enterprise Apprentice Sales Consultant: Denver, Colorado - 2016' - 2017' Strategic Account Leader: New Jersey/New York - 2017' - 2019' Territory Account Manager: Brooklyn, New York - Jan19' - Present Objective: To advance within Staples Inc. from Territory Account Manager to Sr. Mgr. of Vertical Account Development where I can utilize my strong relationship skills and customer dedication to help build a robust pipeline for the future success of our Healthcare and SLED markets. 30 Days 30 Days SLED and Healthcare orientation Introduction to team members Processes, procedures, policies, regulations Review book of business Review SalesForce data (leads, prospects, opportunities) Continued Continued learning of: GPO's and account protocols for Healthcare/SLED accounts Develop Yearly Plan: using the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time frame) 30 Day Plan 60 Days 60 Days Attend customer meetings with BDE/AM's Role playing sessions with team members to learn the Healthcare/SLED selling process Identify existing opportunities within book of business Meet with customers Prioritize high growth accounts/prospects Develop at least 5 opportunities Continued Review usage reports, market trends and purchase patterns to determine potential prospects/account growth Contribute to meetings by adding value during a prospective customer meeting "Dialing for $" to uncover new relationships and potential Healthcare/SLED prospects Expert knowledge in: Healthcare/SLED programs, solutions and partnerships Processes (BID's/RFP's/Amendments) Developed strong relationships with BDE/AM's to strategically grow accounts 60 Days Partner and collaborate with business development, account management and the LOB teams to create and execute regional growth strategies. To complete these goals I will need to: Example 90 Days 90 Days Reputation as a high contributing member of the Vertical Market team Weekly customer visits SalesForce funnel taking shape Continued revision of yearly plan as needed Scheduled meetings 2-4 weeks out Evaluation scheduled with manager Account Development I will do this by: Gaining in depth knowledge of my given region(s), existing book of business and specific customer needs Prioritizing high growth accounts/prospects Working with BDE's to strategize prospecting approach Create and execute a selling strategy by researching, identifying and prioritizing current customers and Healthcare/SLED prospects Ensuring my sales funnel is up to date with qualified potential opportunities How? Measuring Success Leverage my expert knowledge in Staples Vertical Market capabilities to prescriptively sell to individual customer needs Ability to speak about GPO's and Vertical Market programs on a high level Can identify and close opportunities Closed at least five prospecting accounts without immediate assistance Built trust within key accounts to maintain strong relationships; while growing a qualified pipeline for the future success of the SLED/Healthcare vertical Results Questions? Q&A

30/60/90 Day Plan

Transcript: Accountability Community Coaching Professionalism Clear Purpose and Goals Positive Motivation and Support Overview Daily team meetings and emails Tapping into calls Provide pipeline management quizzes Second voicing Team Workshops Team and individual coaching sessions Check-Ins P.A.C.E. Closing Statement Daily team meetings and emails Tapping into phone calls Second voicing Workshops Team and individual coaching sessions Check-ins P.A.C.E Utilize tenured reps Contests Team member feedback Key Themes My 30-60-90 Day Plan: The Key Goals and Strategies to Achieve Success at HomeAdvisor By Katie Rosman 60 Day Action Plan 60 Day Goals Challenge team members Improving overall team and individual retention, mHelp sale percentage and Cap/SP. Share ideas and tips of what has been successful Empower and encourage tenured team members Motivate less tenured reps to challenge themselves Minimum of 25 sales per week Win Alpha Cup Gain full trust of team members Consistently hitting individual and team goals Improving overall selling and closing ability Minimum of 25% mHelp Sales Increase team member’s independence Share ideas and tips Continue developing personal relationships Generate excitement and goal of winning Alpha Cup! Minimum of 25 approved sales per week Check-ins 30 Day Action Plan Integrate and form relationships Strengths and weaknesses New sales campaigns Hit weekly individual and team budget Set the tone Define my role as a manager Create positive atmosphere 30 Day Goals Daily team meetings and emails Tapping into calls Second Voicing Workshops Individual and team coaching Sessions Check-ins P.A.C.E. Utilize tenured reps Contests 90 Day Action Plan Personal Statement 90 Day Goals Personal Statement Key Elements of Plan 30 Day Goal & Strategies 60 Day Goal & Strategies 90 Day Goal & Strategies Closing Statement Thank You!

30-60-90 Day Plan

Transcript: Objective 60 Day Plan First, make sure that all of my on-board training and paperwork is in compliance with Tactile Medical Inc. Human Resources for a smooth start. Set up all proper work communication lines. (Ex. Cellphone, Laptop, iPad, Printer/Fax.) Propose a formal meeting with my coworkers to introduce myself as a dedicated team member and learn more about their individual roles. Educate myself to a full understanding of the company values and products. Begin field training with Heather Miller while building a strong relationship and level of trust. Start building client relationships as the new Associate Product Specialist. Complete all 60 Day Plan tasks at a satisfactory level with Heathers approval. Schedule and complete my final ride along with Heather to show her what I have learned and that I am ready to work for her needs independently. Analyze sales reports to seek where my concentration needs to be based in order to meet and surpass sales quotas. Continue to make progress as a top performing Associate Product Specialist. Exceed all expectations as a new hire. 30-60-90 Day Plan Goal Complete all 30 Day Plan Tasks at a satisfactory level. Conduct a meeting with Heather to assure that I have met all of her expectations. Build a strong rapport with everyone I am working with. (Ex. Heather, other coworkers, patients, doctors and therapists.) Perfect my presentation based off of shadowing my coworkers and studying in my down time. Identify more potential within our territory to bounce off of my team for expansion. My goal is to become a vital member of the Northeastern Region of Tactile Medical. Failure is not an option. I will earn a top performing spot by meeting all of my sales quotas with dedication and hard work. I will continue to learn and excel with Tactile Medical, earning my position as a Product Specialist within 12 months. Thank you! 30 Day Plan As the Pittsburgh Associate Product Specialist, my objective is to support Heather Miller and Karin Duprey in all endeavors needed to exceed all expectations, such as sales quotas and patient relations. I will contribute to assuring that Tactile Medical Inc. is a top performing medical sales company. I will play an integral role on my team working with therapists, doctors and patients. 90 Day Plan

30 60 90 Day Plan

Transcript: GOAL! "Nothing Great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" - Ralph Waldo Emersm 60 Days 30 Days "Learning is a journey, not a destination" Get to know the sales, marketing, and IT teams Meet Business Development Representative Introduce myself to Channel Manager Attend 2 week training Observe and learn from teammates Listen in on calls (Kevin Hoffman), take notes & learn from him Role play selling message Understand all administrative methods Identify key revenue opportunities in territory Learn key competition & their product(s) Create business plan for next Months sales Set up meeting with BDR & CM 90 Days Begin Journey with Ring Central 30 60 90 Day Plan Close 6 deals from pipeline, accumulating $120,000 in revenue Spend 2 weeks in territory, taking VAR, Channel Manager, Master Agent, and key account representatives to dinner/lunch etc.. Build rapport, understand what is important to them, gain intel on who is shopping Begin prospecting 6-8 good revenue accounts ($20k+) for following month Continue to listen in on calls from senior AEs, take notes & apply to my conversations Meet with manager(s) to discuss performance, business opportunities & role play selling message Bi-weekly meeting with BDR, take him/her to lunch to express appreciation for their teamwork Up sell high revenue account and generate more revenue for RC Conduct 12 sales calls each day Demo, and Proof of Concept calls Information gathering Identify key influences Set up on-site meetings/dinners with top revenue accounts Weekly meetings with manager Discuss current business plan objectives Role play selling message Coordinate with IT & Manager to join on-site meetings Close 5 accounts during first full selling month, generating $100,000 in revenue Coordinate with Channel Manager and build solid pipeline for month 3. Thank you!

30 / 60 / 90 DAY PLAN

Transcript: SUMMARY : During month two, this is when some real ground work will be done. Using the 80/20 rule to complete a thorough territory analysis solidify current account base and begin expansion of opportunities in target accounts Learn the coaching / on boarding process with the help of Adam Moyer Build strong relations with independent distributors and key retail accounts Start weekly store evaluations having received training in Month one Over View As we all know, time of the essence, time is money. I will hit the ground running as a new TSR in my first 90 days. My objective is to bring the North territory of Pepperidge Farm to a high performing status in terms of sales, revenue, and customer relations. My philosophy would be to run this territory as a self contained business within a business. 30 DAY PLAN I, huzail ssemakula if hired would ensure that the above goals are met. My drive, time management skills, excellent customer service skills, and the love for sales would guide me to achieving my 90 day plan. I am also well coachable and believe Adam Moyer would give me excellent coaching, mentorship, and the right tools to perform well as a new Territory Sales Representative for Pepperidge Farm. 30 / 60 / 90 DAY PLAN: Huzail Ssemakula 60 DAY PLAN As a new employee, strategic objective will be: Further learning company objectives and getting familiar with customers, company culture, attending all orientations with Adam Moyer and meeting other new and exsiting TSRs, learning and protecting the company brand and image as well as the various products through the following; Gathering account information key issues like cost, competition. Master all computer systems/CRM prioritize customer hierarchy : identifying the cash cows for Pepperidge Farm Setting future DSMP goals As I approach the 90 day mark, I should be fully acclimated as a TSR, I have the following objectives set for this period of time; fully support ZSM and independent distributors as needed in various ways Attend all scheduled meetings and workshops Ensure that DSMP goals are met, achieved, or exceeded. Continue to build and solidify strong relations with key accounts and retailers. Close business / ask for new business Reward Clients that are producing at a high level. 90 DAYS

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