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12 Month Timeline Template Powerpoint

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Month 12-Month 17

Transcript: Megan Rogers Month 12 - Month 17 Physical Development Physical Milestones Milestones Can get to the sitting up position alone Can pull themselves up to stand May walk while holding on to furniture May stand alone May take a few steps without holding on to furniture Toys Toys Walker Play Mat Balls Walker Example Play Mat Example Social/Emotional Development Social/Emotional Milestones Milestones Shows Fear Has favorite things and people Helps with getting dressed Plays games Toys Leap Frog MyPal Tickle Me Elmo Sensory Development Mirror Fisher Price- Laugh and Learn Smartphone Toys Example Tickle Me Elmo Laugh and Learn Smartphone Example Cognitive Development Cognitive Milestones Milestones Finds hidden objects Bangs two objects together Pokes things with index finger Follows simple directions Toys V-Tech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Leapfrog Safari Learning Station Fisher Price- Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home Leapfrog Dino Friends Delightful Day Book Toys Example Leapfrog Dino Friends Delightful Day Book V-Tech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Example Language Development Language Milestones Milestones Respond to simple requests Makes sounds with changes in tone Says "mama" and "dada" Tries to say words that you do Toys Leapfrog Phonics Fun Animal Bus Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck Lalababy 26 Letters Cloth Card and Cloth Bag Alphabet Blocks Toys Example Alphabet Blocks Leapfrog Phonics Fun Animal Bus Example Equipment Car Seat Potty Training Equipment Highchair/booster seat Safety gates Outlet covers Sippy cups Plates, bowls, eating utensils Equipment Example Baby gate Car Seat Example Highchair Example

12-month Timeline

Transcript: Willie Love /08/28/2020 Place your logo here 12-month Timeline Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership This course helped me to figure out what i wanted to do with my life. Now knowing my purpose i know what i want to attack in life. 1 Executive Leadership 2 A key point to this course is to come out a better leader. Many people have leadership qualities, but learning how to execute and be efficient on an executive level is something i want to get from this class Project and Team Management This course i believe is here to better help equip us with the skills to effectively communicate and work with our peers to create quality work. 3 Business Storytelling and Brand Development 4 I'm looking to learn how to take my product/content to the next level with the proper communication and intellect learned from this course. Entertainment Business Finance 5 A key aspect to gain from this section is to understand the financial obligations of Entertainment Business Digital Marketing i want to come out of this class being more efficient with learning the marketing world as well as mastering the digital aspect to marry the two acquiring the skills needed to garner success from my work. 6 Negotiating and Deal-Making 7 This course is the bread and butter for me. Knowing how to woo suitors to close out major business opportunities to build my legacy is key. Sports Management and Operations 8 This section is critical, Understanding the ins and outs about the sports world. Gaining all the information needed to excel in my life's calling. Legal Issues in Sports 9 Knowing these issues will remain pivotal to my everyday life. Staying clear of trouble and legal problems will make having a great career very easy. Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Sales 10 Learning the keys to Marketing will go hand in hand with sponsorship sales. Being able to gain sponsorships improves my image all the while letting others get in tune with my personal side. Business Plan Development 11 Acknowledging everything i would've learned to this point to put into a developmental plan will be crucial. This year of classes would groom me into the adult that should be ready for the world. This course will help to influence my plan to be a very well thought out plan to expound my career on. Final Project: Business Plan 12 My coming to age. This is where all the hard work comes into play. All the long nights of assignments and networking opportunities colliding together. This course is a huge defining month to understand what this industry wants and how to give them what they want out of me to grabbing everything i want in my life.

12-Month Mastery Journey Timeline

Transcript: 1. Starr Million Baker-; 512-382-8981 2. Jann Baskett-; 512-637-8999 3. Kari Hernandez-; 512-382-8982 4. Daymond John-; 212-273-3379 5. Christ McFerren-; 512-557-1463 6. Karen Post-; 813-250-1730 Goal: to learn the ethics and laws associated with entertainment business and how to protect my work as well as the work of those I work with. Research entertainment law and the rights of those involved. Use LexisNexis Academic to learn about business and legal topics. Goal: to understand the difference in leading as a business executive versus my other leadership roles. Research the different ways of conducting meetings and coming to the best decisions through a creative process. Find an individual to be a mentor or study that is known for being powerful and influential in business and relationships; then enter the apprenticeship phase and learn how to expand on my current leadership qualities. Product and Artist Management Business Plan Development Goal: to complete the business plan for BLBranding Corporation and setup appointments to present the plan to investors for funding. Research potential investors and make a list of those to contact. Decipher the percentages of my business I should let an investor own and present my plan to Daymond John. Entertainment Business Finance Project and Team Management Negotiation and Deal-Making Goal: lay the foundation for a feasible business plan that will gain momentum and investors. Learn the different parts of a business plan and what is required to prepare a successful one; utilize Business Source Complete and Regional Business News. Create the first revision of my business plan for BLBranding Corporation. Goal: to identify the path for me to maximize on my primal inclinations, to master all of them by learning how to think and operate to do so. I will research each facet of my vision; including branding, designing, the current market, and needs for community involvement. I will keep an active journal, write down all of my thoughts and designs that come to mind, and take advantage of every moment to maximize and gain more knowledge. Use Lynda to help create my Logo Adobe InDesign- Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership Industry Connection Final Project: Business Plan Business Storytelling and Brand Development Goal: to identify the best ways to publish and distribute music, as well as other works of art including my own writing. Research more into companies like ASCAP, BMI, and Tunecore to see how they distribute and gather rights for artists. Study the structure of a distribution plan so I can form my own when needed; become familiar with Westar Music and how it could help my future artists. Digital Marketing Industry Involvement: Clubs and Organizations Goal: to learn how to properly manage artists and brand them for media. Research the different techniques for artist management and how to resolve conflicts. Perform research in the Journal of Music Theory and Journal of Popular Music Studies to learn more on the subject matter and gain knowledge on different theories. 12-Month Mastery Journey Timeline Created by: Brittany Brown Executive Leadership Goal: to learn how to be an expert at negotiating so that I can get the best deals on my journey and decipher what is not worthy of a deal. Research negotiation tactics and master the best ones. Study the tools and concepts necessary for negotiation and deal making; utilize Business Source Complete Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution While studying at Full Sail University I plan to join the following: Christian Campus Fellowship DJ/MC Entertainment Club Entertainment Networking Society Full Sail's Electronic Dance Music Organization IntenCity Dance Club Social Media Club Xclusive Creative Student Networking Group Creative Writing Club Grammy U Media Design Group Music Publishing Society I have already expanded my PLN to include innovative branding companies in my area, different branding sites, as well as top branding experts; names include: Daymond John, Denise Lee Yohn, and Rob Frankel. My PLN also includes links for Daymond John

12 Month

Transcript: 05/4/15 Multimedia Reporting 11/24/14 Writing for Interactive Media 06/1/15 Mobile Technology and Communications 02/2/15 Research and Investigative Skills Development 08/24/15 New Media Publishing and Distribution Goal: Learn how to produce investigative stories in a media environment. Strategies: Monitor social media trends on sharing news. Research media sharing sites such as urban blogs. Review ways of sharing media in a non professional environment. Strategies: View tutorials on how to edit Multimedia content. Practice editing photos and videos. Practice using adobe photoshop, indesign for editing skills. Goal: Learn how to access, transfer, and process electronic information. Keys to Success: 12 Month Mastery Journey 03/30/15 Digital News Productions Strategies: With all the concepts, fundamentals and knowledge gained over the course of the program, I will create a multimedia package with print news and video news produced on a blog website. Complete thesis paper. Mentor Characteristics Goal: Learn ethics of mass media, new media behavior through legal aspects. strategies: Practice writing and reporting skills. Produce news worthy material. practice producing video news packages. Strategies: Refer to the course material provided to help produce visual text based content. Practice the various steps to produce the content. Find journalist to network with that have already produced such content. Strategies: Throughout the course, practice communication tactics. Refer to course materials to learn tactics. Refer to Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCOhost) for tips and resources. Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model. Exhibits enthusiasm in the field. Provides guidance and constructive feedback Sets and meets ongoing personal and professional goals. Respected by colleagues and employees in all levels of the organization. Motivates others by setting a good example. Thank you! Goal: To learn effective communication tactics for digital and online environments. 09/28/15 New Media Journalism Project By: TiaraWilliams 10/2014 - 09/2015 Strategies: Watch news clips of reporters reporting investigative stories. Practice reporting investigative stories. Read Anderson, D., & Benjaminson, P. (1976). Investigative Reporting to learn investigative reporting tactics. Goal: Master narrative principles by learning new ways of telling interactive narrative stories for visual and digital media. Strategies: Research media laws and ethics. Learn media laws and ethics in depth from the course material. Follow the trends of new media behavior by reveiwing comments on blog sites. Goal: Learn the concepts of interactive publishing and management. Goal: Learn how to produce visual and text based content for mobile technology. 07/27/15 Public Relations and Repuatation Management 10/27/14 New Media Communications 06/29/15 Social Media and Online Community Engagement 01/5/15 Legal Aspects of New Media Journalism Strategies: Use multimedia methods to tell narrative stories. Practice telling stories through digital and visual media. Refer to course material for tips and resources. strategies: Monitor digital news comments to understand how consumers react. Follow social media trends to see if consumers are talking about reported news. Goal: Complete Project and Graduate with Masters in New Media Journalism. strategies: View tutorials on accessing and transferring media information Practice transferring media information. Use course materials as a resources to learn how to process media. Strategies: Learn the techniques of distributing media Research knowledge of distributing and media management. Reach out to media owners to gain distribution and media management insight. Goal: Learn how media is shared outside of professional journalism. 03/2/15 Mulitmedia Development and Editing Goal: Learn how to produce and edit multimedia content for multiple platforms. Goal: Develop fundamental skills neccessary to produce journalism content. Mentors Goal: Learn how consumers asorb, act, and react upon news. Necole Kane: Jamie Foster: Sister2Sister Magazine Susan Taylor: Essence Magazine: 617.614.1600 Kate White: Cosmopolitan Magazine 617.614.1600 Amy DuBois: Ebony Magazine 617.614.1600 David Cary - Hearst magazine: (212) 903-5000

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