Put yourself in the story

We’re working on an entirely new presentation format that lets you interact with your content in ways never before possible.

The more connected we are, the more we disconnect from that which matters most. Guy Raz discusses his own innovative solutions in this pioneering Prezi A.R. video.
Oh, behave!
We previewed our latest augmented reality technology at TED Global 2017 with Robert Sapolsky’s fascinating talk on human behavior. See how he uses Prezi A.R. to amplify the power of his message.
The Making of a TED Talk
Get a backstage peek at the production of our very first Prezi A.R. video, with perspectives from Prezi designers, Prezi CEO Peter Arvai, and featured TED Global speaker Robert Sapolsky.
Dominic Eskofier's Talk
The Holodeck is almost here
Could we be about to realise exciting new technologies that we previously thought were just science fiction. Nvidia's head of VR/AR takes a closer look.
Astrid Kahmke's Talk
The Future of Storytelling
As the Creative Director at the Bavarian Film Center Astrid believes Virtual Reality is not a technology - it is a new medium. One that desperately needs new content to ignite the consumer market.
Dirk Schart's Talk
Journey to Jarvis
Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality empower us to see digital information directly in our work and life environments as if it was truly integrated into our world. Yet we are still using 2D screens to work and learn on a daily basis. Why are we still spending hours each day searching for the right information?

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