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Human Connection is Driving Students to Learn During Covid-19 Crisis, Says Prezi CEO

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Prezi's Video Tool Improves Live Presentations, CEO Says

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Prezi Encourages a Visual Story Presentation

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Microsoft PowerPoint Rival Prezi Raises $57 Million

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The Best Business Model

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6 skills to master as a leader in the hybrid workplace

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8 apps that can help you wow your boss, manage your time, and get that promotion

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A startup added one small step to their job application process — and no one has quit in 3 years

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I interviewed over 100 top HR managers, recruiters, and CEOs — these are the 4 skills they're looking for right now

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How To Avoid a Common Public Speaking Mistake That Will Leave Your Audience Distracted

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This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's dream iPhone, which he jokingly calls the 'iPhone Pro'

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PowerPoint Alternative Prezi Is Growing By 1 Million Users A Month—And Making Noise

Julie Bort  |  2015年3月12日

The Company Trying To Kill Microsoft Powerpoint Just Raised $57 Million

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Hungary Tech Firm Prezi Raises $57 Million, Eyes Acquisitions

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A Presentation Guru Shares His Top 10 Speeches

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This Detailed Presentation Shows How The Ice Bucket Challenge Went Viral

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12 Ways To Land An Interview For Your Dream Job

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Hot Valley Startup Prezi Sends Every Employee To Budapest

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Presentation Maker Prezi Added New Features To Lure Business Users Away From PowerPoint

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Prezi, The Mighty PowerPoint Puncher, Just Redesigned Its Site

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Why Prezi Is The New “Power Point” For Good Looking and Feature Rich Presentations

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101 Small Business Web Applications You Must Check Out

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Prezi as a Platform for Visual Composition and Design Experimentation

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My Prezi Conversion

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New Era of Collaborative, Real-Time Communication Devices

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How your presentations have to change

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Microsoft's Sway storytelling app now available for the new Windows 10

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The rules of video conferencing at home

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Are augmented and virtual reality finally gaining traction?

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Tech innovators pivot to support the post-COVID workplace

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7 tools to supplement (or supplant) PowerPoint

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Why More Companies Are Offering Unlimited Vacation

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Prezi Presents a Bright Future with Innovations, Purchases

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Content Marketing Formats Must Evolve

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Geospatial on a Budget 1: Presentations

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Create Engaging Presentations With Free iPad Apps

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Nurturing Teacher-Student Connections in a Virtual World

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Obama Touts ConnectEd Program In Remote Alaska

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6 Ways Virtual Sellers Can Stand Out On LinkedIn

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3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression on Video Calls

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Reinvent Virtual Meetings and Collaboration for Hybrid Work

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Welcome to the Hybrid Work Era

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Best Practices and Tools for Successful Hybrid Meetings

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How the CEO of Prezi Continues to Grow a Business That Went From 1 Million to 100 Million Users

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Finding Your Path to the C-Suite: 6 Tips for Women in Business

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How a VC Wants to Be Pitched

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This Innovator Spent All of His Money to Fly to a 20-Minute Meeting and Walked Out With a $1.5 Million Investment

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4 Trends in Sales Tech That Will Determine Success in 2020

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Sorry, Goldfish: People's Attention Spans Aren't Shrinking, They're Evolving

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Meet the Content-Marketing Geniuses Behind the Powerful Brands You Know

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TED Talk's Head of Conferences Reveals the Secret to Giving a Better Presentation, Every Time

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How 5 Companies Found the Perfect Company Culture Within Their Business

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The 5 Advantages You Have If You're an Immigrant Entrepreneur

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6 Must-Have Tech Tools to Close More Sales

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Leave the TPS Reports in 1998. Use These 4 Strategies to Update Your Business Communication.

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How HR Can Communicate Important-But-Boring Stuff to New Hires

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With These 5 Tools Entrepreneurs Can Run a Business From Their Phone

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Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Other Tech Giants Invest $1 Billion to Get Kids Online

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3 Simple and Creative Alternatives to Using PowerPoint for Presentations

Cynthia Boris  |  2013年5月10日

eschool news
10 at-home learning tips teachers can share with caregivers

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Harvard Researchers Find Prezi App More Effective Than PowerPoint

Chris Preimesberger  |  2017年7月25日

AR and VR Highlights from Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2018

David Cardinal   |  2018年6月4日

Remote meetings have overtaken our calendars. Here are 3 ways to home in on the most necessary ones

Tracy Brower  |  2022年8月16日

How teachers are emerging as the tastemakers of collaborative technology

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Zoom is failing teachers. Here’s how they would redesign it

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Why I’m betting that asynchronous video meetings will be the future of work

  |  2020年6月29日

Not another Zoom meeting: 5 alternatives to video communication

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Five Ways to Get Better at Thinking on Your Feet

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This Is Your One Month Timeline To Prepare For A Work Presentation

Stephanie Vozza   |  2017年11月22日

Scientifically speaking, Your PowerPoint Sucks

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Four Reasons Why Nobody's Paying Attention to Your Presentation

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Why It’s Better To Work With Someone Who Is Your Polar Opposite

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6 Ways Work Will Change In 2016

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The State Of The Most Influential Startups On Earth

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50 Free Apps to Make You an Incredibly Productive Person

Doug Aamoth  |  2015年10月16日

The iPad Pro’s Biggest Challenge: Finding Its Place Between Tablet And Laptop

Jared Newman  |  2015年9月24日

Kickstarter Nixes Unlimited Vacation Time For Employees

Neal Ungerleider  |  2015年9月24日

With Sway, Microsoft Reimagines Presentations For The Post-PowerPoint Generation

Jared Newman  |  2015年8月5日

This Clever Video App Tackles One Of The Biggest Problems Of Modern Filmmaking

Mark Wilson  |  2015年2月12日

Lost in Translation: What Surprises International Startups About Silicon Valley

Sarah Kessler  |  2014年11月28日

The First Company That TED Ever Invested In Is Changing The Way We Make Presentations

Ariel Schwartz  |  2013年7月31日

When a Disruptive App Benefits From and Undisruptive Design

Kyle Vanhemert  |  2012年11月7日

Why Your Presentations Lack Depth and What you Can Do About It

Shawn Graham  |  2012年9月11日

Financial Times
Budapest builds on talent pool

Murad Ahmed  |  2014年10月1日

Innovation demands more than tax breaks and education schemes

Andrew Byrne  |  2014年5月19日

Prezi: best thing since the biro?

Kester, Eddy  |  2014年5月3日

Sharing concepts: It is all about the presentation

Kester, Eddy  |  2013年9月19日

Barometer: innovation

Tim Bradshaw  |  2012年8月10日

Prezi Raises $57M In Funding

Staff  |  2014年11月19日

Prezi Closes 14M Series B Financing

Staff  |  2011年12月15日

Making Your Training Session Pop!

Steven Shaw   |  2016年2月3日

Six Ways To Make Your Next Zoom Meeting Actually Fun And Productive

William Arruda  |  2022年5月2日

Jim Szafranski Leads Prezi (And All Of Us) Into The Future Of Interactive Content

Laurel Donnellan  |  2020年11月11日

6 Tools To Bring Your Virtual Conferences To Life

John Hall  |  2020年10月25日

The Tools That Will Power The Remote Work Revolution

Laurel Farrer  |  2020年5月14日

6 Practical Tips For Video Conference Newbies

Bryan Collins  |  2020年4月29日

Mission Accomplished: Crafting A Meaningful Mission Statement

Dede Henley  |  2019年5月24日

The Top Ten List Of Practical Career Advice For College Graduates

Dana Brownlee  |  2019年5月10日

Storytelling increases social media audience engagement and loyalty

Stefanie Grossman  |  2019年4月8日

Why Budapest Is The 'Go To' City For Entrepreneurs

Alison Coleman  |  2019年2月21日

The 7 Best Presentation Software Tools For Entrepreneurs

Alejandro Cremades  |  2018年7月14日

The State of The ARt At AWE 18

Charlie Fink  |  2018年6月11日

Stop Using PowerPoint, Harvard University Says It's Damaging Your Brand And Your Company

Paul Armstrong   |  2017年7月5日

How To Stand Out In A Bland Online B2B World

Holly Chessman  |  2017年4月17日

Top Employers Say Millennials Need These 4 Skills in 2017

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How Bono, Apple And LinkedIn Make Presentations Engaging And Memorable

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15 Questions Technical Hiring Managers Love To Ask In Interviews

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How Your Health Impacts Your Company's Wealth

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Tools For CMOs That Are Making Outbound Marketing Hot Again

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How Prezi's Peter Arvai Plans To Beat PowerPoint

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The 5 Storytellers You'll Meet in Business

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How To Inspire Creativity During High-Stress Projects

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Mindful Communication: My Number One Goal For 2016

Peter Arvai   |  2016年1月26日

7 PowerPoint Mistakes That Make You Look Old

Michelle Panzironi  |  2016年1月16日

Company Parties: Skip Drinks And Pick Up Some Tools

Peter Arvai   |  2015年12月8日

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid On The Road To 1 Billion Views

Peter Arvai   |  2015年10月15日

The Real Reason Employees Quit

Peter Arvai  |  2015年8月20日

Stop Measuring Clicks, And Start Measuring Value

Peter Arvai   |  2015年7月30日

8 Technologies Boomers Need to Learn

Next Avenue (Contributor)  |  2014年12月11日

Six Ways To Avoid Death By PowerPoint

Kristi Hedges  |  2014年11月14日

How VC 'Trojan Horse' Helped Turn Budapest Into Europe's Newest Startup Hub

Alison Coleman  |  2014年11月7日

Prezi Blasts Past 1 Million Users in Australia and New Zealand

Jason Lim  |  2014年10月2日

New Survey: 70% Say Presentation Skills Are Critical For Career Success

Carmine Gallo  |  2014年9月25日

U2's Bono: How To Present Data Like A Rock Star

Carmine Gallo  |  2014年6月20日

Leaders Need To Unleash The Power Of Communication

Roger Trapp  |  2014年4月8日

5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

Melanie Haselmayr (Contributed)  |  2013年9月5日

Times Have Changed, Your Resume Needs to Change To

Rob Ashgar (Contributed)  |  2013年5月20日

Getting Millions of Downloads for an iPad App

Tom Taulli (Contributed)  |  2013年3月12日

Prezi: A Quick Look

Propoint (Contributed)  |  2011年5月16日

Stand Out From Competitors With Prezi Presentations

Susan Gunelius (Contributed)  |  2011年3月23日

Proximity bias is sabotaging HR’s fight for top talent

Amber Burton and Paolo Confino  |  2022年8月11日

How to run a meeting—rather than have meetings running us

S. Mitra Kalita  |  2021年6月2日

The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Startup Life

Peter Arvai  |  2017年2月14日

Want to Work for a Cloud Company? Here's the Cream of the Crop

Barb Darrow  |  2016年8月25日

Is This App the Antidote to ‘Death by PowerPoint’?

Heather Clancy  |  2016年6月7日

How to Pitch, Value & Fund Your Digital Baby - Part 3 of a 6-Part Series for Digital Entrepreneurs

Steve Andriole   |  2016年2月17日

Use These 24 Tools to Run Your Business From Anywhere in the World

Sujan Patel   |  2016年1月30日

Term Sheet -- Wednesday, November 19

Dan Primack  |  2014年11月19日

Fox Business
Want a Better Business Meeting? Be More Prepared

Nicole Fallan (Contributed)  |  2014年9月29日

Gazette Review
Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives

Staff  |  2016年2月27日

Prezi Business: Moving out of the Auditorium to the Meeting

Stowe Boyd  |  2016年6月7日

7 cool Microsoft Office alternatives to try on Mac

Editors  |  2019年5月1日

9 Free Web Apps to Replace Your Desktop Software

David Nield  |  2015年8月5日

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Darren Orf  |  2015年2月12日

Good Morning America
6 tips for parents to make remote schooling easier

Sarah Brown Wessling  |  2020年9月9日

Harvard Business Review
Stop Hosting Boring Virtual Meetings

Jim Szafranski  |  2022年2月7日

HR Solutions
3 Employee Perks That Make the Office a Better Place

Michael Hoberman  |  2015年7月22日

Huffington Post
Why Some Kids Are Shy In Remote Learning But Not In-Person Classes

Caroline Bologna  |  2020年10月12日

How To Help Shy And Introverted Kids With Remote Learning

Caroline Bologna  |  2020年10月1日

7 Ways To Get Kids To Actually Pay Attention During Remote Learning

Catherine Pearson  |  2020年9月16日

How Going Paperless Can Declutter Busy People’s Lives

Brandon Dempsey  |  2017年8月23日

Harvard Researchers Find Prezi More Engaging, Persuasive, and Effective Than PowerPoint

James Carbary  |  2017年7月5日

Conversational Presenting is Your New Best Friend in 2017

Spencer Waldron   |  2016年12月12日

How Intel's Andy Grove Taught Prezi's CEO to See Into the Future

Gabrielle Bienasz  |  2021年3月30日

6 Ingenious (and Fun) Tools for to Help You Get More Done

Christina Desmarais  |  2017年10月13日

Sales Teams of All Sizes Can Get Faster with These Solutions

Drew Hendricks  |  2017年9月6日

21 Daily Habits These Successful Executives Swear By

Christina Desmarais  |  2017年8月23日

10 Tools to Streamline Your Sales Process

Sujan Patel   |  2017年8月5日

The 1 Tip Key to Keeping Presentations Short and Engaging, According to This Year's TED Speakers

Carmine Gallo  |  2017年5月11日

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Give a Killer Presentation

Christina Desmarais  |  2016年7月1日

6 Brilliant and Affordable Tools That Will Make Your Company Smarter

Minda Zetlin  |  2016年3月30日

5 Clever Ways to Make Sure You Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Quora  |  2015年12月22日

How the Top 18 Female Engineers Got Their Start

John Brandon  |  2015年12月9日

The 3 Hardest Things You Need to Learn if You Want an Amazing Career

Christian Bonilla  |  2015年11月2日

10 Tips on Giving a Killer Presentation

Christina Desmarais  |  2015年6月9日

Top 25 Hottest CEE Start-Ups

Ben Rooney  |  2014年10月29日

Central And Eastern Europe Steps Up To The Plate

Ben Rooney  |  2014年10月29日

Interesting Engineering
27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

Saoirse Kerrigan  |  2018年7月5日

10 Tips To Promote Engagement On Zoom While Working From Home

Stephen J. Bronner  |  2020年8月6日

IT Toolbox
Let's Not Use PowerPoint

Trevor Eddolls  |  2015年12月6日

A Free Alternative to PowerPoint

Staff  |  2015年10月9日

How to determine your own productivity period

Lindsay Tigar  |  2020年4月21日

Most Popular Online Presentation Creation Tool: Prezi

Lifehacker Highfives  |  2015年1月29日

Prezi Improves Freestyle Presentations with Simpler Editing, YouTube Integration

Kevin Purdy  |  2010年1月25日

Prezi Makes a Zooming Map of Your Presentations

Kevin Purdy  |  2009年4月20日

Marie Claire
How To Conduct A Meeting: 5 Ways To Make Them More Interesting

Suzannah Ramsdale  |  2014年5月20日

Six Essential Design Tools for Marketers

Eugine Dychko   |  2018年4月10日

MarTech Advisor
Marketing and Sales Alignment in the Digital Era Must Be a Partnership in Process

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Using Conversational Storytelling to Drive the Bottom Line

Nadjya Ghausi  |  2018年4月2日

4 Reasons for B2B Marketers to Score with AR/VR in 2018

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Are you Overlooking this Blind Spot in the Sales Funnel?

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5 Presentations Trends Your Audience Will Love

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Interview with Peter Arvai, CEO - Prezi

Ankush Gupta  |  2016年3月7日

Employee Engagement Begins with Company Culture

Chris Hall   |  2016年2月22日

Interview with Scott Kabat, CMO - Prezi

Ankush Gupta  |  2015年7月27日

MarTech Exec
Think Outside the Bar: Expert Advice on Harnessing Data Visualization for Better Content Marketing

Lisa Callahan  |  2018年2月20日

Expert Opinion: Data Visualization featuring Nadjya Ghausi

Nadjya Ghausi  |  2018年2月20日

50 Women You Need to Know in Martech: 2018

Lana K. Moore  |  2017年12月18日

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Nadjya Ghausi

Lana K. Moore  |  2017年12月18日

Prezi is adding interactive graphics for creative remote schooling — Future Blink

Jordan Aaron  |  2020年10月16日

Slush brings investors, startups to the frozen North

Monty Munford  |  2014年11月21日

The Little Syria News Site That Could Save In-Depth Reporting

Zoe Fox  |  2013年10月21日

5 Must-Have Tools for a Killer Presentation

Sarah Ang  |  2013年8月19日

6 Questions With Prezi Co-Founder Peter Arvai

Lauren Drell  |  2013年3月13日

Sick of PowerPoint? Prezi Puts Your Presentation on One Page

Veena Bisram  |  2012年5月18日

3 Business Tools to Spice Up Boring Work Tasks

Jennifer Van Grove  |  2010年9月27日

Prezi Meeting Brings Collaboration to Web-based Presentations

Ben Parr  |  2010年9月9日

Mass Transit Magazine
Making Complex Messaging Accessible

Andrea Henry  |  2015年6月29日

Media Post
Attention Spans Are Growing

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Bringing Augmented Reality into the Workplace

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Ten Digital Skills You Need to Master to Become an Entrepreneur

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Prezi shifts into social, but is there enough space?

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Prezi Review

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The Best Productivity Apps of 2018

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The Best Presentation Software of 2017

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Prezi Review: Editors' Choice

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The Best Productivity Apps for 2016

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8 Ways a Mind Map Can Declutter Your Project Management

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12 Powerful Websites that Can Replace Your Desktop Software

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Anything but PowerPoint: Five fresh presentation alternatives

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Review: Prezi makes it easy to create cinematic presentations with zoom and pan effects

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Create gorgeous animated business presentations with Prezi

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Prezi: The 3D Alternative to PowerPoint

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Prezi: At a Glance Product Review

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Bronx teacher keeps students engaged during remote learning

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15 tools that can power your PR efforts

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Prezi: The Number One Resource for Successful Presenters

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Maintaining Company Culture from Day 1

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Proximity bias is real. Here's how Prezi is fixing it.

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Want to engage your remote team? Turn that corporate presentation into 'The Tonight Show.'

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How Prezi Uses Prezi

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How to use storytelling to make planning and reporting meetings matter

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5 Annoying Work-From-Home Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

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Prezi scores $57M from Spectrum Equity and Accel Partners

Iris Dorbian  |  2014年11月19日

Hungary tech firm Prezi raises $57 million, eyes acquisitions

Marton Dunai  |  2014年11月19日

Obama, tech firms to announce software donations to U.S. schools

  |  2014年2月14日

Prezi lands $14 million to save us from death by Powerpoint

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Why European Startups Are Eyeing the U.S.

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Prezi Ratchets Up Pressure On PowerPoint

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10 Essential Academic Tools for Students

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Sales Management Advice for Turning Your B Players into A Players

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New Year’s Resolution: A Winning Sales Script

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SF Gate
Bay Area companies with unlimited vacation time

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Prezi cofounder Peter Arvai wants us to communicate better

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Silicon Valley Business Journal
Cloud presentation startup Prezi raises $57M, hits 50M users

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Prezi raises $14M, led by Accel

Staff  |  2011年12月15日

Slash Gear
Nutshell from Prezi may be your new favorite iOS photo app

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Prezi Announces $57M Investment and 50M Users at Slush

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Small Business Trends
10 Great Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners on a Budget

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What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

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New Prezi Next Offers Audience Feedback in Real Time on Your Next Presentation

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PowerPoint Alternative Prezi Introduces Analytics, Collaboration

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62 Highly Useful Presentation Tools for Sales and Marketing

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Create Prezi Presentations on iPad, View and Share on iPhone

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A Cool New Tool for Presenting Slides on the Ipad

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Prezi Adds 3D, Fading Animation Presentation Tools

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Let Your Story Cut Through the Noise and Clutter

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33 Highly Useful Presentation Tools

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How France is helping mold MLS academies, coaches

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How To: Make Your Business Socially Responsible

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The Essential Utensils for Sales

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Punch Up Your Presentations

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Target Marketing
Conversational Presenting Drives Marketing’s Bottom Line

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Tech News World
Product of the Week: Prezi

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Tech & Learning Names the Winners of the Awards of Excellence Contest

TL Editors  |  2020年7月24日

Behind the Prezi Pixels

Sarah Buhr  |  2015年12月1日

Prezi Launches Nutshell, An App To Turn Photos Into ‘Mini-Movies’

Steve O'Hear  |  2015年2月10日

Prezi Secures $57M Growth Round From Spectrum And Accel, Passes 50M Users

Mike Butcher  |  2014年11月19日

Prezi Puts on 10m Users Inside 5 Months, Hits 40 Million

Mike Butcher  |  2014年4月9日

Prezi And Adobe Join Obama’s ConnectED Tech Initiative For US Classrooms

Mike Butcher  |  2014年2月28日

Online Presentation Startup Prezi Zooms To 30M Users -Hires Apple, Google, Flip Video Execs For Global Growth

Ingrid Lunden  |  2013年11月14日

The Future of JavaScript

Péter Halácsy- (Contributed by Prezi's CTO)  |  2013年3月15日

Prezi Adds Audio To Presentation Platform And Surpasses 20 Million User Mark

Alex Williams  |  2013年3月12日

Prezi Hits 18M Users For Its Presentation Platform, Asia An Area For Future Growth [TCTV]

Mike Butcher  |  2013年1月30日

View Presentations On The iPhone And Edit On The iPad With New Prezi Apps

Alex Williams  |  2012年11月28日

How Jaiku Made Prezi Focus On The US Market

Peter Arvai (Contributed by Prezi's CEO)  |  2012年11月10日

PowerPoint Killer Prezi Launches New Interface

Klint Finley  |  2012年10月30日

Dispelling The Eureka Myth: Big Ideas Take Time And Space

Peter Arvai (Contributed by Prezi's CEO)  |  2012年8月11日

Accel Leads $14M Round In Cloud-Based, Visual Presentation Software Prezi

Leena Rao  |  2011年12月14日

Prezi Launches A Precious Presentation App For The iPad

Robin Wauters  |  2011年1月10日

Prezi Gains VC Funding And Jack Dorsey As An Advisor

Robin Wauters  |  2009年7月20日

TechCrunch Japan
Prezi Video update targets the most common video conferencing complaints

Joel Khalili  |  2021年10月26日

The unlikely CEO beating Teams and Zoom at their own game

Joel Khalili  |  2021年10月10日

Presentations on Google Workspace just got a major upgrade - Prezi has arrived on the Google Workspace Marketplace

Barclay Ballard  |  2021年2月19日

Paid software and services available for free during the pandemic

Joel Khalili   |  2020年4月21日

The best free presentation software 2020: free alternatives to PowerPoint

Michael Graw  |  2020年1月3日

Best presentation software of 2020

Nicholas Fearn  |  2019年12月4日

Best Presentation Software of 2019

Nicholas Fearn  |  2019年3月20日

Best Presentation Software of 2019

Nicholas Fearn  |  2019年3月20日

Best presentation software of 2018

Nicholas Fearn, Jonas DeMuro   |  2018年4月17日

New Prezi features make it easy to build a brand template for video conferences

Veronica Combs  |  2022年1月18日

Prezi announces new features to add social media interactions to video meetings

Veronica Combs  |  2021年10月25日

Prezi announces Google Slides integration

Veronica Combs  |  2021年7月29日

9 tech products your office needs

N.F. Mendoza  |  2020年3月24日

Prezi Video Integrates with Google Slides

Becca Donaldson  |  2021年7月30日

Bob and Joy Schwabach: The Drones Club - beware tiny screws and instant liftoff

Bob and Joy Schwabach  |  2016年3月6日

The Boston Globe
With Sway, boring slideshows made easy

Hiawatha Bray  |  2015年9月2日

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Doubling Down on Student Presentations

Ayelet Haimson Lushkov  |  2015年12月16日

The Deseret News
Why elearning can be the future of education: 15 effective EdTech tools for students

Julie Petersen  |  2016年2月20日

The Huffington Post
Debating the Open Vacation Policy

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The Cure for the Common Presentation

Janet Odgis  |  2015年7月27日

12 Small Business Tools for Smooth Sailing in 2015

Alex Ivanovs  |  2015年1月25日

7 Ways to Change the World Using Media, Old and New

Karin Kloosterman (Contributed)  |  2014年1月17日

Hungry for Innovation: Budapest is a New Terminal for Startups

Tom J. Hidvegi   |  2013年12月4日

Building a Culture of Idea Sharing

Peter Arvai  |  2013年4月16日

Saving the Syria Story, With Technology at Our Side

Lara Setrakian (Contributed)  |  2012年12月3日

The Muse
16 West Coast Companies to Work for in 2018

Staff  |  2018年1月11日

The New York Post
Here's How to Talk Your Way to the Top At Work

Maridel Reyes   |  2016年1月25日

The New York Times
Nurturing Start-Up Culture in the Lower-Cost Balkans

Boryana Dzhamazova  |  2014年12月8日

Europeans Look Beyond their Borders

Mark Scott  |  2014年4月17日

New All-Digital Curriculums Hope to Ride High-Tech Push in Schoolrooms

Motoko Rich  |  2014年3月3日

Hungarian Defy Economic Climate

Palko Karasz  |  2012年5月23日

The Hungarian Connection

Patricia R. Olsen  |  2010年11月14日

The Next Web
10 smart tech tools to use when you’re pitching a potential investor

Scott Gerber  |  2018年1月12日

5 Tips for an inspiring presentation

  |  2015年7月30日

The Odyssey Online
20 Websites Every College Student Needs In Their Life

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The Press Enterprise
Just like a commercial: Hugs and family reunions for the holidays at Ontario airport

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The Washington Times
Obama to announce $400 million in private-sector technology grants

Ben Wolfgang  |  2014年2月28日

The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week

Alexander Aciman  |  2015年2月11日

Let’s Fix It: Shattering the Perfection Myth

Peter Arvai (Contributed by Prezi's CEO)  |  2014年10月17日

9 ways to get through at-home learning this fall, from teachers

Allison Slater Tate  |  2020年8月17日

Transformation Group
Five Transformational AR StartUps to Watch

Shel Israel   |  2018年1月31日

Travel + Leisure
Building a Bigger, Better Budapest

Stephen Heyman  |  2016年4月29日

U.S. News & World Report
10 Ways to Make Giving a Presentation Feel Less Like a Nightmare

Hallie Crawford  |  2015年12月21日

Law School Grads Share Application Dos and Don'ts

Delece Smith-Barrow  |  2015年8月27日

4 Ways College Grads Can Make a Lasting Impression on Employers

Lindsay Olson  |  2013年5月29日

Upstart Business Journal
9 collaboration ideas (and a cool map) from a TED Talks favorite

Alex Dalenberg  |  2013年7月30日

Winning! TED Talks inspire; Dutch entrepreneur has winning prezi

Michael del Castillo  |  2013年3月4日

USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Tech Talent Migrates to Collaboration Startups as Hybrid Work Comes Into Its Own

Angus Loten  |  2021年6月14日

Prezi Raises $57 Million to Battle Microsoft in Presentation Software

Deborah Gage  |  2014年11月19日

Build Momentum Through Word-of-Mouth

Peter Arvai (Contributed by Prezi's CEO)  |  2013年8月2日

Co-founding a Business Is Like a Long-Term Relationship

Peter Arvai (Contributed by Prezi's CEO)  |  2013年7月26日

We Are Teachers
9 Virtual Teaching Success Stories We Can All Learn From

Alexandra Frost  |  2020年5月20日

106 Career-Launching Technology Companies

Andy Rachleff (Wealthfront Report)  |  2014年10月7日

What matters
From start up to expansion: How OKRs help grow Prezi into a worldwide name

Anisa Purbasari Horton  |  2021年12月20日

Windows Central
Why didn't Microsoft think of this excellent feature for Teams?

Sean Endicott  |  2022年5月14日

What Will Work Look Like in 2022? (Hint: Not the Metaverse)

Nicole Kobie  |  2021年12月6日

Sorry, PowerPoint: The Slide Deck of the Future Will Be in AR

Arielle Pardes  |  2017年10月23日

How AI tools are improving engagement in ‘on-screen office’ era

Cloey Callahan  |  2023年6月9日


  |  2013年4月8日