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jeremiah baynes

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Russia

Russia St. Basil's Cathedral Russian Ballet Siberia Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Biography: Lenin Essay Question Eat that Lebron... HhWhat! Taiga Regions Siberia has lots of resources
- timber (trees)
- metals
- precious gems (diamonds)
- energy resources (fossil fuels) Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia ...But many of these resources are not being used... Why do you think these resources
have not been tapped?? - permafrost: permanently frozen ground
- cold temperatures
- isolated location
- lack of roads and transportation Do you think they/we will tap these resources if we get desperate enough?? The Kremlin, Moscow
Russia's Washington, D.C. Military Parade
Red Square of the Kremlin Military Parades are a way of showing off
how powerful the country is... Viking Ship from Scandinavia
were the first to settle Russia Can you translate
this Russian sign? Peter the Great Catherine the Great Ivan IV earned the name
Ivan the Terrible after he
became Czar... Had St. Basil's Cathedral
When it was done he blinded the architect so that he could not build another one like it
limited how far peasants could move from towns
beat pregnant daughter-in-law for wearing "revealing clothes" causing a miscarriage
when his son yelled at him for it he hit him with his cane, splitting his head and killing him
Voted best personality in his graduating class...just kidding 1917: Bolshevik Party overthrows the czar 1922: Russia becomes a Communist
country under Lenin 1924: - Lenin dies of multiple strokes
- Stalin takes over and becomes an
even stricter dictator Bolshevik symbol becomes new flag of communist Soviet Union Lenin Stalin Gulags: Russian work camps for people
who opposed communism Gulags were similar to Holocaust
work camps during WWII Gulag Camps The Cold War: 1947-1991 The cold war was a power struggle between the democratic U.S. and the communist Soviet Union... Each country trying to prove they were bigger and stronger and that their government was better... War was never declared and no one was ever killed... 1991: communism fell apart and the Soviet Union was no longer a world power...The U.S. wins... Both sides flexed their muscles but no one ever fired weapons in fear of the retaliation Russian Ballet: The Nutcracker Russia's Government is now Democratic President: Medevev Prime Minister:
Putin Russian Legislature:
Federal Assembly Russia's Four Cultural Regions St. Petersburg Moscow Volga Urals Region 2
St. Petersburg Northwestern Russia
Made of several islands
Founded by Peter the Great
Served as capital for 200 years
Important trade center Region 1
Moscow Western Russia
Capital City, Kremlin
Largest City
Original state of Muscovy Region 3
Volga Southwestern Russia
Major shipping route
Hydroelectric Power
Longest river in Europe Region 4
Ural Mtns Central Russia
Seperates Europe/Asia
Mining region, smelters
Gold, platinum, quartz
Smeltery: factory where metals are
melted and processed Trans-Siberian Railroad Started in 1891 (continually under construction)
Final modifications finished in 2002
Longest railroad in the world
Used for people and goods Chechnya, Russia After collapse of communism Chechnya wanted independence
Chechnya was an important city in the oil supply of Russia
Chechen independence would hurt economy
1st war (94-96): open war between Chechen rebels & Russian Army
2nd war (99-09): terrorist attacks by rebels on Russian civilians
estimated casualities around 80,000 to 100,000 military/civilians 1st War Terrorist Attacks Lenin's Brother
executed Lenin Law School Mother Russia Lenin Kicked outta Russia 1895-1917 Booo! Bourgeoisie Yeaaaa! Peasants! 1917- Enter the Bolsheviks Died in 1924; still on display BOOM! DONE! What year kept popping up during the video?
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