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How Mexico could have avoided the Texas Revolution

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Raquel Riojas

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of How Mexico could have avoided the Texas Revolution

Anahuac was a port town that helped with the movement of goods into Mexico. John Bradburn, the Mexican commander, had many problems with the settlers. There were three big problems:
Bradburn was accused of taking supplies and he wouldn’t give up runaway slaves.
Bradburn arrested 2 lawyers(William B. Travis and Patrick C. Jack) because they tried to cause trouble for him.
The tax collector at Anahuac placed customs duties on the items that were imported from the United States.
These problems created two skirmishes, and made tensions grow between Texas and Mexico. Mexico could have prevented these problems by not taking supplies and returning slaves. The tax collector didn’t have to place custom duties on imported items, and Bradburn didn’t need to arrest the lawyers.

How Mexico Could Have Avoided the Texas Revolution...
Fredonian Rebellion
One of the first rebellions that happened was in 1826. It was called the Fredonian Rebellion because the Republic of Fredonia rebelled by declaring themselves free from Mexico.
Mexico could have let this go instead of getting upset, but it was mostly the Texans fault. The Texans were the ones that rebelled but they had a right to, they wanted to be independent and the centralist government would not let them.

Mier Y Teran's Report
Mier y Teran was sent to survey Texas because of the Fredonian Rebellion. While he was there, he decided that Texas was too American. Teran thought that if the government did not do anything, Texas would be overcome by Americans.
This worried the Mexican government because they thought that America would want Texas, which was a piece of land they were not willing to give up.
Mexico had plenty of reasons to worry, however they could have prevented this stress by letting Texas become independent. Texas wanted its independence, and although Texas was highly American, Mexico did not have enough rights so that it could examine Texas like a doctor examines a patient.
Anahuac Rebellions
Velasco Rebellion
John Austin and his group were coming back from Brazoria with a cannon. When they tried to pass at Velasco, however, Colonel Ugartechea would not let them. this another thing that led to the revolution.The two countries began to fight, and people died on both sides. The colonel didn’t let them pass, so this increased the tensions between Texas and Mexico, making any hope that war might be prevented, vanish. If Colonel Ugartechea had let them pass, he could have saved lives and could have helped prevent the revolution. John Austin and his group had gone all this way to get a cannon, so they should have been allowed to bring it back.

The Texans argued against Antonio Tenorio about customs
duties. Later they realized their mistake and wrote a letter of apology to General Cos.
Instead of accepting the apology, he rejected it. Cos was angry that the Texans were revolting. Then he told the Texan officials to arrest anyone involved. This made the two countries so angry, that war was inevitable. Cos needed to accept the apology..
Mexico sets Restrictions on Texas's Independence
INTRO:During the 1800’s, war broke out between Texas and Mexico. Man against man, the number of casualties was great. There were many reasons that caused the Texas Revolution. To some people, the revolution was inevitable. This is not true, however: in short the revolution could have been avoided...
One of the major causes of the revolution was that the Centralist Government didn’t let the Anglos be independent. They restricted the Texans, which caused for many tensions. The Anglos wanted their freedom and wanted to be separate from Mexico.
If the Mexican Government continued to let Texas live independently, then the revolution would have been prevented. This was one of the biggest problems because the Texans wanted to be left alone.
Cos Rejects Apology
Mexico could have avoided the revolution, it was not impossible. They needed to leave the Texans be and accept their regrets. It was no wonder that Texas wanted to be free, they were fed up with Mexico’s hovering!

Texas Forever!!!
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