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Effects of Deforestation on the Carbon Cycle

Olivia Franzese

Eshan Dalal

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Effects of Deforestation on the Carbon Cycle

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Effects of Deforestation on the Carbon Cycle The Carbon Cycle Carbon Cycle (Cont.) The carbon cycle is the process by which all carbon atoms Deforestation Image of Deforestation By: Olivia Franzese, Christopher Marji, Eshan Dalal How does Deforestation affect
the Carbon Cycle? Deforestation is a detrimental act in its self and affects humans Deforestation is the process by which forests are Deforestation Stats completely cleared in order for the land to be used for another reason. The main reason for deforestation is agriculture. Farmers clear out large forests just so they can have more room to grow crops. Secondly, for the deforestation of forests are jobs. People forget that the men clearing the forests are doing it as a job because they have a family to support. Thirdly, is when trees are cut down not out of spite, but for every our everyday needs. Without
cutting down trees we wouldn't have things like wood for building, fire wood, or any paper products. The people cutting trees down for these purposes don't realize that they are clearing a large portion of the Earth's forests. Deforestation is a detrimental act whether it is on in existence are rotated. For example, the carbon that makes you up may have been part of a tree or dissolved carbon in water. The carbon cycle has no specific stages, like the water cycle. The carbon atoms just travel to a location and react there. Carbon is ~By 2022, it is possible that the world's rain forests could vanish completely if the rate of deforestation stays constant. purpose or not. ~More than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. ~More than 20% of the Amazon rainforest have already disappeared ~The Amazon rainforest alone could disappear in fifty years if the rate of deforestation does not change. ~Every year a tropical forest the size of New York City is lost. ~Every year a tropical forest the size of New York City is lost. ~Before the industrial era, the atmosphere's carbon dioxide rate was between 275 and 280 ppmv. Since then it has risen dramatically. as well as the carbon cycle. Deforestation means a significant decrease in trees. This means that there are less trees to take in the carbon dioxide and thus we have a concentrated amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. With a concentrated amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, would not be able to breathe due to the fact that the atmosphere as the optimal ration of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other gases. An increase in CO2 means a decrease in nitrogen and oxygen. These gases in their current ratio are ~Knowing this, the Earth's climate could change, getting rid of almost The Carbon Cycle and Bethel Deforestation has deleterious effects even for the small town of Bethel. An increase of CO2 in our atmosphere would mean that humans would have a hard time breathing. This would make life hard in Bethel. In addition, CO2 is a greenhouse, so an increase of it would mean a significant increase in temperature in Bethel. Animals that rely with on colder temperatures would be wiped out and thus the animal ecosystem of Bethel would be negatively affected. all plants optimal for humans to breathe. Deforestation occurs because people need resources. In addition, deforestation could get rid of the natural habitats of However, the damage done due to deforestation cannot be reversed. Replanting is helpful, but it takes years for some trees to grow. animals, which could change the populations of certain species. put into the cycle through a myriad of paths. One path is human emissions such as factories' smoke stacks and vehicles tailpipes. There isn't a solution to stopping the negative effects of deforestation, but people can take action to reduce the amount of damage done. People often hear about the repercussions of deforestation but do little about it. We could use more post consumer products like recycled notebooks. Post consumer products is a sophisticated way of saying recycled. When products such as notebooks have 50% post consumer products written on the back, it means that 50% of the notebook was made from recycled materials. By using these type of products, we are reinforcing the idea that not all of our paper has to come from freshly cut trees. With the use of post-consumer products, we greatly decrease the amount of trees cut on a daily basis. With this single action, trees will be saved by the thousands and we will have oxygen to breathe. Deforestation Solution Other natural paths are decomposers like fungi that break up organic materials such as corpses of humans and dead trees. The decomposition releases carbon as a byproduct that is put into the cycle Thanks for Watching
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