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Adrianna D

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Tsunamis

Tsunamis By: Adrianna & Izzy A tsunami is a group of waves that move
across the ocean. Tsunamis are very
dangerous & powerful waves. The highest tsunami recorded is 100 feet high and
600 MPH.
Tsunami means harbor wave in Japanese. What is a tsunami? They occur near earthquakes,
volcanoes, landslides and meteorite crashes. They occur near coastal areas day or night. Tsunamis can happen any season, any weather condition & at any time. When do they occur? When in coastal areas stay alert for tsunami warnings. Plan an evacuation route to higher grounds. Never stay near shore to watch a tsunami come in. Keep up with the weather forecast to see if there is a tsunami going to occur soon. Always have a emergency kit to keep if there is a bad storm happening. Also make a family communications plan. Always practice your communication plan. If you don't have a TV listen to the radio for the weather. How to Stay Safe #1) Sumatra, Indonesia December 26Th 2004
9.1 magnitude earthquake. The tsunami killed 230,000 people. Estimated 10 billion dollars in damages.
#2) North Pacific coast, Japan march 11Th 2011
killing more than 18,000 people. 9.0 earthquake. 235 billion dollars in damages.
#3) Lisbon Portugal November 1st 1755. 8.5 earthquake. Killed 60,000 people in the Portugal,Spain and Morocco.
#4) Krakatau, Indonesia August, 27Th 1883. Around 40,000 people died in total however as many as 2,000 deaths from a volcanic eruptions.
#5) Enshunada Sea, Japan September 20Th 1498.
at least 31,000 people died. An 8.3 earthquake. Top 5 worst tsunamis of all time
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