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Retirement Dinner Presentation

Desk layout, great for presenting a lot of information

Shelley Reichert

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Retirement Dinner Presentation

Don't forget
to call TRS! Gary Kutkat Matt Yarcho Andy Zuck Guest Speakers Sana Becker Mike Fuoss Ted Witzig Kirk Schick Most memorable moment?
Embarrassing moment?
What year stands out?
Any words of wisdom? Questions for our Retirees: Open Mic TOP 10 REASONS 2013
IS A GREAT YEAR TO RETIRE 10. The students keep getting younger – you keep getting older
9. Before the State of Illinois spends all your pension.
7. Technology
6. License/Certificate
5. RTI
4. You don’t want to “advise” anyone about anything!
3. You forgot to update your curriculum map again!
2. 2 words – Common Core
1. Some chick named Charlotte Danielson! Whose Room? Top 10 Reasons 2013 is a Great Year to Retire: 10. The students stay young – you just keep getting older. 9. The State of Illinois' pension plan...enough said. 8. iPads, iPhones, iPods...aye, aye, aye. 7. The filmstrip projector is on its last leg. 6. You don't have enough CPDUs to convert your certificate to a license. 5. It feels like you need a Tier III intervention. 4. You don’t want to “advise” nobody 'bout nothin'! 3. Someone figured out that you forgot to update your curriculum map...again! 2. 2 words – Common Core 1. Some chick named CHARLOTTE! Deb Alig
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