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Batman: The Dark knight

No description

Dalraj Bains

on 9 May 2012

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Transcript of Batman: The Dark knight

The Dark Knight
By: Dalraj Bains The Dark Knight Trailer Summary of Batman: The Dark Knight Alfred (The wise old man) Joker (The Villain) Bruce Wayne is man who is the hero, Bruce Wayne puts on a costume and turns himself into Batman and tries to save the city of Gotham from Crimes. Batman has no powers other then the weapons he uses. Batman came to life after Bruce Wayne (Batman) saw the death of his parents right before his eyes, ever since that day Bruce Wayne had swears to take revenge of on criminals. Batman also doesn't have any super-human powers so basically Batman is just a normal human being going out in the night in a nice costume to take down villains that terrorize Gotham. Batman has many different heroic qualities is that he is smart, silent but deadly, over-thinker, nice, and not worried about what people think of what they have to say about Batman. Batman is smart because when he knew that he was hated from the public he decided to stay hidden in the shadow and capture the bad guys known as Joker, like the time when Harvey was in the police truck after stating that he was Batman so the killing that Joker was committing would stop. Batman is also silent but deadly because he knew that the public was against him he decided to stay in the night and shadows to still do what he was good at and Batman had no hesitation getting bad guys like Joker and putting them in the place they belong Jail. I also think that Batman thinks a lot more then he should because Batman worries about everyone like the part when Joker had Rachael and Harvey in separate warehouses and they were waiting their deaths, and Batman went to save Harvey and told the police to get Rachael because Harvey was more important to the public because if Harvey died he would have been blamed for it and would have been more hated so that’s why I think he went to save Harvey instead of Rachael and he over thought who to save and thought about him self and how it would effect him. Finally I think that Batman doesn’t care about what people think about him because the public didn’t like him they hated his guts out and that didn’t change the character of Batman. Batman is also nice because he doesn't say anything to anyone and is willing to help people for example in the movie Bruce Wayne (Batman) offered Harvey a fundraiser to stop the mob gang from terrorizing Gotham. This is the qualities that I believe make Batman a heroic hero. Batman deviates from the classic definition of a hero is that Batman was also hated from the city and public and accused for the killings that Joker did only because Batman wouldn’t take of his mask. Lastly Batman doesn’t really save anyone he just stopped crime in the city of Gotham. In the end of Batman the dark knight Batman was not considered the hero while he was instead Batman was hated and chased by the police of Gotham. This is what deviates Batman from the classical definition of a hero. Batman was a strong man that would take chances for getting what he wanted. But Batman changed inside out, Batman had a real big internal psychological journey that changed batman from who he was in the beginning of the movie to the end, as Harvey said “you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. Batman in the beginning was a man that all the public trusted, but once the Joker’s killing began, Batman was really hated by the public. This affected Batman because he started to rethink himself and if he should turn himself in and let Joker win or stay alive and once and for all defeat the Joker, and gain the trust of Gotham again. But in the end Batman realized that his talents of getting bad guys and putting them into places that they belong in were not needed anymore and then Batman decided that he indeed was the hero that lived long enough to see himself as a villain, and decided to run from the police and become a watchful protector. This is how I believe that Batman had a journey of his own internally in his brain and at the end of the day he is indeed a smarter and a person that now thinks more into depth. Batman (Bruce Wayne) Batman: The Dark Knight is a movie that is jam packed about action, and saving people. The main character in the story is Batman (Bruce Wayne). Batman is the Hero in the movie, but the destiny for Batman was to save the people of Gotham from the cruel Joker and the mob gang. This has been Batman's destiny since he witnessed the death of his parents and swore to forever protect the streets of Gotham from criminals. The climax of the movie Batman: The Dark knight was when joker had people from Gotham and the prisoners of Gotham in separate boats waiting to be blown up by each other or both being blown up at 12:00 A.M. while the controversy was going on about what ship to blow up Batman was busy saving innocent civilians who looked like Jokers men by the Swat. In the end of that scene Joker was left hanging waiting for the swat to catch him, while Batman went to kill Harvey Dent. This is the climax of the movie because Joker is caught for good and Batman has stopped the boats from being blown up and more people from dying. I believe that Batman achieved his goal but not the way he wanted to because firstly Batman the goal of Batman was to put down the Joker and make sure he stayed down and he did capture Joker but not at the price he wanted to pay. Batman was hated and wanted because Joker killed many people and joker those many people because he wanted Batman to turn himself in and take off his mask as we know he didn't. In the end Batman got Joker and as Harvey dent once said "You Either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough to see yourself become the villain" as Batman was then considered the villain. Batman was affected by many things, the things that Batman was affected by were romance, the quest, and the villain. Batman was affected by romance because Bruce Wayne (Batman) was in love with Rachael who was dating Harvey Dent (District Attorney). Unfortunately Rachael lost her life after all Batman (Bruce Wayne) did to try to save her. Batman liked Rachael before she went and started dating district attorney Harvey Dent, they also had a deal that they would consider dating/marriage if Batman was not needed anymore but Rachael left Harvey and Batman and was killed by the hands of Joker. Batman always cared for Rachael and his thought would always be on Rachael think about what if Joker got her and if she was safe or not. This is why i believe that romance affected Batman from doing what he had to do to save Gotham. Secondly the quest for Batman was really hard, Batman had to stop a group so called the mob gang and Joker at the same time, Batman also had to stop Harvey Dent (Two-Face) once Joker got into Harvey's head. The quest for Batman was hard because Batman was all over the place trying to save this man going to that crime scene were Joker left a couple of dead bodies and look for his next targets. The mental quest that Batman went through also affected what Batman had to do, Batman always thought about the public he thought about turning himself in and taking of his mask and the plan that Batman and Harvey had didn't work so he had to think about how to lower the deaths and get the public back on Batman's side. Batman also failed in many attempts to catch the Joker for example the parade scene where Joker escaped and also the scene when Batman caught Joker, but Joker had an amazing escape from Gotham police department. Lastly Batman was affected by the villain Joker, Joker affected Batman because Joker found out Batman's weakness and targeted it right on point, Joker knew that killing civilians would get the attention of Batman and once Joker got to Batman, Batman wouldn't be able to think straight. For example Joker told the mob crew they had to kill Batman to keep on making money, and the only way to kill Batman was capture him of find who he was hiding as, and Joker targeted Batman in the inside till Batman could of blown up with the public hate and the public innocent deaths. This is what i believe that affected Batman from doing what he had to do to become successful in saving Gotham. What Affected Batman from doing what he had to do to make Gotham a better place ? Money Please ! This scene is important to the movie Batman: The Dark Knight because firstly in this scene we learn that the mob gang of Gotham have meetings in day light because they are scared of Batman, we also learn who is in the mob gang and who is not. The last thing we learned in this scene was how Joker was willing to put an end to Batman and wanted half of the share in killing Batman, then Joker stated that "If we don't deal with this now, soon . . . little gamble here, won't be able to get a nickel for his grandma". this is why i believe that this scene is important. The summary for this scene is that the mob gang is having there little meeting when Joker decides to walk in and talk about the robbery he did. after that little bit they start talking about how they took the money and put it into a safe account which only Mr. Lou has access to, Joker comes up with an better idea of just killing Batman, that catches the attention of everyone and then Joker say he wants half of the share to kill Batman, "gamble replies by saying "$500,000 for this clown dead, $ 1,000,000 alive so i can teach him a lesson". Joker leaves his card and walks out as the scene comes to an close. for the camera technique used in this scene to emphasize how this scene turned out to be was Back-lighting. Back-light is used when Joker first walked into the meeting and interrupted the mob gangs meeting. Back-lighting emphasized this scene when joker came in because we found out that once Joker came in everyone in the mob gang got surprised and they didn't know what Joker would be doing here and if he heard about there plan and told the police. This is the camera shot that emphasized this scene and this is why this scene is important. Lets Make a Deal ! This is an important scene in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight because firstly in this scene Joker tells batman that he is going to kill people everyday until Batman decides to take of his mask and turn himself in. This is also an important scene because we see that Joker is killing Batman "Wanna-bees" and he made a video and posted it on GCN News. The summary for this scene is that Bruce Wayne is setting up an party for district attorney Harvey Dent, and while talking to Alfred the T.V catches Bruce's attention and Joker pops up stating that he will kill people everyday until Batman turns himself in and takes of his mask. That bought the scene to an end. The film technique used in this scene was Super, super emphasized this scene because Batman (Bruce Wayne at the time) was looking at the T.V and the program or clip that Joker left for him, and by the filming and using Super we kind of saw the emotion change of Bruce Wayne after seeing that message send by Joker. This is how Super emphasized the scene and this is why this scene is important. Your time is up Batman ! This part of the movie is one of the most important part of the movie because, firstly Joker the criminal gets caught by lieutenant Gordon, and secondly this part of the movie is the most action filled part of the movie. For the summary of this important part of the movie is that, Harvey Dent a district attorney turned himself in after saying he was Batman, Joker decided to crash his party when Harvey was being transported but Batman decided to give Joker a visit because Batman knew that Joker would of came. Batman gets the attention of Joker and they go at it, but the clever Batman flipped Jokers tractor trailer with a smart move of using wires. Joker survived that magnificent crash and waited for Batman to run him over, But as destined Batman does not run Joker over and falls of his bat bike and collapses on the ground. Then Joker arrives skipping down the street and laughing when Joker gets his knife down to Batman's neck Gordon arrives and saves Batman from being a headless victim. That is the summary of this scene and the why this is one of the most important scene in Batman: The Dark Knight. The film techniques used in this film that emphasize this scene are dolly shot, back-lighting, and zoom-in. Dolly shot is used when Batman is driving through the mall or center, and the dolly shot emphasized that part because it showed us how fast Batman was going to save Harvey Dent. the second film technique used in this scene was back-lighting, back-lighting was used when Batman was again riding his motorcycle the camera was used behind Batman and his cape was blowing in the air. This was a great emphasize of filming because again it showed us how fast batman was going and it made the scene look mush more dramatic. The last and final film technique that was used to emphasize this scene was zoom-in, zoom-in was used when Batman wired the truck so it would flip with Joker and his "helpers". The camera slowly moved in when the truck was flipping. This camera trick emphasized this part of the scene because it showed up how the truck flipped and what kind of damage it caused. These are the film techniques used in this scene to emphasize what is going on. Also, this is why this scene is one of the most important scenes in the film. Sorry Joker ! This part of the movie is very important because firstly this is the end of the movie and we find out if Batman achieved his goal (his destiny) or not. Batman did achieve his goal of stopping Joker but at an very expansive price tag, Batman was hated by the public because the public thought that the killings were by Batman because Batman wouldn't take his mask off. Secondly Batman says something which totally changed the face of Batman forever. Batman said a very famous quote said by Harvey Dent in the beginning of the movie, the quote is " You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain". The turn out of the movie was that Batman lived long enough to see himself become the villain. i believe that Batman became the villain because firstly Batman didn't want to leave Gotham and he didn't believe that he stopped all the crimes in Gotham, Secondly i also believe that if Batman would of turned himself in and took of his "Bat mask" the killings that Joker was creating would of stopped, and because he didn't he turned into the villain that once was a hero. This is why this part of the movie is important because we see if Batman achieves what he has been sent out to for and at what cost, we also find out that he is now considered the villain of Gotham. For the types of filming techniques that emphasized the movie Batman: The Dark Knight in this scene were, Panning, tilt, and dolly shot. Panning was used when Gordon was talking in a press conference on how Harvey Dent was the real hero and how he died a hero. Panning emphasized the scene because it just showed us how many people had come to witness this tragic loose of a so called hero and how he is the hero and not Batman. Tilt is used when Alfred is burning up that letter that Rachael left for Bruce Wayne (Batman). Tilt emphasized this scene because in the beginning we only saw Alfred's face and thought he wouldn't be up to anything and as the camera went down we noticed the Burning of the letter that Rachael left for Batman. Finally, the dolly shot is used in this scene when in the last seconds Batman is driving away, i believe that the dolly shot is used here because firstly Batman is driving away, and secondly it just shows that someone or something is being driven. I think that the dolly shot is used in this scene to emphasize because it shows that Batman is running away and the dolly slowly slows down to a halt which just shows us that Batman is indeed running away from the police and indeed is the villain. This is why i believe that this scene is an important scene and the filming techniques used in this clip that are used are indeed emphasizing. "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" A Dalraj Bains Production
"The Dark Knight is yet to come" What was Batman's destiny? What was the climax of The Dark Knight? Did Batman achieve his goal? Joker is the villain of the movie Batman: The Dark Knight. Joker is well know to dress up as a clown and wear make-up. Joker has a beautiful smile, which tends to fool people from being a kind clown to a villain, that will try to take over Gotham. Joker is a smart villain who knows what he needs to do to get Gotham in his hands for example Joker decided to kill people everyday until Batman decided to turn himself in and take of his mask. Joker is the main character that Batman must vanquish because firstly Joker is killing many people and secondly Joker is the center off all the crimes in Gotham (Joker is working with the guys who rob bank and wants to take down Batman), and if Batman can get to Joker hopefully the crimes will be put to an end. Joker is really sneaky and will not stop till he gets what he want, for example he is sneaky and will not stop until he gets what he wants because Joker targeted people who Batman could not force to loose and if he did the public would hate him and that was the plan of Joker the whole time. He is sneaky because he just had to target the big people so he would get the attention of more people and more people would want Batman to take of his mask and turn himself in. Joker did not stop till he got what he wanted because he moved on to bigger and bigger people like blowing up the hospital and trying to blow up the two boats. This is what kind of person Joker is in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight and what Batman was up against to save the people of Gotham and most importantly take down the Villain, Joker. "And Here We Go!" Alfred is the Servant of Bruce Wayne, and the Supernatural aid of Batman. Alfred is the man who creates all the plans for Batman, and gives Batman good advice so Batman doesn't hurt himself. Alfred also Gives Batman advice so Batman could use to his advantage. Alfred is the wise old man for many different reasons. Firstly in the beginning of the movie Alfred Came into Batman's Lair and saw Batman stitching himself up after being bitten from a "Big Dog". Alfred offered to Stitch up Batman and then gave Batman advice on the Batman "wanna bees" and how they shouldn't effect him. Alfred also does all the planing for Batman for example, when Batman was going to Hong-Kong to capture Mr. Lau and bring him back to Gotham so he could be prosecuted, Alfred made all the plans and how Batman would get there and how he will escape. Alfred also knows when to give advice and knows what best for Batman, for example Rachael gave a note to Bruce Wayne (Batman) which stated that Rachael was going to marry Harvey Dent (District Attorney), and Alfred didn't want to show Batman that letter because firstly it would effect Batman's work on saving Gotham because Batman liked her, and secondly Rachael was already dead by the hands of Joker. This is why i believe that Alfred is the Wise old man that Batman. I also believe that if Alfred did not help Batman, Batman would still be successful. Batman would be successful without Alfred because all Alfred does is make plans and gives advice. I believe that Batman could make his own plans and doesn't need Alfreds advice because firstly Batam could make his own plans and it isn't like Alfreds plans go as planned there is always a so called "Glitch" in his plans, like Batman jumping throw a window but the villain is on the floor below. Alfred also gives advice that sometimes foreshadowing what is to come but their again is some sort of twist in it, like when Alfred told Wayne to tek his Lamborghini, and Mr. Wayne banged it up while saving someone, and that wasn't a good idea because that car cost over $200,000. I also believe that Batman doesn't need Alfred because he does nothing else like make weapons, and Batman's costume, Mr. Fox does that. This is why i believe that Batman doesn't need Alfred by his side, Batman can be just as good if he was his own team. In Gotham City, the Joker and his accomplices rob a mob owned bank. After orchestrating their deaths, he escapes alone. Batman and Lieutenant Jim Gordon decide to include sincere new district attorney Harvey Dent, who is dating Rachel Dawes (Bruce Wayne's Love), in their plan to tackle the mob gang. Mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol, and The Chechen are informed by Lau, a Chinese accountant, that he has hidden their funds and fled to Hong-Kong to escape the new pressure by the police. The Joker interrupts the meeting warning that Batman is unhindered by jurisdiction. They laughably refuse when Joker offers to kill Batman for half the money and Gambol puts a bounty on him ($500,000 dead, $1,000,000 alive). Later, the Joker kills Gambol and takes control of his men, while Batman captures Lau and delivers him back to Gotham where he agrees to testify against the mob gang. The Joker issues an ultimatum that people will die each day unless Batman reveals his identity; resulting in the killings of Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and the judge of the mob trials. The Joker targets Dent at the fundraiser but Bruce hides him, while Rachel is looked after by Alfred Pennyworth. The Joker tries to assassinate Mayor Garcia during Loeb's memorial service but Gordon takes the bullet and seemingly dies. As a result Bruce plans to reveal his identity, but Dent instead names himself as Batman to protect the truth. Dent is taken into protective custody and pursued by the Joker across the city as Batman rushes to aid. Gordon, who faked his death, helps apprehend the Joker and is promoted to Commissioner. However, Dent and Rachel disappear. Batman confronts the Joker and learns each are in separate buildings filled with explosives. In the ensuing chaos, Batman finds Dent but the explosives detonate, killing Rachel and burning half of Dent's face. The Joker then uses a bomb to escape from the police department with Lau. Later, Coleman Reese finds out about Bruce Wayne being Batman and tries to expose him to the world., but instead Joker threatens to bomb a hospital unless Reese is killed. Gordon rescues Reese, while the Joker visits the scarred Dent in hospital, convincing him to get revenge. Dent uses his burnt lucky coin to decide the fates of those responsible for Rachel's death, killing some of the corrupt officials and mobsters involved. After blowing up the hospital and escaping with hostages, the Joker gives two explosive rigged ferries, one of citizens and the other of Gotham inmates (prisoners) , the choice to blow the other up until midnight otherwise both will explode. Aided by Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox using a city-wide tracking device, which on ethical grounds Lucius will resign over if it remains, Batman locates the Joker. He rescues the hostages, who are disguised as Joker's gang, by fighting off the Joker's real men and Gordon's SWAT team. The ferry passengers refuse to kill each other and are saved as Batman apprehends the Joker. Nevertheless the Joker states he has won as the citizens of Gotham will lose their hope once Dent's rampage goes public. Batman leaves for Dent as the Joker is taken into custody. Dent lures Gordon to the building where Rachel died and holds his family hostage, as Batman confronts him. Dent judges the fates of Batman, himself, and Gordon's son with three coin flips. As a result, he shoots Batman in the abdomen, spares himself and flips to determine the boy's fate. However he is tackled over the building by Batman, who was protected by his suit, resulting in Dent’s death. Batman convinces Gordon to hold him publicly responsible for the murders so that Dent will remain a symbol of hope for the city. A manhunt for Batman ensues, as he escapes on the bat motorcycle. Alfred burns a letter written by Rachel to Bruce announcing her engagement to Dent, Lucius watches the signal tracker self-destruct and Gordon destroys the Bat-Signal before delivering a eulogy at Dent's funeral. This is one of the most important scenes in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight. This is an important scene because this scene is the first scene in the whole movie and this scene sets up everything from what Gotham is going to go through, and what is going on before in Gotham. This scene is also important because we learn how smart Joker is and what kind he is planning, we also learn that this movie has to do with money. The summary for this scene is that Joker and the people that he hired go and rob a mod bank, they steal 64 million dollars (we find that out in the scene were Joker meets the mob gang). Joker is hiding as one of the people hired by himself, and Joker tells the other people that he did hire to kill each other because they would end up getting more "one less share". in the end of the robbery only joker is left, but before Joker leaves he has a little word with one of the employees in the bank, while having a word Joker unmasks himself and shows he is Joker and puts a gas bomb in the employees mouth. After Joker left in style in his yellow school bus the police arrive, that puts an end to the scene. For the film techniques used in this film to emphasize what is happening and make the scene look "sharper" are close-up and crane shot. Close-up is used when Joker took off his robbing mask and showed that he was Joker the the employee that tried to kill him, Close-up emphasized this moment because we did not know that Joker was under that mask until he said "What doesn't kill you will only make you stranger" and took of his mask. This close-up really showed us how Joker looked and what how smart Joker is. Crane shot was used when The robbers/Jokers hired men shot a line to the top of the bank from a building and quick lined from the building to the top of the building. Crane shot emphasized this scene because it just showed us how high the robbers were and what would of happened if they fell or something wrong happened, crane shot was also good because we found out that the robbers would of did anything to get the money. These are the film techniques that emphasized this scene to make it look good and this is why this scene is important in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight
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