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Assessment Photo Album

Overview of Alternative Energy Unit

Kristen North

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of Assessment Photo Album

Alternative Energy
Assessment Photo Album
Providing an overview of our unit on Alternative Energy
Why should I care about alternative energy?
Using alternative energy does have benefits, but it isn't perfect, is it?
How much money will it save?
I get to use one of these?
Just like an electrician?
This presentation will provide you with information
on what to expect as we work through the unit.
Diagnostic Assesments
Wait? I have to take tests?
Diagnostic assessments are not your
typical tests.
I will use this information to
see how we are meeting the goals
for the unit.
Ms. North, Why did you create this page?
Various assessments will be used as we work through this unit
We will have a daily exit slip...
Formative Assessments
Daily exit slips,
skill checks &
quick quizzes
So, what are these
and what will they cover?
Quick quizzes will be short, and conducted online on Edmodo.
FIrst we have to set some...
OK... those make sense.
So what is next?
We will discuss these questions and topics
We will conduct a few surveys. One from you and then you will ask your family and friends the same questions about alternative energy.
Skill checks will make sure you know how to use this...
Performance Assessment
Also known as "The Project".
A performance assessment looks at
how you perform a series of tasks or skills.
For our performance assessment, you will be working in a small group to solve a problem.
GOAL: Our company, Advance Tech Industries (ATI), has been contacted by Anytown, IL. They have requested a bid to supply energy to their community for the next 20 years. Anytown requires that the source of energy be renewable, either solar or wind, and must be cost-effective and comparable in cost to their current source (Coal).
ROLE: You are part of a task force within the company that has been given the assignment to build and test devices to meet the requirements of the town. Your team must build at least one solar and one wind device. Collect data on each device and as a team, then select one to present to the town council.
AUDIENCE: The target audience is the community of Anytown. The residents are environmentally conscious and desire to have their electrical energy be from a renewable energy source. The current electricity is supplied by a coal power plant. They are a middle-class community and need affordable electrical energy.
SITUATION: The challenge involves dealing with collection of data from the two devices you build, data from the grid activity, and information collected during research about alternative energy. For this project, we will be focusing on solar and wind only. Your team will evaluate the data and information to make a choice of device to present to the town council.
PRODUCT, PERFORMANCE AND PURPOSE: Your team needs to develop a presentation that communicates the effectiveness of your selected device in order to win the approval of the town council (the class).
So, how will you grade this?
Your work will be judged by the rubrics provided.
That sounds good. Will we have a unit test?
Yes we will. Remember those goals and quick quizzes? The unit test will be based on those.
What are the benefits to using renewable energy?
Taking that question, which is one of our goals, we can then say that the use of renewable energy resources provide multiple benefits including less reliance on foreign energy sources, decrease of air pollution which also affects water pollution, significantly lower safety risks as opposed to use of nuclear energy, increased fuel options and economic improvements to local communities.
And that is our unit on
Kristen North
EDUC 6731
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