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The Character of Skellig

By Kate Lawler and Shalini Sinnetamby

Shalini Sinnetamby

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of The Character of Skellig

There are many references throughout the book to Skellig's face. This quote describes his face in the most detail from Michael's perspective. ‘There were hundreds of tiny creases and cracks all over his pale face. A few fine colourless hairs grew on his chin.' Character Description of Skellig By Kate and Shalini, Year 8 Through descriptive language and imagery used by David Almond, the reader gradually gains quite a clear view of what Skellig looks like. The reader gains a clear image of Skellig's wings through this description, 'Beneath his jacket were wings that grew out the rips in his shirt. When they were released, the wings began to unfurl from his shoulder blades. They were twisted and uneven, they were covered in cracked and crooked feathers.’ During the course of the book descriptions of Skellig's hands come up a lot. 'His fingers were twisted and stunted. His knuckles were swollen'. From the many descriptions found in the book we have been able to conclude what Skellig's clothes and body probably looked like. skellig is described by Michael's mother as wearing an 'ancient dusty suit'. We also gained from Michael's descriptions that Skellig's suit was black. In on of michael's descriptions of skellig it says that he has 'long legs'. On page 81, there is another clear description of Skellig's face. – ‘Through narrowed veiny eyes he looked out through the door. Mina and I gazed at his face, so pale and plaster dry. His black hair was a tangle of knots. We saw for the first time that he wasn’t old. He seemed like a young man.’ We based most of the close-up drawing of his face on these descriptions. Through investigating further into the descriptions of Skellig throughout the book, we have a much clearer idea of his appearance. We have decided to include this picture of an owl to symbolise the way that the owls that healed Skellig. We decided to leave the sketch of Skellig in black and white because in the book he is described as being 'pale' and also as said before his suit was black. We have concluded from this the Skellig probably lacked colour. we also used the lack of colour to symbolise how he is an unhappy person. We gave Skellig a solemn expression in the drawing as he rarely shows expression on his face in the book. We gave him sunken cheeks to show how unhealthy he is. We also made the outside of his eyes dark to show the lack of good sleep, because he is sleeping in a garage. The hair is messy in the drawing as explained by the previous quote, it is also grown out to show that he hasn't been groomed in a while.
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