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You are Not a Gadget

Jaron Lanier

Earl Carlson

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of You are Not a Gadget

You Are Not a Gadget Jaron Lanier Missing Persons lock-in when design decisions that fundamentaly
affect users get frozen into place 1. Because of "lock-ins" people we are expecting and accepting less.

2. The current driving forces of the internet (Facebook, Google, Wikipedia)
are causing us to lose individuality. Three main issues with the dominant
ideology of the digital world Free Economy 1.Aggregators and consumers are the benefactors of this system
*Except in rare cases creatives are losing out

2. Very few people truly succeed in this system Programing Flatness Criticisms Acts as though things worked well before the internet

Has more faith in a few selected individuals controlling power then the masses

Criticizes the lack of transitional guidance, yet rarely offers guidance other
than saying what we are doing is wrong

Lanier is impatient with this system. He says that it has been 30 years, but with
such an imersive technology patience is necessary. Discussion This book is very much on the opposite end of the playing field as James Surowiecki and Kevin Kelly. Where do you stand on the future of the digital world? Is there a massive need for change, or rather are things going okay, and in the process of working themselves out. 1. If every small startup is aligned on the same starting line and given the same resources, then the results will necesarily be near flat

2. There will no longer exist high points in human culture MIDI *originally developed to imitate the sound of a keyboard
*unable to replicate any instrument with more fluid tones
*became the standard for all digital music Conclusion We are in an era where creativity is lost. We have not entered the calm before the storm, but rather we are lowering our expections of creative potential.
Through the loss of individuality, an embrace of the hive mindset, and a loss of creative peaks, we are being lulled to sleep. The hive mentality of the digital age to kill our output, expectations, and creativity. Radiohead's free-download experiment Diablo Cody's story turning into Juno Most creative voices are lost in the mix though.
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