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Running Barefoot

No description

Regan Murphy

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Running Barefoot

By: Regan Murphy The Running-Shoe Debate Pros Cons This is an argument that... - criticizes the act of running with no shoes -Has become a major issue among serious runners -Organizations and minimalist running shoes have been created to support the trend. -Will running barefoot increase an athletes performance or hinder them? Fore foot strike Biomechanics... -Forefoot striking is strike used with veteran barefoot runners -Requires minimal energy -No impact transient= No force generated Mid-Foot Strike Biomechanics... -when a runner lands on their fore foot and heel -can be as forceful as heel strikers or as soft and delicate as fore foot strikers. -However, still is less harmful than heel srikers The correct way to run... -People who run barefoot will run the 'natural way' -Running on the heel is like a sudden harsh brake -The runner feels more grounded -When performed correctly, running efficiency increases by 4 percent. Heel strike biomechanics... -most common among all runners today -The whole foot and leg comes to dead stop while rest of body falls -High impact transient Causes of Injuries... -Self Destructive personality traits -Going on a run with improper training -Debris on the road sides -Poor weather conditions Types of Injuries... -Plantar Fasciitis -Stress Fracture -Achilles Tendon Strains The Effect on Running Form... -Natural barefoot runners run with shorter stride -Runner who run on the heel naturally have longer stride -Form is more sloppy *CORRECT* General Information on Biomechanics... -Biomechanics: study of mechanical laws relating to living organisms -Split into two sections: *Running Kinetics *Running Kinematics -Significant Impact transients -Newton's Second Law: Mass x Acceleration In Conclusion... -People need to know the hazards, along with the benefits -If runners know what to do before starting, injury will most likely be prevented. -Knowing the biomechanics will give insight on the human body -Running style of the future * INCORRECT* WORKS CITED Glamou, Paul. 2009. new york times, new york. Web. 9 Dec 2012

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"Running Barefoot: Home." Running Barefoot: Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2013. http://barefootrunninguniversity.com My personal experience... Day 1-5: Started with socks *Blisters, slight bruising, ruined socks Day 6-10: Did not wear any socks; no protection on feet *Left foot was the worst *Significant bruising throughout my foot *Huge blisters and slight cuts *Could not put much pressure on feet for days
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