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Three Generation

No description

Erica Garcia

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of Three Generation

What was happening in the Philippines back then?
• July 12- Typhoon Bebeng

• August 21- Former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. and his assassin Ronaldo Galman were shot dead at the Manila International Airport tarmac after his arrival.

• The beginning of the end of the Marcos era
Life of the writer
III. Character Analysis
1. Celo Monzon or The Elder Monzon
• Dynamic character(developing character) / round character
• He lived an unhappy childhood life under his parents care
• He detested his father for beating him and his mother
• He refused the idea of bringing his fathers' woman back
2. Chitong Monzon
• Protagonist
• Flat character
• Celo's only son
• He initially wanted to become a priest but he’s afraid of telling his father about it so he asks for his mom’s help.
3. Doña Sofia
• Confidante
• Celo's wife and Chitong's mother she tried to convince his husband to let his father-in-law have his woman back that he needs her;
Celo then called her vulgar.

4. Celo’s Father or The Old Monzon
• Flat character
• Celo's father and Chitong's grand father
• When Celo was young he used to beat him and his wife for no apparent reason; also he had other woman beside his wife that also beats as much as his own family.

Real Name: Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín

Born: May 4, 1917 in Manila, Philippine

Died: April 29, 2004 (aged 86) in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Occupation: Novelist, writer, historian and journalist

Pen Name: Quijano de Manila

Rank and Title: National Artist of the Philippines for Literature (1976)

Three Generations

Nick Joaquin

IV. Plot
Point of View – In the story, the classification used or the point of view is Omniscient which means the narrator or the writer sees it all. He can see into the minds of the characters and even report everyone’s innermost thoughts
1) Exposition - The setting of the story Three Generations by Nick Joaquin is on the time when patrimony ruled over anything. It is the time during the pre-spanish period that men ruled their houses and according to the story itself, it is the time when women aren’t treated as equal as men, when women were just a pleasure for men.
2) Complication – The conflict that creates the tension in Three Generations is when the condition of Celo’s father worsen because he wants to see his woman.

3) Climax – This is the part of the story when Celo saw his father’s woman brought by his son. He was so consumed by his resentment that he lifted his clenched fists and struck the boy in the face.
4) Denouncement – The elder Monzon, Celo was horrified when he heard his son’s cry he then realizes how he has become the father he has hated for so long.
5) Resolution – The girl slipped swiftly to the old man’s room. She promised to the old man that she will never leave him again that no one shall take her away from him again.
5. Tia Nena
static character
Celo's sister
who was the one who take care of their father
who also agrees with Sofia on bringing the woman back

6. Paulo
Celo and Nena's cousin
7. Old Monzon's Girl
static character
Old Monzon or Marcelo Sr's girl/concubine/mistress
she loves Marcelo Sr. so much that even if she was humiliated by his lover's own son she still went to his old lover's side
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