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Great Britain's involvement in WW1

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Navoni Robinson

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Great Britain's involvement in WW1

Great Britain's Involvement In WW1
By: Cami Crook , Navoni Robinson, & Faith Pearce

Britain and Belgium had a treaty to support each other if they were attacked. in 1914, Germany attacked France by moving through Belgium. Britain told Germany to retreat. But Germany didn't listen therefore Britain declared war on Germany.
Why did Great Britain enter WW1?
Russia- August 1, 1914
France- August 3, 1914
Italy- April 26, 1915
United States- April 6, 1917
Allies Of Great Britain
Battle of Somme
Britain was in the majority of the battles of WWI, but one of them was the Battle of Somme.
The Battle of Somme, which was originally named the "Battle of Albert", took place between July 1st & November 18th 1916, on either side of the River Somme in France.
The battle of Somme started in order to take pressure off of the French army, because they was under attack at Verdun for a while and it was close to falling apart. So the French army hoped that the British army would force the Germans to withdraw it's troops.
Why did Great Britain enter WW1?
Who were the main allies of Great Britain?
What was the Battle of Somme originally called?
Why did the Battle of Somme start?
When did the Battle of Somme take place?
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