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Brave New World GAP

No description

Bradley Porter

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World GAP

KFC Johnny Smoke Winston Cigarette Halo Shampoo B r a v e Aldous
Huxley N e w COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY Satire: a literary work holding
up human vices
to ridicule or scorn JUVENALIAN SATIRE: satire characterized
by contempt HORATIAN SATIRE: satire in which the voice
is indulgent, tolerant,
amusing, and witty W o r l d CARICATURES John
Savage Lenina
Crowne Epsilons BIOGRAPHIES Charles Darwin B.F. SKINNER KARL MARX UNDERLYING MESSAGES Frito Bandito Born: March 20, 1904
Died: August 18, 1990

He became one of the leaders of behaviorism and his work contributed immensely to experimental psychology. Born on May 5, 1818
Died on March 14, 1883

Karl Marx produced much of the theory of modern socialism and communism. Born on February 12, 1809
Died on April 19, 1882

In 1838 he took a five-year survey trip around the world.
In 1859 he published his revolutionary theory of evolution,On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection. Chevrolet Shiny Suds The use of Soma and the lack of religion play a very important role in Brave New World. The quote, "Christianity without tears - that's what soma is" ties together two of the most important problems that plagues today's society and our future societies. According to sources, minimal efforts to maintain a healthy body weight and remain attractive to spawning female salmon, along with years of binge-eating and late-night snacking on crustaceans, have finally caught up with the portly fish. Survivors of the deadly holiday sales event said that while the weekend began as a chance to “get in on some unbeatable post-Thanksgiving deals,” it quickly escalated into a merciless, no-hold-barred fight to the death.

“At some point in time we all stopped caring about the deals and the holiday shopping and were pretty much just out for blood,” said Dana Marshall, 37, a Target shopper who suffered seven broken ribs and a cracked sternum while fighting two other customers for a discounted Nikon digital camera. “I remember just sitting on top of a woman and smacking her head with a DVD player until her face was completely unrecognizable. I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing.” 007 In the world of the novel, the Bokanovsky Process is a method of human reproduction in which a fertilized egg is split into identical genetic copies. Using this method, one egg can be split as many as 96 embryos. This process is applied only to Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon classes, however, in order to create a large working class. A factory could be completely staffed from the reproduction of just one egg.

Standard men and women; in uniform batches. The whole of a small factory staffed with the products of a single bokanovskified egg.

"Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!" The voice was almost tremulous with enthusiasm. "You really know where you are. For the first time in history." He quoted the planetary motto. "Community, Identity, Stability." Grand words. "If we could bokanovskify indefinitely the whole problem would be solved."

Solved by standard Gammas, unvarying Deltas, uniform Epsilons. Millions of identical twins. The principle of mass production at last applied to biology. Bokanovsky
Process Amoco Gas Co. Noxema The point of Neo-Pavlovian conditioning in Brave New World is to ensure that the lower castes (Delta, Gamma, Epsilon) consume goods that produce money for the society. By conditioning them to dislike nature and books, they will not only have no knowledge, but they will spend more money on consumer goods. If they were conditioned to like nature, that would be considered free product because it doesn't cost money to appreciate and enjoy nature. However, if they are conditioned to like sports, it does cost money to play them or buy goods relating to sports Neo Pavlovian Conditioning The Frito Bandito is telling
the viewers that if they give him their Frito's,then he will be their friend but if they don't, then
he will just take them anyways. If you use the Halo shampoo,
then you will have natural
beauty and glorified hair. If you buy a
Chevrolet, then it
is showing your patriotism. You will be HOT if you use Noxema
and some lady will tell you to
take it off, take it all off. Watch what chemical's
you use in your
because you
know what
they may
;) When you look close, your eye
catches a little tiny dollar
inside the lettuce, which is
put in to attract people
to go buy their product The use of the popular fictional agent 007 portrays that it makes men irresistible to women.
This tells the viewers that nothing is as good as American products. There are many dangerous long-term effects to smoking. They use a beloved family cartoon and make the characters smoke the cigarettes to get more people to buy them. Special Thanks Mrs. Cooper Mrs. Standard Momma Rains www.google.com MoJoe's Coffee Shop www.facebook.com Gobbstoppers www.pinterest.com White Mocha Frap with
Hazelnut + cinnamon www.youtube.com Works Cited http://bit.ly/RwlBzp http://bit.ly/TlA0v9 http://bit.ly/Xs4knH http://bit.ly/U1mwWr http://bit.ly/VIBr4Z http://bit.ly/WaYVpC http://bit.ly/UR5BlM http://bit.ly/U7ecWn http://bit.ly/WiNE6M http://bit.ly/WjkwZg http://bit.ly/T2DjHv http://bit.ly/YczqVf http://bit.ly/UMl9tf Avril Lavigne Secondhand Serenade Paramore Wifi Mickey D's Father Time Map Colors Right side
of brain SOMA The Onion Penguin Reader brownies Laughter Creepy dude wiff bebe singing cameras iPads cell phones pandora "Oh Ford, Ford, Ford." Henry Ford was the creator of the assembly line which lead to the triumphant and revolutionary mass production of the human genome. A simple process of stamping hundreds of identical automobiles led to the adoption of this method applied to gametes. I can brave the new world
Conveyor belts and the decanting
Tell me Lenina, when did you last let your heart decide?
I can open her eyes
Take her night after night
Over sideways and under a
Soma induced ride A brave new world
A chilling place I never knew
And when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
Life is now a meaningless pursuit
Unbelievable sights
Indescribable blaspheming
Easy women
Now when did this become a child's past time? A brave new world
My mother's home I never knew
I'm among insects now
I don't know how
I can't go back to where I use to be A brave new world
A monotonous lie
But Iceland's wastes in front of you
Every moment with others
Can I escape from here?
No time to spare
Now I am trapped inside this world for good A brave new world
A brave new world
That's where you'll see
That's where you'll see
An exile's fate
This lighthouse makes
A TOMB FOR ME A brave new world
In our Fordship's point of view
Everyone tells us no and where to go
Although we may be sleeping Aldous Huxley brings about satire in Brave New World. Huxley takes the idea of a utopia, a perfect society based around, “community, identity, stability” and hints at a superficial, futuristic new society with modernized living and a more civil way of life, but underneath its premise exposes a heathen, narcissistic, and blatantly immoral lifestyle. In the form of juvenalian satire, human nature is mocked by the addictive nature, this addiction to soma, a ‘feel-good’ pill taken whenever someone feels a little down. Mr. Corley The lack of self-control, inability to survive, and lack of individuality contribute to the dystopia Huxley portrays, and what he prophesied would happen in today's society. The morals, or lack there of, are displayed by the citizens in their promiscuity, excessive drug use, and the negligence of God Himself. Machinery and science have taken control of the views of the citizens, yet in the savage reservation, God and religion have shown themselves to be prominent in society and viewed by the dystopia, of Brave New World, as blasphemous, even though they are the ones who turned their backs on religion and chose the path of science.
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